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Dr. Tohme Tohme

Wants Money Money

from MJ

11/13/2009 3:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael Jackson, Dr. Tohme TohmeMichael Jackson's former manager just filed a huge creditor's claim against the estate ... and it's mostly over the sale of Neverland Ranch in 2008.

In the documents, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Dr. Tohme says he was promised a certain fee from Michael if he could locate a company to save Neverland Ranch from foreclosure last year.

Dr. Tohme claims he's the one who brought Colony Capital LLC to the table -- the company T says forked over $23 million to save Neverland. Dr. Tohme wants his cut of the deal -- which he claims is approximately $2.3 million.

In July of 2008, Dr. Tohme also says Michael promised him 15% of the singer's "gross compensation within the entertainment industry" -- but T has no clue how much he's owed for this one.

The doc wants in excess of $2.3 million.


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This is the man that Michael fired because he'd taken over his finances and wasn't reporting how much money he had to Michael. Michael inferred he was afraid of the guy too. Now tell me why he should get a dime of the Kings money? Why did Jermaine even introduce this man to Michael Jackson? Michael's close confidant recorded how Michael felt about him and released it to millions of people, and she did this with Michael's permission. Too much mystery behind this guy who Michael rejected/fired in a letter. Michael lived to help others, so why don't these people just let him RIP? Oh silly me. It's all about the money...duhhhhhh.

1782 days ago


It shouldn't surprise anyone that this guy is like a lot of people who hung around Michael Jackson to get some of his money.

Some say Michael is alive, if this is true, I hope he stays hidden and live out the rest of his life in peace.

Michael Jackson loved/ loves his fans but he also knew alot of people simply wanted to destroy him to get some of his money.

That alone should be enough for Michael Jackson to say, "I'm outta here!" I just wonder what took him so long.

If Michae isn't alive on earth, he's in the graces of our Creator
That is a much better place for him to be. Let the man RIP.

1782 days ago


All I want is Michael.


1807 days ago


Adam Lambert is cuter.....Love his theme song from the new 2012 film!!

1807 days ago


This man needs to take a flying leap. He's delusional (i.e. delusions of grandeur), shady and, I feel, indirectly partly responsible for the untimely demise of Michael Jackson. Let's see the signed paperwork Tohme Tohme ... alleged "promises" don't fly in court.

1807 days ago


me too al i want is for Michael to be back with his kids and his family im sure they miss him terribly

1807 days ago



1807 days ago


I wish all these money-grubbers would let MJ rest in peace--
But arnie klein's the worst with his petty little bill--

RIP MJ We miss you.

1807 days ago


Who owns this Neverland? The colony company, or MJ.

1807 days ago


Michael Jackson was a terrible judge of character...never has anyone been surrounded by such makes one wonder, "Birds of a feather, flock together".....

1807 days ago


Who would promise you a perentage of their gross!!! Stupid.

1807 days ago


PLEASE PLEASE, ENOUGH ALREADY. I want to file a judgement against Mike as well. I just dont know what to hit him with. Maybe I should just hit him with a judgement for being one of the kindest human beings in the world. I really dont think Mike is dead, he is just hiding to get away from all of this crap.

1807 days ago


Hm. Colony Capital LLC didn't just hand over to MJ 23 million dollars as a present, did they? Isn't the deal a little more complicated than that, involving MJ ending up with a 50 gig tour?

Thome times 2 has boasted he was the one getting MJ back on stage. That's one way of seeing it.

But I am sure Mr Thome (he isn't a doctor) has the signed papers to prove a deal.

Then - hasn't time for creditors' claims run out...?

1807 days ago


Dr Tohmme was one of those behind the murder of Michael Jackson now he wants his money in death..Isnt it enough he has the missing security tape with all the answers?? What the hell is happening with this investigation, why is Dr Murray the only one being investigated??? Dr Tohmme will be appearing on Larry King on Thurs 19th November email in your questions, we need answers from this crook.

1807 days ago


Surprise, surprise.

1807 days ago
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