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Takes a Shot to the Face

11/4/2009 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rob Kardashian boxed last night ... and let's just say he went down faster than a Kardashian sister at a NAACP convention.


Rob got in the ring for a charity event at the Commerce Casino in California -- and fought a guy who bid for the right to fight a Kardashian. After Rob took a quick and brutal beating, the fight was called after the first round.

Kim also got in the ring for a charity fight, but we're told she went down pretty quick, too.
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"went down faster than a Kardashian sister at a NAACP convention." !!!!
ROFLMAO -- TMZ you are going to get me in trouble at work! How am I supposed to discreetly read your website while pretending to work if you make me laugh like that again?!?

1821 days ago

Have no shame    

I don't see why this is offensive to black people at all. White women should be offended. LOL The comment made me laugh as hard as I laughed when I heard the song Becky by Plies being sung by a white girl. The pride she showed while singing it had me in tears. Oh well...seems some just don't get it.

1821 days ago


96. I wouldn't do a black woman so I find this remark funny as hell. If you do black, don't come back is what I believe. NAACP is funny as hell....hahahahahaha.

Posted at 1:31PM on Nov 4th 2009 by Vic

Vic, do the world a favor and go kill yourself

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1821 days ago


Ohhhhh nasty nasty boy.... that's funny tho... really funny! thanks for the laugh!

1821 days ago


I cannot believe how racist the NAACP comment is. I get that you're trying to be funny but thats just not cool. Im very disappointed TMZ

1821 days ago

Blu Haired Girl    

Racists? that was hilarious! Kardashians love black men, they are just stating the obvious!

its meant to be funny not racist, ppl laugh!

1821 days ago


Shoot! I wish it would have been Khloe and Kim getting punched!

1821 days ago

Larry's friend    

"he went down faster than a Kardashian sister at a NAACP convention."

Literally LOL'd at my desk in the office! Thanks, y'all made my day!

1821 days ago

d's nuts    

It's racist because the NAACP is a respectable organization where something like a kardashian sister even being there/going down on someone isn't plausible. something like going down on faster than a kardashian in an nba/nfl locker room or back stage at a hip hop concert might have worked better. this has happened to many time in the last few weeks to be a coincidence.

1821 days ago


"he went down faster than a Kardashian sister at a NAACP convention"

That was some funny shlt!!!!

1821 days ago


the NAACP comment brought down the house over here. LMAO. So true!!!

A tiny bit crass but we can all endure a little self-depracating crassness can't we ? No need to cry about everything....

1821 days ago


"he went down faster than a Kardashian sister at a NAACP convention."

Who the f#$% wrote this? What a blatantly racist piece of crap. They date a consistent string of professional athletes and douchey guys of no known occupation. You could have easily pointed to a Sports Illustrated party and you chose race instead? What the hell is wrong with you?

1821 days ago


So true and sooooo funny!

1821 days ago


All these phonies who are SO offended and traumatized by this statement, which happens to be true ..... Puuuullleeeze! Give us a break! Better go jump in bed and pull the covers up over your head if you're THAT sensitive! Sheeeesh! LOL Very good, TMZ. Whoever wrote it ... give 'em a raise, Harvey!

1821 days ago

Ralph Kent    

I see why this country won't move forward, to take steps forward to get away from bigotry and hatred and then a national publication making dumb statements like that and stupid people thinking it funny...our kids have nothing to look forward to...the more things change, the more they stay the same...

1821 days ago
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