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Miley the Fraud -- I've Never Heard a Jay-Z Song

11/6/2009 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In her annoyingly catchy tune "Party in the U.S.A.," Miley Cyrus sings about "a Jay-Z song was on" -- just don't try asking her which one.

During an interview on Halloween in Kentucky, MiCy admitted the unthinkable: She's "never heard a Jay-Z song" in her life.

It only gets worse from there -- the prepackaged pop tart also tried convincing the interviewer she doesn't sing pop music and that it's "not even my style." Cue Amy Poehler & Seth Myers: Really?!?

The unbelievable statement is at the 3:15 mark. Thanks to Best Week Ever for pointing out the cringeworthy clip.


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Do you mean to say that Miley actually writes her own songs, because I always thought a 16 yr old would hire someone to do that seeing as most of those kiddy pop songs are about love and no 16 yr old knows what true love is.

1820 days ago


I like, think she, like, sounds like, the kid from from, like, The Shining. That is when you can piece together her conversation between all the likes. Redrum. Redrum. like totally.

1820 days ago


How dumb...she said that nasty like,newsflash kids of all color like her lil sneaky pole dancin self.Jay-Z is a rapper he raps! She's a lil liar to say she never heard a Jayz song..If she went to the AWARD SHOWS..He's there..he's rappin! She aint as innocent as people wanna believe,had a grown boyfriend..tell me he didnt touch her at all..smdh!

1820 days ago


That is really messed up to sing a song and make money off of a song where you mention Jay Z but in reality have never heard one of his songs. Fake and Lame.

1820 days ago


who cares. i gained more respect for her if anything. shes just keeping it real

1820 days ago


'Kay, I don't like Miley. I can't stand listening to her talk--she grates on my nerves. BUT she did not say "I don't sing pop music." She said, "I don't listen to pop music."

1820 days ago


am i the only one noticing her beer/pregnant looking belly?

1820 days ago


All she's basically saying is that she doesn't like ghetto music. Why would you expect a hot white girl from the south to listen to garbage by Jay-Z? She has a butler who looks like Jay-Z.

1820 days ago

Ms. X    

Young and stupid. Trying to act like this "hardened Diva" but just coming across like an "ungrateful idiot".

1820 days ago


She said she doesn't listen to pop music, she didn't say she doesn't sing it. Though Jay-z isn't pop he is rap, I personally have never listened to a complete song of Jay-z's so its not that big of a deal that she doesn't know his songs. I do think they should have changed the name to someone she knows and looks up to. I like how honest she is. She pretty much says what she is thinking.

1820 days ago


of course she wouldn't think this talentless scrub that appeals to only 10 year olds would be able to write her own lyrics? HAHA duh, it's pop music, she doesn't write or participate in any of it.

1820 days ago


How does she know that she'll never cover a Jay-Z song, when she has never heard one before? Hmmmmm.... Something doesn't add up.

1819 days ago


every thing said doesnt have to be true!!!! do u really think every rapper sold drugs nd killed ppl?!?!?!?!?

1819 days ago


Avril,we're hanging on by our fingernails.Hurry up with the album and save us from this cesspool of lypsyncing,auto-tuned,trashy wannabes who feel the need to be quoted and see on videotape on a daily basis.

1819 days ago


She sounds so SILLY. She basically ruined all her chances of being deemed an authentic artist. Goodbye Miley. And i can recall an award show where Jay-Z was performing and she was nodding her head....So to say U never heard a song by him is pretty nonsense. Now all the negative people making this post about Jay-Z and HATING his music....Check out the FORBES list. He doesnt care if u think hIs music is GARBAGE. He's a Business man, a smart one i might add. Maybe if she did listen to some of his songs, she would learn a thing or two.

1819 days ago
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