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Ryan Seacrest Wins Permanent Restraining Order

11/17/2009 1:56 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Seacrest's lawyer was in court today to ask for a permanent restraining order against Chidi Uzomah -- the man who has allegedly been stalking her client.

Attorney Blair Berk went solo in court today -- Ryan wasn't there -- and here's what went down:

UPDATE 9:14 AM PT: The judge just granted the restraining order, ordering Uzomah to stay 100 yards away from Seacrest for three years. He was also ordered not to have contact -- direct or indirect -- with Ryan.

Chidi remains in custody -- he's been charged with felony stalking and two misdemeanor counts of disobeying a prior court order.

UPDATE 9:12 AM PT: The judge has read Ryan's declaration and feels Chidi Uzomah's actions were fairly frightening.

UPDATE 8:58 AM PT: It begins! The judge is on the bench.


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1770 days ago

excretive producer    

Restraining order is in the bag. Court adjourned.

1770 days ago


why do we care?

1770 days ago


Please, he should be happy he's got a stalker. Who else gives a sh!t about his ass? I half think he's paid the guy for the press.

1770 days ago


You all need to fix the typo unless felong is a new word I am not familiar with.

1770 days ago


It used to be designer sunglasses

It used to be designer jeans

Perhaps a Mercedes SL class

Nowdays the most fashionable of B-list celebrity accessories is a restraining order.

1770 days ago


What a loser.

1770 days ago


We love you. You're just a misunderstood genius! Keep acting and staying hungry in this cut-throat biz.

Love, shuffler

1770 days ago

Just sayin'    

Oh Thank God. Now no one can touch his super gelled hair. Douche.

1770 days ago

London not England    

Ryan is a Closeted Gay man that was one of Merv Griffin's "Protage' boys"...
He is good looking and VERY VERY Rich.....there is NOTHING "B-LIST" about him....and the interesting thing is he is not an actor, singer, or performer in anyway...but soon growing to "MOGUL" status.

The real question is: Why stay in the closet? He's wealthier now than ever, and there's no sign of that changing anytime soon. I happened to see his latest SCOPE commercial where all these beautiful girls are following him around, and he's actually trying to "look" interested. Hmmmm.....interesting. but hey, who am I to question a man's "coming out, or not coming out" of the closet. I guess he'll do like his mentor, live a nice quiet "closeted" life, yet marrying some unknowing woman, having a kid or two, and trolling young guys on Santa Monica Blvd. at night. that's what Merv used to do.....that's how he FOUND Mr. Seacrest in the first place...
Some boys have all the luck!

1770 days ago


who is ryan seacrest? is he famous? or one of those who just thinks he is?or wants to be famous?if i get a restraining order against ryan seacrest will i be famous also? hahahahaha seriously never heard of him,so who cares

1770 days ago


I have never hated someone as much as I hate this tool. He always talks like he this important person and whatever he is doing is important. He is an overpaid cloest case who someone really needs to punch in the face and put it on camera. He needs to be put in check. It would probably just be better if he was thrown in front of a bus so we wouldnt have to be subjected to him anymore.

1770 days ago


Um, why does Ryan Seacrest have a stalker??

1770 days ago

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