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Fetus-Killing Powder Suspected in Brutal Murder

11/17/2009 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

fetus killerCops believe they now know how a famous L.A. restaurateur allegedly murdered his unborn child -- and it all has to do with a deadly white powder.

TMZ has obtained the search warrant affidavit in the investigation of Josh Woodward -- co-owner of L.A.'s 8 Oz. Burger Bar and several famous restaurants around the country.

In the docs, Woodward's baby mama says one night back in October -- when she was pregnant -- Woodward kept putting his hand in a plastic bag and then touching her sexually.

The woman says she lost the baby a few hours later ... and remembers seeing a white powdery substance on her underwear.

According to the affidavit, cops had reason to believe the powder was a drug called Misoprostol -- which is often used for early abortions and to induce labor. Cops then executed the warrant and set up a sting operation.

Now get this: Under police supervision, the woman called Woodward -- who did not know she had lost the baby -- and told him she was still pregnant and wanted him to come over.

According to the affidavit, when police approached Woodward outside of her apartment, he pulled out a "small piece of clear plastic with a white powdery substance" from his pocket and dropped it on the ground.

Police seized the substance -- which Woodward would not identify -- and arrested him. Cops are waiting on the test results of the substance, but believe it's Misoprostol. Woodward has yet to be charged with a crime.


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Josh Woodward is a sweet, caring person with a heart of gold and would not hurt a fly. There are two sides to a story and obviously only one is being heard. Let the court decide on whether he is quilty or not. Not the media!
To josh*is*guilty: I am not on the so called "payroll" to say these things.

1795 days ago


This message is for the last 2 "unkowns"??? Unlike you, I know the facts and can say with 100% certainty that Josh is guilty of killing his baby. He is also guilty of ruining an innocent womans life. Josh will be spending a long time in prison and you both will be looking for a new friend, unless you enjoy being friends with a baby killer?

1791 days ago


One more thing "unknowns"... I wish it wasnt true because then my dear friend would be happy and healthy and instead of crying all the time, we would be planning a baby shower. What is wrong with you people? Its all so sad!

1791 days ago

None of ur business    

To miss hatred spreader (Josh is Guilty):

Who do you think you are? You should really find another position in life as you are NOT A JUDGE, JURY or INVESTIGATOR in this case. All you are is an apparent "FRIEND" of the so called victim here (and we will leave her name out of this since mainstream media hasn't yet caught on). I am also FRIEND OF Josh. There are TWO SIDES TO EVERY STORY. Since Josh, his family and lawyers are not stupid, they are not saying a word while media eats this up and people like you claim to be so "in the know" of the investigation. I love how you CLAIM to know everything. Really? Were you there in her vagina??? Dont think so? Perhaps you were human powder. I know Josh, his family and his character VERY well. He is the nicest and sweetest guy on earth.. His only fault in life is being too generous and people tend to take advantage of his kindness (perhaps ur friend too). And lets talk about that for a minute? If she is soo high and mighty in the moral department WHY WAS SHE SCREWING AROUND WITH SOMEONE ELSE'S MAN??? It takes two to tango. She was fully aware he was dating LONGTERM gfriend and planning to marry - SUZY, not ur friend. SO maybe your friend is more a victim of delusion and PLAYED THE OVULATION GAME (sorry but true). Bravo to her for knowing when to spread her legs to trap the man she knew she was NEVER going to get! How sad. Maybe the only reason she is crying so much is because her plan backfired in a big way and she cant handle the media attention (now people know she was after a taken man w money)... says it all.. Regardless what happens, he will always be my friend - for life. So stop your BS and let things unfold the way they are suppose to. Your friend should try cultivating relationships with men who are available! Go back to your life whatever it was prior to this case WHICH U R NOT A PART OF!!!

1783 days ago


Just a thought to None of ur business, Everybody thought Tiger Woods was the sweetest guy, I've been following these post and it sounds like you think your friend is misjudged but yet you want to judge the victim. I haven't seen her post any thing,so I'm curious to why you say she can't handle the media. when you say why was she screwing around with someone elses man how do you know the victim knew there was a so called LONGTERM GIRLFRIEND, maybe a better question would be why was Josh screwing somebody other than his LONGTERM GIRLFRIEND. I'm just saying there seems to be alot of victims here, His family who probly is wonderful and his friends who seem to be really supportive but the true victim is the BABY.
You also refer to the mother as a goldigger, not to be mean or anything but he could have worn a condom or maybe not have cheated at all. When you say she was playing the ovulation game how would
anybody now that. The comment you made about she was after his money I thought his business was in bankrupcy? I'm not being judge or jury but, if it turns out he did do something to cause a miscarrige are you saying thats alright with you? he could have walked away and never seen the mother or the baby again if the baby was not part of his life's plan. I'm just saying you are asking people not to judge Josh but you seem mad as hell at the victim. There seems to be Three sides to this story, The media's (which we all know is not always correct), Josh's and the Victims.
someday I'm sure we will hear the other two sides, and I agree with you when it all unfolds then we can have an informed opinion.
until then I think people should keep in mind there was a BABY involved here wanted or not. Do you think the BABY would have cared who was cheating on who and who has more money?

1776 days ago


disgusting!!! FIRST!!!!

1803 days ago


Wow, that's about as evil as evil is. Time to pay, pal.

1803 days ago


This man is disgusting. He murdered his own child. I hope this woman seeks not only a criminal remedy through the DA's office but also files a civil remedy and takes his fortune. She deserves it.

1803 days ago


One last thing here...

Where did he get this drug? I smell an accomplice. One that works somewhere in a medical setting.

1803 days ago

Sad sad    

ok seriously wtf?

1803 days ago


Just when you think a person can't get any do you even THINK of something like that, much less go through with it...and yes, someone had to have helped him.

1803 days ago

Get A Grip    

This is just bizarre and evil. The world is going to hell in a handbasket!

1803 days ago


Famous L.A. restaurateur? Are you kidding me? The only thing he is famous for is killing his baby! Hmmm, lets see...... do I go to jail for murder or do I have a baby? A FAMOUS MORON is more like it!!!!!!

1803 days ago


I seriously hope that people stop going to his so called, in my opinion "not so" famous restaurants! I know first hand that the food sucks and anyone that eats there would be contributing to the defense of a baby killer! No thank you!

1803 days ago


That is just horrible.

1803 days ago
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