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Hoff Gambles with Sobriety in Canadian Casino

11/4/2009 7:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David HasselhoffDavid Hasselhoff has fallen off the wagon once again ... TMZ has learned -- this time making a drunken spectacle out of himself during a trip to Canada this weekend.

We know the Hoff -- who's famously struggled with alcohol in the past -- was drunk in British Columbia over the weekend and caused a scene.

Multiple sources tell us it all went down at the Cascade Casino, when The Hoff somehow got himself involved in an altercation with an elderly patron.

We're told three casino security personnel were called to the scene ... and Hoff was eventually escorted away.

But here's the most shocking part ... We're told Hoff was seen drinking again just 7 hours later.

So far, no comment from Hoff's camp.


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The hardest thing I ever had to say was that I was an alcoholic.Last month was 20 years since my last drink.
It can't be hard for him. He was once a "star". People idolized him in one way or another. Those were the days. It doesn't look like he has much to fall back on..... all we can do is pray for him and hope that he finds the way. I hope his "bottom" isn't as far down as mine was when he finally gets help.

1778 days ago


What a total waste product this jerk is...and he keeps on showing what a complete a**hole he really is. I can't believe that any bar or casino would allow this jerk in - he's a total liability to any place he goes. Sooner or later somebody is going to be seriously hurt by the actions of this huge buttfart. P.U. you stink...just go away...

Oh and P.S. - your talent lies in drinking because it doesn't lie anywhere else.

1778 days ago


What a shame this man doesn't get help already! I feel so bad for his girls; I know how painful this is for them to watch. If the Hoff wants a job, he'd better get his s/t together. I can't imagine AGT, the family show, is going to put up with a public drunkard. Not good for the image. Sober up, David. No time like the present. Jump in the car and go straight to rehab.

1778 days ago


Just goes to show you he can't drink and is a drunk. ONCE A DRUNK ALWAYS A DRUNK.

America's got talent show fire him.

HASSELHOFF will always be remembered as the drunk who ate his dinner literally off the FLOOR.
He also belongs in a pigpen with the other pigs.

1778 days ago

pink floyd    

hey chef you deliver???? im at the cascades casino in langley british columbia..chillin with the hoff.

1777 days ago

Beth C    

this man is beyond sad...he has a huge tolerance for alcohol but even the best liver is bound to give out..not to mention how he is hurting his daughters...go away to rehab. say yes, yes, yes....where is ken seely when you need him

1777 days ago


The man is an alcoholic; he never got SOBER. He's just been blowing smoke up people's asses. How the hell he got custody of his kids, I don't know. Surely, there's no need to report every time he makes a fool of himself.

1777 days ago

He's A Loser    

He needs to be dead. Not going to stop until he is. Some posters said he'll be gone in a few years... I say sooner. He gets stinking drunk whenever he goes anywhere. One of these days he'll be so drunk with alcohol poisoning and there will be no one around to find him passed out in his own vomit to call EMS. That'll be the end.

Then there will be all kinds of media coverage "poor David", suffered with the disease of alcoholism/had reactions to his meds/had sinus infection/had ear infection.... when in reality he was a egocentric narcissistic has-been who wouldn't help himself and denied his problems over and over.

These spoiled hollyweird losers should be banished from the media - what a waste of time to read about them when we could be reading about college students who are discovering medical cures, soldiers who are bravely fighting for us overseas... how about folks in the inner cities who are making a difference for kids living in poverty?

For repeat, repeat, repeat losers like Hasselhoff, there should be a moratorium on coverage. The only thing he excels at is being pathetic.

1777 days ago


Who give a crap if he is drinking, he's a F*cking Alcoholic. As long as he doesn't hurt anyone else who cares if he drinks.

1777 days ago

Beth C    

although a tad harsh i think your comments are right on target Karen. I just hope he doesn't take anyone out with him when he goes.

1777 days ago


I love Cascades Casino!! Damn why wasn't I there to witness this??

1777 days ago



1777 days ago


You mean the Hoff was in Langley BC.....I love that casino. I drunken Hoff would have made my night....NOT!

1777 days ago


Hey, TMZ. This man needs compassion, not ridicule. Be nice.

1777 days ago


David, give prayer a try. It just might be how you can get off the sauce.

1777 days ago
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