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Carrie Prejean --

The Change of Heart

11/5/2009 11:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean2We have more info on Carrie Prejean's abrupt about-face during the settlement negotiations with Miss California USA lawyers -- when they showed her the X-Rated version of Home Alone ... starring Carrie herself.

When the video started playing, Carrie's first reaction was "that's disgusting" ... and Carrie denied it was her.

Then, the camera angle changed ... and panned up to her face. She was caught red-handed ... so to speak.

Carrie was rendered speechless and immediately began talking with her lawyer. We're told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to drop her $1 million dollar demand.


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Disgusting! Aweful! I need a copy of that video *immediately* so that I can educate others on the lessons of hypocrisy. It's up to citizens like me to ensure pageants uphold morality for future generations. I am only doing this out of a sincere desire to make things right.

1782 days ago


hahahahah! take that JESUS!!!

1782 days ago


Is that photo from the video of her pleasuring herself? If so please say so. I want to see the video Harvey. PLEASE!!!!!!!!

1782 days ago

Jason W    

Didnt you run this story already? YEs it has over 200 comments from idiots talking about how they either love or hate her.

What did we learn from this. If a Gay ask you a question and doesn’t like the answer the world will try to break you, burn you and embarrass you.
Who cares what Carrie or Prez deos in their own bedroom. Only he is shoving it in our face.

1782 days ago


TMZ I urge you to accidentally leak this video to the worldwide internets so we can all learn how to be more responsible...or something...


1782 days ago

Maniacal Zebra    

I do hope it was Christian porn she was doing.

1782 days ago

who has the facts? ME    

I wonder if some kind of seizure made her strip naked and start masturbating?
Ya know, kinda like that strong Christian wind that blew open her shirt.

Carrie Prejean - Jesus wants you to stop talking about him.

1782 days ago


God bless Carrie and we all pray for her strenght in these trying times of her life. As for the twisted extremists that have insulted her for her rightious views, may you all eventually return from your immoral lifestyle. It goes down throughout history that sex between two men is immoral, an abomination, and an unnatural, act of lust. All the fuss in the world is not going to make it normal, or moral. You all better repent or accept the consequences for your unnatural lust. We could make it legal for you to marry your favorite, sensious carrot in the vegitable bin, but it would still be immoral and unnatural. And by the way, what are you twisted freaks doing at a beauty pageant for women and why are you worried about a womans sex tape? I thought you were only into the freakish things with sausage? As I said, all the fuss is not going to change the view of your unnatural, immoral, twisted acts that deprive humanity of our integrity. Your agenda is crystal clear, you want your twisted lifestyle to be viewed as normal and moral, but it can never happen. You failed lifes tests of temptation and now suffer with a twisted spirit that can only be cured by forgiveness. I'm sure Carrie is already forgiven, but a twisted, unnatural, immoral, freakish lifestyle( like yours) can only be cured by repentence and abstaining from such lustful, immoral, unnatural, and just plain gross, acts. You do have a choice to refrane from such freakish, lustful acts.

PS I would recommend you all get girlfreinds and a good psychiatrist

1782 days ago


Of Course her First Christian Reaction is to LIE. Once again she shows how Stupid and Hypocritical "Traditional Christians" can BE. I have noticed FOX news has not run the Sex Tape Story wonder if she will ever get work there now?

1782 days ago


Wow the 1st time someone has a sex tape. She's not even a celebrity, I wonder who stole this video and showed it to people. She probably feels very guilty over this, she made a mistake now move on. TMZ hates Christians and conservatives.

1782 days ago



1782 days ago

The Running Back    

Christians get horny too. I'm a bible carrying church going christian with a telephone pole swinging between my legs. I'll always love her.

1782 days ago


Certainly doesn't sound like the reaction of someone who knew the tape had been released (which she would have had to know if she had been the one to release it.) From the description of the contents I would assume someone else had to have been operating the camera (a boyfriend perhaps?) Looks like he might have some explaining to do.

1782 days ago

London not England    

I don't understand:

Why is there a video of her masturbating or having any sort of SEX or anything...?

she know's that that would have hurt her career, even if she HAD won the why have it in the first place? Can anyone elaborate? The Donald..? ANYONE?
that actually IS kinda stupid? And....Why does someone else have it??? how'd they get it? Was it something she gave to someone? a boyfriend? someone? How does something like this happen if she really didn't want it to?

1782 days ago


How do you guys get away with publishing such BS?
I hope she sues you for $1M.

1782 days ago
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