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Jon G's 'Major' Pain -- She's Gettin' Served!

11/9/2009 6:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Former Star Magazine reporter Kate Major -- who insisted she was romantically involved with Jon Gosselin -- is next in line to testify in TLC's breach of contract case against the famous reality dad.


TLC's lawyers have asked the court for permission to serve Kate with a subpoena, ordering her to testify along with other witnesses -- including Michael Lohan and Hailey Glassman -- in depositions scheduled for December 10.

Kate reportedly quit her job at Star Magazine to pursue a relationship with Jon. Last we checked, the Octopop denied ever having a relationship with her.


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1809 days ago


I think the whole Jon and Kate thing is getting old. He's a douchebag...face facts!

Here's a clip of him that proves he's a tool:

I rest my case Harv!

1809 days ago

Pink Blonde    

Hindsight's 20/20, eh, Kate Major?

1809 days ago


i guess this girl is getting more publicity than she ever wanted.

1809 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

If the world cares about Jon and Kate, then we are all really a bunch of idlers and need a LIFE! I am sick of them. WHO CARES ABOUT JON AND KATE?

1809 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Jon is so screwed.

TLC is going to mop the floor with his hair plugs.

1809 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

GIRL POWER Kate 2.0, let's help TLC take him down and flush him like the turd he is!

1809 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

INFAMOUS LAMEFISH starring Jon Gosselin!

1809 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Jon, you should have kept your pants zipped and your lips zipped and you would not be where you are today. Welcome to the world of insanity YOU orchestrated all on your own Mr. Man Child.

1809 days ago


You didn't, Octopop!!! Awwwww, man...(that's awesome!)

1809 days ago


Why on God's green earth would Kate quit her somewhat prestigious job, with a popular magazine, to date this ugly, stupid sac of sh#t? He's got too much baggage and notoriety attached to his name. He's the laughing stock of Hollywood right now LOL. He's not even remotely good looking! I just don't get it.

1809 days ago


Quite frankly, this whole pursuing Jon just makes TLC look bad. They've already f-ed up this family enough. What are they really hoping to accomplish by financially ruining the kids' Dad? Show's over. Accept it. Move on. I'm sure there are tons of other families TLC can exploit. The Gosselins are already screwed for the rest of their lives. Leave them alone. You made enough $$$ off of those kids.

1809 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

Jon Jon Jon, practicing Yoga is not just about the Asana poses (or in your case doing them incorrectly for a photo op), but it is a philosophy also about finding balance in your life in all things, relationships, work, fun, healthy living. It also teaches DISCIPLINE and to be a disciplined person to be able to tell yourself NO and not overindulge, and it teaches of being present in the moment.

So get the contant DUH look off your face and out of your voice and start being present in the moment for your 8 kids. Stop being so reckless and stop using your children to support your extreme lifestyle when you should be working a job to support them, not collecting from the paparazzi to take photos and ET vids of your adorable kids so that you can maintain your lifestyle. You said you don't want to be called INFAMOUS, but you are, you are a washed up has been.

Time to stop inhaling Inhailey's incense and find some common sense.

You fail miserably on your Yoga Path to ENLIGHTENMENT! You're cord is not making the connection to turn that light bulb on inside that tiny small mind of yours.

Some one please get a hammer and knock some sense into this immature piece of crap Dad?

1809 days ago


Just saying ... doesn't she look like Khloe Kardashian with blonde hair?

1809 days ago


Kate Major & Lohan will put down mad dog Jon Gosselin.

1809 days ago
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