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Takes a Shot to the Face

11/4/2009 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Kardashian boxed last night ... and let's just say he went down faster than a Kardashian sister at a NAACP convention.


Rob got in the ring for a charity event at the Commerce Casino in California -- and fought a guy who bid for the right to fight a Kardashian. After Rob took a quick and brutal beating, the fight was called after the first round.

Kim also got in the ring for a charity fight, but we're told she went down pretty quick, too.
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NAACP? Of course. Khloe is already standing, pressed up against the ring with her mouth gaping open, getting pimped handsomely by Kris . . . and ol Scott DiSICK is just laying around, doing nothing, riding the Kardashian train. What's new?

1821 days ago


58 - That is true and right on the money.

1821 days ago

Have no shame    

"... and let's just say he went down faster than a Kardashian sister at a NAACP convention."

Why are people saying "sad" but true? That's more racist than the comment.

And sorry but it would have to be the RICH guys at the NAACP convention.

1821 days ago


It's not a racist comment. It's the truth, and Kris probably o.k.'d the headline for more greed, oh, I mean publicity.

1821 days ago


A new low for TMZ .... I love it! Keep up the good work! Screw the phony-boloney "politically correct" idiots! You just said what everyone's thinking!

1821 days ago

Annoyed at Comment    

bit of a low blow....NAACP ?? if they said quicker then Harvey Levin at a gay pride rally it would 'nt have been posted...just cause they date people of color does'nt make them whores which is what the comment implies

1821 days ago


Kris should stop pimping her little boy throw herself into the ring!

1821 days ago


very funny!!

what guy did khloe fight?

1821 days ago


Funniest damn lead I've ever read. I don't think it was hateful. It was funny. Not,politically correct for sure, but comedy never is. There's always the butt of a joke. Ooops, I made a funny.

1821 days ago

Trooper Tom    

I am so damn sick of hearing about this cheap, media whoring, gold digging trash family, nothing is beneath them and all for the 5 minutes of publicity and the money they can grab

1821 days ago


Uh, TMZ, that whole "went down faster than a Kardashian sister at an NAACP convention" comment was very rude and a bit unneccesary. Especially coming after the whole Taylor Swift thing. Yes they like the chocolate but Kourtney dates a white guy and the preferred race of their lovers has nothing to do with their brother getting beat up at a celeb boxing match. I forgot though---TMZ has no prob going out of their way to harass and defame blacks, like the whole Shawn Merriman /Tila Tequila thing you all beat to death. Jews are another story though I guess, right Harvey? IGNORANCE IS IGNORANCE

1821 days ago


"Why are people saying "sad" but true? That's more racist than the comment."

BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly- lighten up people- really, the comment itself was not racist in nature. It neither said nor implied ANYTHING bad about black people at ALL.

1821 days ago


"he went down faster than a Kardashian sister at a NAACP convention."

This has got to be the funniest thing I've ever read on this site. Good job.

1821 days ago


sorry- one last thing, then I am out.. How does this tie in the Taylor Swift thing????????
Kanye West is an idiot whether he be black, white or hot pink with polka dots. We can't read into to what any person may say MONTHS later because someone random like Kanye open his big-oversized-arrogant mouth again to spew about nothing.

1821 days ago



1821 days ago
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