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DJ AM -- Wrongful Death Suit Over Drugs

11/13/2009 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

DJ AMA pretty incredible twist in the death of DJ AM (aka Adam Goldstein) ... The company that chartered the plane carrying DJ AM that crashed in South Carolina is now being sued for wrongful death because "the crash ultimately caused Adam Goldstein's death."

The amended suit in L.A. County Superior Court notes DJ AM was forced to take various drugs as a result of the burns he suffered, along with the emotional distress.

In addition to Clay Lacy Aviation, DJ AM's estate is suing the travel service, Goodyear Tire, Learjet and the estates of the two pilots who were killed in the crash.

Ultimately DJ AM's death was caused by a combination of various prescription drugs, along with cocaine.

The upshot ... the drugs were the direct result of the crash.

We also know DJ AM became intensely fearful of flying and began taking drugs to calm his nerves when he flew.

UPDATE: A Clay Lacy Aviation rep just told TMZ, "...Clay Lacy Aviation did not own or operate the aircraft involved." Translation -- not our fault.


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Green Hermaphrodite from Mars    

Did the airline force crack up his nose??!!

1803 days ago

republican mensa    

Once an addict always an addict..instead of turning to drugs when things are down you are suppose to get to the nearest NA meeting and sponsor...this suit has no merit.. to bad his mom can't deal with the fact her son relapsed and killed himself by himself.

1803 days ago


I guess nobody has to take any responsibility for their own actions anymore. Regoddamnediculous.

1803 days ago


If this case gets heard, it will give the green light to EVERY drug addict in American to sue anyone for anything. My dinner wasn't very good, and I was so upset I got high and killed someone, therefore I am suing the restaurant. 100% ridiculous.

1803 days ago

Pray For the Beaten Up!    

How stupid do you thnink I am TMZ"


The upshot ... the drugs were the direct result of the crash.

We also know DJ AM became intensely fearful of flying and began taking drugs to calm his nerves when he flew.

Ohh really now you are trying to tell me you take rock cocaine to calm your nerves?????!!!!!! WTF.....STFU ....TMZ

Yeah, most American lawyers are sharks and that's why the world hates Americans because of these imbeciles.

BTW, AM stands for ADDICTED MAN, who had a long history of drug usage for no apparent reason other than he was extremely successful. I'm glad he bit it ...
F Him in a big way!


1803 days ago


Please...he was a drug addict.

1803 days ago


...accept it !!

1803 days ago

Bill Leslie    

Gee - was the cocaine part of the prescription or are the ambulance chasing ghouls trying to ignore that? The dude was a junkie and OD'd - end of story.

1803 days ago


he had a pyschiatric problem he tried to find ways to stop the memories from playin over in his head this isnt his fault and i dont think that you should all be going all up on his case u get in a plane crash then you talk about over dosing because ive seen people go through this and its really not easy watching that many people die is a hard thing to bear

1802 days ago


Apparently, he was also upset about breaking up with Mandy Moore. His his mamma going to sue her too?

1802 days ago


What about Barke? He didn't go down the same path that DJ did.

1802 days ago


"Wrongful Death".... what does this mean? Someone takes a lot of pills knowing he has a drug dependency problem, continues to do it for a few more weeks, knowing he has a drug dependency problem...and oh's not his fault. We need to get rid of this ridiculous wrongful death thing for all the famous drug addicts overdoseing. If people would just step up to the plate and take responsiblity for their actions maybe the success rate of recovering addicts would improve. I didn't get sober and stay this way for 20 years because I kept pointing the finger at someone else... I finally realized, I was the problem and had I in my drug induced stupidity, overdosed, then I would have had no one else to blame...not a plan wreck I survived, not a break up with some guy, etc... we make the decision to take drugs knowing it could very well be the last decision we make. Wrongful, it was just a matter of when for this guy and sadley, many more people like him.

1801 days ago


DJ Greedy Jew Bastard still suing from beyond the grave. Lots of celebrities are afraid to fly so they do not. John Madden is probably the biggest. He did not have to get on that plane. It's not the airlines fault that he had commitments in another city he could not drive to. Suing the estates of the pilots who were not as lucky as he was is just the lowest thing I've ever heard and I'm glad he's dead. Now if only his estate would die too along with the other loser he was in the crash with.

1801 days ago

New York wrongful death lawyers     

Interesting case to fight for.

1554 days ago
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