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Prejean Settlement -- Like Kissing Your Sister

11/4/2009 1:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanCarrie Prejean nets a big fat zero in her settlement with the folks at Miss California USA, sources tell TMZ.

Carrie and the Pageant officials have settled their lawsuits against each other and the terms were confidential ... until now.

We've learned the Pageant will fork over around $100,000 for Carrie's lawyers and publicists connected with the public battle royale. That money goes directly to her flacks and not into her bank account. We're told Carrie personally gets zilch.

What Carrie walks away with: Her book comes out on Monday and we're told the Pageant won't fight her for writing it without its permission.

Carrie Prejean Pics


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Never bite the hand that feeds you....carry a muzzle around next time. It seems that 90% of the beautiful girls/ladies are the ones w/ the most problems. JMO

1816 days ago


Shes a moron, and they should have released that sex tape to prove to the world once and for all the hipocrate that she is! She is sooo effing annoying!! Thank god she is coming close to that last few seconds of fame she has left!

1816 days ago


I want to thank Carrie for exposing these liberals for what they are. You stayed true to yourself and know where your reward is. We have only one to answer to.

1816 days ago


by the way, do you cattle believe everything harvey tells you? apparently so. then you must believe that our president (or poor excuse for one) is really going to do what he promised? wow.

1816 days ago


Are yall feelin' karenBJ's (oh ! sorry karenjj's) Christian Love ?

Are you ?
Are you feeling that Jesus love ?

1816 days ago


Which "one" or ***made up deity*** are you talking about? The guy with the bath towel on his head, the chubby guy, the one with all the arms, or the one in the robe and sandals? With all the lies this woman aka amateur porn actress has told, I'm guessing the other real choice is the one with horns and a tail. You're right though, she did stay true to herself, telling all those lies, true conservative there! ---The only reward I can see her getting is a fiver for pole dancing.
20. I want to thank Carrie for exposing these liberals for what they are. You stayed true to yourself and know where your reward
is. We have only one to answer to.

Posted at 3:04PM on Nov 4th 2009 by karenjj

1816 days ago


Harvey, Mike or whoever is in the chairs today on TMZLIVE (love you guys!), please explain who lied about what because I am now confused how Prejean "won" this fight. Thank you very much.

1816 days ago


If you feel very strongly against gay marriage, you have to ask yourself "Why? Why does the idea of two people marrying (two people in this universe whom I will likely never meet) scare me so much? Does gay marriage threaten me, or my world of "Straight" marriage?" If you truly feel that homosexuals marrying in this universe would THREATEN your personal way of life... maybe there is something you haven't admitted to yourself yet? Maybe you are afraid of some deep seated homosexual feelings within yourself...? Just a thought, and a commonly proved theory about extra-vehement homophobes... (they are usually too closeted to come out to themselves, so they act out against the thing they fear the most...)

1816 days ago

The Nonce    

How do you like that vote in Maine? HA! Like or not TMZ and the rest of Hollywood's campaign for gays isn't working. The American people still reject it. Heck, even California rejects it.

Gays are the intolerant bunch. Look how intolerant they are of other peoples views and religion. They are so ignorant.

1816 days ago


Yawn.... Who cares. Wait a sec. I do care. Can't wait to see the sex tape. Given how these people are such hypocrites, it probably features some hot girl on girl action. SWEEET!!! Well I guess that is ok in her mind as long as she doesn't marry them.

1816 days ago


But seriously, what's wrong with gay marriage? Every straight person should be all for it. Cuz it means less competition from other guys, at the same time there is girl on girl action. SWEEET!!!

1816 days ago


Lesson learned? Cross the gay mafia and you will pay.

1816 days ago



1815 days ago


Any of you technical people know how to view the subject video? Please share it with us.

1810 days ago


I saw her on The View this week and she definitely said she was 17 at the time she did the video that she sent to the boyfriend. Boy, if she lied about the age and was really 20, then I would not believe anything she says. Don't see how she could be that dumb-knowing the boyfriend would be able to show when she sent the video to him. Another thing, many of the woman that do pageants and are so dedicated going from one pageant to another (many times starting as children) that their lives become so "plastic" and fake. They don't seem to have the positive self image of themselves without all the over done hair and makeup. Kind of sad I think.

1808 days ago
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