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Sammy Sosa -- Light on His Feet

11/16/2009 12:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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It looks like Jimmy Kimmel on a bad day!

1757 days ago


I think Michael Jackson used the same soap to lighten his skin as Sammy Sosa....wow...it is unbelievable how it lightened his skin...

1765 days ago

London not England    

Was he Darker??? HE looks like a "true" natural Latin man....

1765 days ago


Sammy is no stranger to body altering chemicals. He could start growing another head and it wouldn't shock me.

1765 days ago


I think he looks great. Why wouldn't he want lighter more attractive skin?

1765 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

Leave these people BE.. If the late Mj and dammy and anyone else wants to make their skin darker wh gives a Hoot! it;s their money .. Then let's start ripping on everyone who tans!!! wtf! people are either haters or just criticize to feel better about themselves!

GO Sammy ! It's your money do whatever you want with it!

1765 days ago


isn't he the guy who ratted out his peers while doing the same thing? are those sparkles in his jacket & a drag queen in his arms?? hmm.

1765 days ago


that was funny TMZ. "light on his feet"

just a quick question for people--why is it none of our business when a dude decides to disfigure himself to fit a self imposed ideal but you'll go out and vote to make sure complete strangers can't get married just because they don't fit your definition of true marriage?

gotta love the Carrie Prejean-esque logic of it all

1765 days ago


He looks like a pure fool and idiot. And what is a pure LATIN MAN in the first place? How can a culture look like a person. He is a self-hater as most Dominicans who think they they are from Spain because the slave masters who owned them gave them their Spanish surnames. The Dominicans were enslaved by the European Spanish for centuries and the Dominicans are in love with them for selling and trading them like baseball cards. Is David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, and all the other Dominican ball players going to whiten their skins, perm straight their hair and wear green contacts next. Even his hands are darker than his face and look at the shameful expression oh his face. Is he going to dye his children if they look like the real Sammy Sosa?

1765 days ago


No, I voted for those people because I think gays are sexual deviants and perverts. "Tolerance" is nothing more than lowering your personal beliefs and standards.

1765 days ago


Sad,sad,sad. Obscene,sad,pathetic. He and Lil Kim can now sit around contemplating their hidden away dark patches. Slavery truly worked a number on these peoples psyches.

1765 days ago


@wombat: If you claim to be "conservative," don't tell me about "standards." You people wouldn't know what "standards" were if they smacked you in the face. The only "standard" you require of the people you fawn over is that they claim to be "christian" and have an "R" after their name.

"Conservatism" has become an excuse, rather than an ideology. The biggest enemies of conservatism are people like you who have made it synonymous with "lazy," "stupid" and "classless." Your brand of "conservatism" is more in line with the Islamic extremists than anything resembling American history, but since you people lack enough respect for our country to learn its history, you're not aware of that.

1765 days ago

So 2009    

Hey Wombat, it's 2009 NOT the 1800s. Get your head out of your ass and respect all human beings. WHO CARES what people's sexual preferences are. And it's sad to Sammy Sosa trying to mold himself into something he thinks society will except more. It's IGNORANCE and people like wombat that cause people to have such self-loathing.

1765 days ago


I guess now "For Light-Skinned Dominicans Only" Club will allow him in. Sammy I feel sorry for you, I really do. But mostly I feel sorry for your country for contributing to your self-loathing and forcing you to go to such extreme measures to feel accepted.

1765 days ago
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