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Philadelphia Phillies -- The Loneliest March

11/5/2009 2:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With no fans, smiles or any support mechanism in sight, the Philadelphia Phillies returned from losing the World Series to the New York Yankees last night and moped silently as a team back into their New York hotel.

Philadelphia Phillies: Click to watch
This may be the saddest thing you'll see all day.

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I just watched 1 min 54 sec of people getting off a bus. I need a life.

1779 days ago


Money only gets you so far ppls. Playing your best and playing as a team takes you all the way!

1779 days ago


So, the Yankees have a big payroll..WTF! Isn't it right to reward people for a good job...what happened to that in this country. Celebrate a winner! Losers, wait till next year. Yankees win!!! 27th time.....get positive people!

1779 days ago


The New York Yankees are a world-renowned enterprise. Earned every bit of that right. That's capitalism folks; you don't think posting here is contributing to Harvey's bottom line?

As a 37-year fan (ALL-weather fan), I can tell you that they played with decorum (how many times was A-Rod hit??), comeraderie and respect, (who's YOUR daddy, Pedro?)

And what a joy it was watching with the greatest bunch of fans, this side of the Mississippi: http://www.EvilEmpireWest.com

New York Yankees: World Champs for the 27th time!


1779 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

At least the Phillies are consistant - classless in victory, classless in defeat! Now they're whining about the Yankees' payroll. The real reason the Phils couldn't compete is they didn't have a decent starting pitcher after Cliff Lee. Cole Hamels has the intestinal fortitude of a marshmallow Peep.

I hope Jimmy ("Phillies in 5") Rollins watches the Yankee parade. I doubt that the Yankees will trash talk their rivals during the proceedings as he did last year. Love or hate them, the Yankees have too much class to stoop to the Phillies' level.

Congrats Yankees & their fans.

1779 days ago


what tmz is not telling you is that no self-respecting philadelphian besides the Phillies and ticket holders would have been caught dead in ny last night, it's a rule. Up until today the rule was basically, "F New York!" ...and it's all love again this morning, that's how we do.

We will be here at home to welcome our Phightin Phils back. We absolutely love those boys!

1779 days ago


To all the haters whinning about how the Yankees "bought" another world series; It starts as a winning team (Yanks winningest team in baseball), the more you win, the more successful you become as an organization. Along with that comes the revenue from fans, sponsors, etc. (Yanks best fans in baseball). When you're successful and your revenue grows, why would anyone in their right mind NOT spend top dollar for talent???? When you're the best at something and successful, it's make perfect business sense. I normally don't comment on these sites, but it is astonishing to me how many people don't get that when you're a winner, good fortune follows. People, stop hating on the Yanks. They're the standard for how a successful organized sports team should be run.

1779 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

Man, I am sore today! I hope you're happy, Yankees.

1779 days ago


Yankees fans are fair weather fans AT BEST. How embarrassing for you, your multi million dollar stands, emptied on National TV for all to see, when your boys were getting spanked during Game1! I hardly call that support. I'm not so impressed that theYankees franchise has unlimited funds to purchase the best ball players. They should have just scrapped playing the series and just purchased the trophy/title. It's essentially the same thing. Please you guys didn't even show up at the World Series last year! Actually? How come you guys just don't win it every YEAR? Oh right- I guess those are the years you are just overpaid and overrated.
Chin Up Phillies!! We are proud of you- we'll be back next year.

1779 days ago


All you people saying the Yankees BOUGHT this Championship.....if that were the case how come the Yankees don't win every single year? Because according to the "payroll" logic...they should. So..stfu and let us Yank fans have our first victory in 8 years.

1779 days ago


hey barbara- I think you forgot to mention that the'Philly Fans' that live 17 miles away- (pssst, that's you sweetheart and your deviant teenage children, that ride the R whatever to get here) are the ones that trash the city- trust me- the true center city residents, do not ride the subway or rails in, to set things on fire or break things and then leave, get a clue and stay in the Northeast or wherever you hail from and cheer for the Yankees.
You're probably the same person that says 'Oh I'm from Philadelphia, but you're really from Bensalem or something equally as heinous right?" Blech

1779 days ago


thanks Jessa. my point exactly- overrated and overpaid...

1779 days ago


Aww, what a shame for the poor poor Phillies. Maybe next time they won't shoot their big fat mouths off and say they're going to beat the Yankees in FIVE GAMES!! WAY TO GO YANKESS, 27 WORLD CHAMPIONS!! Simply the best!

1779 days ago


You Philly fans should be ashamed of yourselves. POOR SPORTS, how embarrassing, no wonder the Met fans hate you all so much! GROW UP, YOU ALL LOST!! WAY TO GO YANKEES!! They deserve this win and many more. We'll be back again next year too to win a 28th title!

1779 days ago


I think the yankee fans are just as rude as the the mets fans... Say want ever you want J-Roll WE stand behind you. No matter what GO PHILLIES !!!! I bleed PHILLIES red....

1779 days ago
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