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Papa Lohan -- Leaked Calls Could Mean Prison

11/13/2009 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan could wind up behind bars for his despicable decision to release secret recordings of his family's phone conversations -- because it appears MiLo wasn't legally allowed to be on the calls in the first place.

Michael Lohan

It's all over a protective order Dina obtained in Nassau County, New York back in 2005, which bans Michael from communicating with Dina by email or phone until 2011.

Now, the release of the tapes, one of which was reportedly made in 2008, could be a smoking gun, proving Michael broke the rules of the protective order -- and, if convicted, it could score Michael some quality time in prison.

TMZ has learned attorneys for Dina Lohan have already contacted the Nassau County District Attorney in connection with the audio tapes.

Unfortunately for Lindsay -- who was granted a one-year protective order against Michael back in 2004 -- there are no laws against being an insensitive, fame-hungry, backstabbing father.


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1774 days ago



November 22-December 21

You're dealing with tiny details in new ways today, and can feel quite proud of yourself for thinking them all through in advance. It's a really good time for you to collaborate with others.

1774 days ago


Nobody cares about you Kooky, shut up/

1774 days ago


What a stupid story ... turns out she violated her own order as well which pretty much makes it invalid ... seriously!

1774 days ago


Who initiated the call?
It’s not breaking the law if he just answered his phone
Dina’s messed up she’s probably playing him and he just got it on tape

1774 days ago

funk oozin out my clitney    

what a joke .she is just a liable for talkin to him instead of hanging up an notifying authorities if she was really soooo concerned for her safety..An i applaud his decision to release the tapes an show the world(which already knows) an hopefully his deranged daughter how much of a coke addled booze swilling trainwreck she has become..Maybe she'll snap out of it (not likely) an get the treatment the world is screamin at her to get..

1774 days ago

The Seer    

If Dina had a protective order and a no contact clause, then why is she carrying on a conversation with him? I had the same judge, same court in my divorce, a restraining protective order against my ex, and believe you me, when he called, I hung up immediately and called my lawyer who notified the judge. Is Dina too incapacitated to hang up on her wayward ex? It's been over a year since this tape was recorded. There is a statute of limitations in New York State on reporting court ordered violations. Surely that window of opportunity to report Michael Lohan's abuse is long gone.

Doesn't add up, as with most things Lohan. I call BS! First! (The first is for appropriately added TMZ obnoxious-icity value.) Only explanation for Dina's latest whining and complaining saga is to serve her own selfish interests, specifically shameless SELF PROMOTION and PAID interviews. She's got to work hard now at spindoctoring now that Lindsay is too far gone to support her lavish lifestyle.

I can't decide which one of these "parents" is worse. Michael is just plain stupid; Dina on the other hand, is evil, vindictive and mean.

Once again, Lindsay is the pawn between these two LoLoonies. Lindsay would do well to get a good support group, clean up her act, get on psychiatric meds, get sober and DIVORCE HER PARENTS stat. Staying the heck away from those two users and abusers seems the only ray of hope left for Lindsay. God help her.

1774 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Why are these people even getting 1 second of media attention, they have done nothing except have a kid who is a has been actress. Throw them both in jail and then back to the trailer park where they belong

1774 days ago

throw the snot-bag in jail!

1774 days ago


hahaha how stupid he is!!!

1774 days ago

Information Trafficker    

This is a tragic situation on all sides.

The legal ramifications of the tapes, seeing that there is a standing protective order and a seeming history of violence, need to be taken into

The priority at this time is the safety and mental stability of the kids in this dysfunctional scenario. If law enforcement officials find that there is a considerable threat, then it needs to be dealt with and eliminated.

A gag order and/or jail time is the next glaringly obvious step.

1774 days ago

rabbit on the moon    

I thought it was illegal to record a phone conversation without the other person's knowledge or consent. So he should be in jail regardless.

1774 days ago

funk oozin out my clitney    

I'll bet a million dollars that when blohan finally does OD an kick off this rock that these 2 idiots will sue each other for wrongful death an neglect...

1774 days ago

To hell with her    

I wish that this famewhore douchebag would please explain how releasing tapes of himself talking to hohan & white oprah is "helping" her. The only person this douchebag is trying to "help" is himself.

I hope the DA nails this famewhore douchebag's ass to the wall & violates his probation. He'll be a 3 time loser, and will be tossed into prison for a LONG time.

1774 days ago


TMZ why are you rehashing this old news? This has already been talked about numerous times.

Don't let Dina fool you she is loving every minute of this. It puts her name in the headlines and lets her do her favorite thing, talk about herself.

All this talk about a cease and desist yet how long has it been and it's still going on? Linds will be a Grandmother and they will still be just looking into it and talking about it.

1774 days ago
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