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Congressman: Prejean Should Be a Politician

11/17/2009 2:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean has a serious congressional supporter who thinks she should pursue a career in politics ... and it's not just because she has her finger on the hot-button issues.

carrie prejean

TMZ spoke with Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) who tells us he thinks Prejean could be a serious contender in the political arena: "[Carrie] has the ability to draw crowds and if she has a strong message to go with that, who knows what she can do? She has star power which can open doors.

"We've all made mistakes when we were 17. [The sex tape] is going to be an impediment, but people are excited about her convictions and her beliefs."

For the record -- Carrie was 20 when she filmed her world famous solo mission.


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"72. SHOCKING! I disagree with a Republican from Utah. I wonder what his wives think.

Posted at 11:38AM on Nov 17th 2009 by lalaland"

Actually, he only has one. Unlike Barrack's Muslim, Communist father.

1766 days ago


73. Hmmm... I always thought politicians were supposed to be able to run a country, not just draw crowds. Oh how naive of me.

Posted at 11:44AM on Nov 17th 2009 by Chris


Funny. I've been saying the exact same thing about the man child in office right now for months.

1766 days ago


Strange how the leftist nuts are now bashing "crowds," when that's all they had to talk about regarding Oflaba during his entire joke of a campaign.

1766 days ago


Chaffetz said:

"More than a bit of a stretch, especially the headline. They asked if I agreed she "was the next Sarah Palin?" I said, "Being the Republican nominee for the Vice President of the United States is a far cry from being in a Donald Trump beauty contest." I didn't see that quote in the story.

My quote was ""[Carrie] has the ability to draw crowds and if she has a strong message to go with that, who knows what she can do? She has star power which can open doors." Not exactly "Prejean should be a politician."

1766 days ago


70. Do you know what is a Nazi is you are jackass

Posted at 11:35AM on Nov 17th 2009 by Frank


Sure do. Look no further than our current failure of a President, ya
douche. By the way, GREAT grammar you got there, moron!!!

1766 days ago


Obama is not a friend of gays, blacks or hispanics. He especially hates the environment. He's currently cruising around China with a 71 car motorcade.

How very GREEN of him

1766 days ago


Bash and attack her all you want, pervs!! You will NEVER be able to marry, homos!!! lol!!!!

1766 days ago


Utah is the fraud capital of America.
When you believe in angels bringing gold plates and Satan being CHrist's brother, anything goes. Mormonism is as effed up as Scientology - both are fraudulent cults.

1765 days ago

Crissy Angela    

Hey Jason Chaffetz, put down the crack pipe.

1765 days ago


Funny thing is, Carrie would be excommunicated by the Mormons for being a whore.
But sady, anything goes with desperate rightwing politicians nowadays.

1765 days ago

poopy pants    

The only thing that makes her resemble a repunlican politition is the fact that she LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING, she's full of excuses and hates anyone who isn't like her.

1765 days ago


Keep it up desperate leftists kooks!!!! I love reading your pathetic attempts to deflect the fact that Obama is a massive failure and growing more unpopular with each passing day!!! The Socialist experiment is coming to an abrupt end!!!! hhahahahahahaahahaha

1765 days ago


maybe the congressman wants to do her..

1765 days ago

To hell with her    

This is the saddest commentary on the idiotic pop culture we live in. An elected public official (Congressman) saying that a slutty, lying, deceiving, manipulative, self important & selfish hypocrite could be a great politician because "she can draw crowds". If that's the case, then this idiot should support paris hilton, because she draws crowds (johns to a hooker, so to speak).

Prejean's message is "it's all about me". She's lied, then lied again, then lied to cover her lies that were discovered. Last time I looked, lying and hypocrisy were not values to build a political platform around. Issues aside, she's the EXACT wrong person to be in any position of power. And the Congressman ought to know that...

1765 days ago


I would have to have severe brain damage to vote for her, but I would have to be comatose to ever vote for that numbnutz congressman from Utah.

1765 days ago
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