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Marie Osmond is 'Shameful' -- Ex Manager Claims

11/5/2009 2:47 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marie Osmond Marie Osmond is an ungrateful celebrity who screwed the man who rebuilt her career -- according to the man who claims he helped rebuild her career.

Karl Engemann -- Marie's long-time manager -- says he resurrected her career, only to be fired and defamed by Donny's little sis.

Marie's lawyer, legal pit bull Marty Singer, tells TMZ Marie fired Engemann -- the father of Larry King's wife, Shawn -- "because he acted in an inappropriate, improper manner and breached his fiduciary duty to Marie." Singer also says Engemann defamed Marie, and she'll go after him for "substantial monies" and establish he has no right to more commissions.

Engemann's lawyer, Larry Stein, calls the attacks against his client "scandalous" and "scurrilous."

Marie is now making a bundle -- $125,000 a show in Las Vegas for starters -- and Stein says it's all Engemann's doing.

Attorney Stein, tells TMZ, "Shamefully, Ms. Osmond has fired Mr. Engemann 18 months into a 5 year written contract and seeks to enjoy the fruits of his labors without compensating him for his work."

The matter is currently before a private arbitrator.


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1782 days ago


Get a life, bitch. You aren't gonna win herfe.

1782 days ago


It's a complicated situation...

1782 days ago

Fred Farkel    


People of God.

Godly people.

Aren't they all...


1782 days ago


Utah is the fraud capital of America.
Marie should know better by now than to trust Mormons to run her finances lol.
Hasn't she learned anything from her parents' bankruptcy or the Hoffman frauds?

1782 days ago


Diva-licious. Mmm, any wonder she's had two husbands or that one of her children is in and out of rehab? This woman is phony-baloney. Sorry, Marie, but you should practice what you preach.

1782 days ago

"Fred Barker"    

I have been in the entertainment field for over 50 years and I personally know Karl Engemann. ANYONE in the entertainment business knows that he is a gentle, kind, intelligent and most importantly EFFECTIVE manager. Marie Osmond would have had a hard time getting recognized at the local mall a few years ago. Now she commands large sums and is on top again. She didn't get there by accident. Karl POSITIONED HER. When her TV show with Donny tanked, Karl reinvented her as a country artist. NO record label wanted her. Karl made it happen anyway and she had several country hits. When that career died, he reinvented her as a Broadway star. This is how she repays over THIRTY years of loyalty. He nursed her through 2 divorces, career stagnation, a somewhat controversial "suicide attempt" and that's just the tip of the iceburg. Marie's actions are plainly and simply GREED in action. I have rarely been so disgusted with a human being as I am with her. There is no doubt that Marie has talent. It's too bad she doesn't have a soul.

1782 days ago


Is there a family any more disliked than the Osmonds ? The Hilton's maybe but the Osmonds get my vote. Donny/Marie GO AWAY !!!

1782 days ago


People are paying to see her in Las Vegas? She should pay this agent double. I'm not at all surprised that she would do this though.

1782 days ago


Fred Barker I totally believe it. She seems like a car wreck drama queen

1782 days ago


It's amazing where a lifetime of phony schmoozling and singing through your nose can get you.

1782 days ago


Personally, I can't stand her and that ridiculously endless "cackle" of hers!! She is SOOOO fake and HAS to mention in every interview that she is "the mother of eight kids." I believe she has only given birth to two of them . . . and they seem pretty royally screwed up by her anyway. I've heard her mention that she is personally not against plastic surgery but that she hasn't ever had any herself . . . ARE YOU KIDDING ME???!!! She is starting to look like a transvestite! I would hate to have to manage her! What a bitch.

1782 days ago

Gospel Elvis    

This family is so phoney!!! Can't stand that blabbering that she does. Those dolls that she so calls makes, I really don't think she has anything to do with it. She makes an appearance where they make them about every year and a half. She is also very mean to the people who work for her.(so I heard) Can't stand that phoney woman. Her voice and laugh makes me get the chills. Another one. Valerie. She looked heavy to me on Rachel Ray yesterday. She had on black pants and a jacket. She is def not keeping the weight off. Her arms looked like she was a tackle for a football team. She's a phoney too!! Take those extensions out of your hair Marie!! Let those grays show.! You too Valerie!!!!

1782 days ago


I can't stand her, everything about her is fake including her hideous laugh. I can't believe anyone would pay to see her.

As far as plastic surgery her face was pulled so tight she looked like an alien. TMZ should put up a before and right after pic, not one of her now but one that shows how ridiculous she looked right after.

1782 days ago

Yolanda Nixon    

Danny Bonaduce will kick her butt next!

1782 days ago
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