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Carrie Prejean Pulls Out of Speaking Gig

11/12/2009 3:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie PrejeanTMZ has learned Carrie Prejean just pulled out of a talk she was supposed to give this afternoon at the Capitol Hill Club in Washington D.C. -- an exclusive club for Republicans only.

An insider at the Capitol Hill Club tells TMZ Carrie canceled five minutes before she was supposed to speak because her camp wanted to avoid a repeat of last night's "Larry King Live" fiasco -- when she almost walked off the set.

Carrie faced a fresh wave of criticism this morning after her former hookup told us she wanted him to lie about her sex tape and tell people she was underage when she filmed it ... when she was really 20-years-old.


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Dr J Jones    

God Bless Her...LOL

1806 days ago


Funny how the desperate, pathetic, gutless Neo-Gay Nazi leftists have decided to blame a college kid as to why the entire world rejects the perverted same penis marriage debate.


1806 days ago


I guess she is hated for telling the truth about her moral beliefs. That is sad, I thought in America we all had a right to do that.

1806 days ago


No one should use her as a spokesperson on any topic. She has proven to the world she is not what she pretends to be .... not a good example or role model - I believe she needs psychiatric help - it is low overdue.

1806 days ago

gene yuss    

Someone finally told her that a speaking gig involves her having to speak

1806 days ago


When is Hustler going to offer this sexy slut a million bucks to do a spread? It's only a matter of time. She'll take the cash and run!
She might as well do pornos too. Her conservative carer is kaput. Go for the money honey and show us what we all want to see!

1806 days ago


Can her 15 minutes be over now, please?

1806 days ago



Thank you so much for continuing to deflect the fact that I, along with former President Clinton, both strongly disagree with same sex marriage and have both given the exact same response to the question as Miss Prejean. Fortunately for me the liberal base is filled with mush-brained, uneducated, welfare-loving, moronic sheep and they don't realize that I also hate gay marriage.

Thank you and God bless,

President Obama

1806 days ago


I don't think her PR people are very good. She should have been better prepared by her people, and that lawsuit against her previous employer is, again, poorly advised. She should seek new counsel.

1806 days ago

Sad sad    

HA HA. Her moral beliefs? haha wtf

1806 days ago

Terry H    

She really is a very immature little girl. Unstable to say the very least. Get help Carrie, you need it and you need it bad. I do enjoy watching the vultures pick her apart. This is all well deserved and it will continue. Maybe she should just end it all now because I doubt this airheaded bimbo will be able to handle old age.

1806 days ago


What is sad is that people give this girl the time of day.

Ignore all the sex scandal that the hypocrite is involved in..

What does she have to say that anyone would want to listen to?

She got railroaded by a f'd up question that had no business being in that pageant. But from there, all of a sudden she is qualified to be the moral marriage rep for our country?

The people courting her are nitwits.

1806 days ago


Call me crazy but I think her masturbating on video is a plus!

Say no to homosexual marriage.

1806 days ago


Join me, prez Obama and Carrie and say no to homosexual marriage!

1806 days ago


If TMZ was really in the "defending the gay community" fight, they'd be pointing fingers and asking questions to their own elected Democrat officials as to why they too don't support gay marriage.

They'd also be following around Larry Johnson 24/7 and making sure he never plays football again.

But since they're just another typical cowardice arm of the DNC they won't. Figured as much

1806 days ago
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