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The One with the Guy Blocking Jen Aniston's Butt

11/14/2009 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

To the guy blocking us from Jennifer Aniston's perfect backside while she was sunbathing in Los Cabos yesterday, we only have one thing to say to you ...



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Forever Thieves    

11. To Ms Kris, #10, you dumb bitch, when people sunbathe, they generally take their clothes off. I'm sure nobody wants to see your fugly as# anyway LOL.

Keep showing the eye candy, which is Jen, booty in all. Yummy!

Posted at 12:26PM on Nov 14th 2009 by samantha


Was the dried up old crone "sunbathing" when she took her clothes off on the covers of EVERY magazine on which she appeared? Almost 50 and still trying to play the 'sex kitten.' Pathetic, manless, talentless old grandma who has men holding press conferences and issuing press releases to distance themselves from her.

Apparently PITT, VAUGHN, SCHULFOR, MAYER COOPER Aand BUTLER don't care about her "perfect ass" since they all went running from grandma like she was the plague -- which she is. Look at her in that hat. Had the caption not told us it was Maniston, I would have guessed it was joe the plumber -- "She's a man Babbbbbbbby!!!!"

By the way Samantha, the only DUMB b!tches are people like you who are getting paid 15 cents per post by her pr team to defend grandma.

1770 days ago

who dat    

When a woman has a body like hers at her age, a job and lots of money; but she can't seem to find a guy who wants to stick around an F her on a regular basis, THAT WOMAN HAS ISSUES. Fact. Now go ahead, all you chubby women and gays, make excuses for her.

1770 days ago


Even Rosie doesn't find Jen attractive, doesn't get any lower than that.

1770 days ago


I really like Jennifer. I don't understand all the hate for her.She
is laying on a beach,in beautiful Cabo, minding her own business.

1770 days ago


LB-- You said exactly what I was thinking! Genius!

1770 days ago


I would like to ask some of you something? How do any of you know she doesn't have a man, because she doesn't parade around with a man on her arm? Or is it because she doesn't identify her existence by having a man on her arm everytime she goes out? It's actually quite pathetic that this day and age a woman's existence is still determined by whether, or not she has a man in her life. If i was an entertainer, i personally wouldn't talk about my lovelife either with everyone wanting to be in your business and speculating on whether, or not you're serious, and checking into your partner's background. Not to mention, the overall harrassment. By the way, the person that said thank God for Angelina, she has had so much freaking surgery, that if she died they wouldn't be able to identify her body.

1770 days ago


Honestly, I like Jen, but some of you people take this stuff way too personally. In the first place nobody, including Jennifer Aniston has to look perfect. In the second place, what the hell is wrong with being 40 and not having a guy? I mean, I have one, but she can have him if she wants. And what is with all this hateful crap? She is just an entertainer. Let her come and go as she pleases. Get a life. Geez!!!

1770 days ago


Love Jenn! She is beautiful inside and out!

1770 days ago


she is the most annoying bitc* ever so predictable why do Americans think she is a beauty or has the perfect body? she is childless,manless, no worries i would have look better if i had nothing to do she is plain ugly big potato face with nasty jawline big fat nose nasty nipples nothing special
is time for people to stop lying to themselves she is ugly

1770 days ago


Are this guys arms on backward?

1770 days ago


#25- you said exactly what I was thinking, AND made me laugh in the process! She can have him if she wants LOL

1770 days ago

Get A Grip    


1770 days ago


Leave that poor short man alone! He's just guarding his new girlfriend. He wants her all to himself. Hee-hee!

1770 days ago


Nice pants. He must be planning to smuggle some illegals into the US in those.

1770 days ago


you can see a board anywhere

1770 days ago
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