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Dina Lohan: Michael Redefines Low

11/11/2009 7:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan just called into TMZ Live with Harvey and Mike and ripped ex-husband Michael Lohan a new one ... for secretly recording and then releasing old phone conversations he had with Lindsay, Dina and others. Dina says Michael's betrayal has devastated her family and thinks Michael could end up in jail for it.


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Huuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! It's a very delicious recipe, chef Kooky!!!!!!!!! : D

1770 days ago


Wow, seriously TMZ, way to TOTALLY ignore the questions we REALLY want answers to and to also completely ignore Dina's contradictory statements. One second she's saying she's not worried and the next she's saying she's worried and has armed security in her home. How did you miss that??? ALSO, TMZ already has a relationship with Lindsay, as she's been IN THEIR OFFICE on one of their shows. You guys know all too well about Lindsay taking her sister to nightclubs, etc., yet didn't ask Dina about this?? I found it hysterical when Dina accused Michael of loving the camera, when she's the one who chose to sell her family to a failed "reality" show. Pot, meet kettle. Also, I too noticed things in the tapes that prove the tapes may be months old, but NOT years and TMZ has to be fully aware of this. I honestly can not stand any of these people. Dina lives vicariously through her child's fame and will say anything to keep Lindsay on her side, whether it hurts Lindsay or not. She talks about Michael being a narcissist, yet she's the one only allowing 15 minutes for TMZ to talk to her... as if she has anything better to do. They are white trash with a tiny bit of quickly depleting new money, BUT I will say, it seems like Michael is the only one telling the truth in all of this. Frankly, I do not care if he's making money off it. If it gets the truth out there and in some twisted way, gets this poor girl some HELP, then that's all that matters. Stop kissing Dina's ass, TMZ.

1770 days ago


tmz is on tmz. hod-da-ya like the attention?

1770 days ago

Howard learned to lie from his mom    

Jags you make some very good points! I too don't care if Michael is making money off the tapes or not. The truth does need to come out and I think everyone has tried everything they can to help Lindsay and nothing is helping her. I feel for Micheal as a parent to see Lindsay going to clubs every night all the while dragging Ali along with her. Lindsay's mom letting Lindsay take care of Ali makes me sick. Not like Dina did anything to really help Lindsay out then to dump Ali on her she should be ashamed. Dina saying Lindsay is fine is total BS!

1770 days ago


i thought for a better title "harvey redefines low" are you serious? this woman is michael in a female version.(not including the nose blowing on air) all the while you both are talking about a grown woman who does speak for herself. so i'm going to ask, whats in it for you harvey? how strange would it be if my mom talked about me/for me, yet i'm here....she wouldn't. whats your connection with her harvey?

1770 days ago


You know, I have no respect for Dina Lohan, and I'm no fan of Lindsay...but even so, you can't help but feel a bit of empathy for the girl with a dad like that. He's absolute horrifying.

1770 days ago


@PPPFFFTTT Lindsay 23 years old not 22 she turned 23 in July

1770 days ago


@PPPFFFTTT Lindsay's 23 years old not 22

1770 days ago


44 What's in it for Harvey you ask? Dunno, but Harvey and Lindsay are both Jewish...maybe that's why he wants to help her? Just saying.

1770 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

And they calle MJ "Wacko Jacko" These people are a bunch a Freaks ....

Lindsey Blo Han ... is always high on every damn pic of hers..

Dina shut the Hell up, You Freakin' Cougar..I wanna party with my daughter and look like a big ol' whore and now I want to act like a responsible/caring Mom..AHH. SHUT THE f*@# UP!

1770 days ago


TMZ!? Why are you defending DINA LOHAN? OMG!
Competition with Radar?? LOL

1770 days ago


Why would any parent tape record their conversations? These two parents have caused nothing but trauma in the lives of their children. The two of them have done nothing but fight for who was going to be in the limelight more, if they wanted to be stars they should have let the children alone and looked into a career of acting for themselves instead of pimping out the children. I can only hope for some salvation for the poor kids, as bad as everyone paints Lindsay out to be she is a talented and very beautiful young woman who is she gets her act together and away from these money grubbing parents can still make a name for herself in the industry.

1770 days ago

for now    

Some people say that the Lohan family is dysfunctional even though
they're one of the wealthiest,successful families in the world.
Perhaps dysfunction is overrated.

1770 days ago


What stands out the most with this interview is every time they ask her about Lindsay Dina makes it about herself. She can't answer a question or make a statement without making it all about her. You could tell Harvey realised this so he asked her the same question 3 times trying to get Dina to talk about Linds and not herself and every time Dina made it about Dina.

I feel bad for Lindsay, she never stood a chance with these parents.

1770 days ago
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