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Hindus Call 'Avatar' a Big Hin-Don't

11/5/2009 2:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Cameron's new film "Avatar" may have one of the biggest budgets of all time ... but it also has one big problem -- a group of Hindus are up in arms because they claim the title disgraces their religion.


The Universal Society of Hinduism and its president Rajan Zed are demanding Cameron put a disclaimer before and after the new 3-D flick saying it has diddly squat to do with the Hindu religion and its concepts ... and the title is just a coincidence.

The concept of "avatar" -- commonly known as incarnation -- is a central theme in Hinduism and prominent Hindus are worried the movie will completely botch it if Cameron doesn't bother to explain himself.

Ironically Cameron's film will reportedly be the biggest ever Hollywood release in India.


No Avatar

Elvis Twin    

Cameron also should put a disclaimer stating it has nothing to do with the Atari video game from the 80's

1771 days ago


I am a Hindu, but I m in no way offended by this ridiculous views from this ridiculous hardcore Hndus, fuqas...

1771 days ago


oh wat the... one more bored hindu priest trying to grab some lime light. come back home fool, or stay there and shut your mouth.

1769 days ago

Tony Bell    

Unfortunately for the Hindu's they don't own the word and it has passed into general usage, as for example for Virtual Reality characters that we create. This dynamic evolution of language is understood by all enlightened beings.

1768 days ago


Man its takes one dumass to start a big issue out of nothing and dumass people waste their time and energy to read and then comment on it. Unlike me i didn't read the article just dumass people's comments.

1816 days ago

Amrita Jha    

Well, this is a stupid discussion over the fuss created by an attention seeking a$$h0le.
I'm an Indian & born a Hindu.
"Avatar" is indeed rooted in Hindu Mythology & originally a Sanskrit word & so is "Swastika". Mythologically Avatar means reincarnation of some god/goddess in the Human form & its modern translation is derived in the same sense as the representation of someone in another form or world, virtual or otherwise.
And it is being used in the same sense in the movie so there should be no problems. But we have some of these attention seeking religious fools all around the world. Like the protests & opposition faced by Dan Brown's Books & respective movies. I love Dan Brown & I love James Cameron & I'm waiting for the movie as much as any other fan.
And about "Swastika", its probably the most misrepresented symbol in history. It also has its roots in Sanskrit & Hinduism. It is a symbol representing "progress & prosperity" used in many ancient civilizations in India & China. The Germans copied it in the 19'th century & after Hitler & the Nazi regime it was turned on its head specially in the western world. So people, do your research before commenting.
And I'll see you at the premier of the movie. As I'm sure its going to be fun to watch.
Stop listening to the fools like Rajan Zed!

1814 days ago
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