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The Travolta Extortion Jury Vote

11/5/2009 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John TravoltaThe John Travolta jury had the votes to convict both Pleasant Bridgewater and Tarino Lightbourne of extortion, according to a newspaper report out of the Bahamas.

The vote was 6 - 3 in favor of conviction, according to The Punch newspaper. In the Bahamas it only takes 6 votes to convict.

The judge declared a mistrial because of jury misconduct. No announcement has been made if there will be a retrial.

Michael Ossi -- Travolta's lawyer -- tells TMZ, "John was very disappointed because he wanted closure."

Ossi says Travolta will "fully cooperate" with prosecutors in the future and wants another trial, whether it's in the Bahamas or the U.S.

Ossi says there has been no discussion about a plea bargain.


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If that is the way the Bahamas want's to play than maybe we should boycott it just like Aruba. I was in Aruba when Natalie Holloway went missing. The cover up and corruption soured me and therefore I would never return. If these kinds of places are not going to protect Americans than I have no desire to support them. There was no reason for a mistrial. It was done to protect the people who violated The Travolta's during a horrific and tragic time. Shame on them. Boycott the Bahamas! It's also a ripoff.

1812 days ago


Very sad that this has happend to the family, with all that they went through. I would also boycott Bahamas too.

1812 days ago

not kooky    


1812 days ago

Fred Newsome    

Was there any proof that jurors leaked the verdict? Or, was it just speculation?

This article is linked on

1812 days ago


Convict the bastards already and let the Travolta's have closure already. This was sick & disgusting. Their son is gone & this agony continues b/c of doucebags like this. May they suffer a long long time in prison... they deserve nothing better after their behavior when a young boy died.

1812 days ago


so 2 people supposedly commit a crime, and u want to boycott an entire nation for it. Okay. I'm sure you wouldn't want this rule to apple to America tho right? 1 person commit a crime there, hence the rest of the world should stop all dealings with America? See how dumb it sounds?? Smh People say da dumbest things when misinformed though, so ehhhh

1812 days ago


Yes, we should all BOYCOT the corrupt Bahamas, however, can we all please REMEMBER that it was The TRAVOLTA'S themselves that did NOT allow their AUTISTIC SON to be on ANTI-SEIZURE medication which is WHY the poor child died in the first place. Proving that money and fame cannot by BRAINS. They denied he was autistic UNTIL they were FORCED to tell the truth to the courts, when they only then admitted it..they also said Jett would get FOUR OR FIVE seizures a week!! A week! And yet this kjid was on NO MEDS because their CULT, Scientology, does not "believe" im medications or autism. So as tragic as this story is, in my opinion, the most TRAGIC PART is that these parents who I am sure loved their son,were too ignorant, foolish and brain washed to do what coudl have easily saved his life. Now THAT is the very sad party if you ask me. Let's hope their daughter Ella never needs medication for any serious condition otherwise they could end up childless one day. Sad...............

1812 days ago


@Miranda i definitely agree with u about da Travolta-Scientology Cult thing. Its da truth, his son cud still be alive 2day if he wuz being treat for his autism/seizure.

However, the entire Bahamas isnt corrupt. If 1 american rapes someone, it doesnt mean everyone in America is now a rapist. Generalizing is dumb. Dont turn something that happen between individuals into a nationwide event.

So you have sat down with the entire population of the Bahamas,(from 1 yr olds -99yr olds) did a criminal backgorudn chek on em, and determined that every last one is somehow corrupt right?

And not only that, all Bahamians are currently plannin to swindle celebrityz who deny their kids psych meds too huh? If yall dont see how dumb that sounds then it means ur just being ignorant (on purpose or maybe o natuRAl) :)...nehoo...its ur opinion i ges, no matter how ridiculous :)

1812 days ago


The Bahamas is a third world country/island with a great beach..People are poor and have the morals of a drug dealer.

Good luck to the Travolta's.....

Vacation in the states.

1812 days ago


glad to see so many doctors add comments--none of us know anything about whose on meds for what --

1812 days ago


those suspects should be LOCKED UP FOR LIFE..........

1812 days ago


I agree with others. This was such a tragedy for the Travoltas. To have to rehash this sad, sad story once was painful enough. For a judge to cry mistrial is sick and utterly disgusting. I think we should all take a stance and boycott the Bahamas. I love the islands but there is plenty to do/see right here in the USA. No family should have to relive this again and again and again. Shame on all those involved in this.

1812 days ago

john smifth    

wut a shame... people will do crzzy things for money. its just sad that somepeople would try to violate like that when something like this happens.

1812 days ago


You freakin idiots. If you had a clue instead of a pointing finger you would know in a special needs child that he meds they put you on for this kills your liver and sparks may other related ,that this is always a choice for the parents. One good for one bad, one good day for one less here on earth. Crying saks of S*&^& like yourselves haven't had to deal with this on a day to day basis. Retract your stupid comments and jump off the nearest bridge for feeling the need to comment. SINCERELY!!!

1812 days ago


Natalie Holloway was murdered in Aruba.No bahamian killed Jett Travolta. But why boycott a whole country.? But again were talking about Americans. People who only need to think of weapons of mass destruction to start a war. Stay home and see if your arrogant behaviour will stop future hate. want to know why there is so much Anti Americanism???/

1812 days ago
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