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The House That 'Twilight' Bought

11/17/2009 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Stephenie Meyer has sold over 70 million copies of her "Twilight" books and all she got was this $1 million house in the middle of the desert.


The 35-year-old author and her family live in this 5 bedroom, 3 bath suburban Phoenix home, which also features a swimming pool, basketball court and a batting cage.

Sure her crib is swanky for us mere mortals, but you'd think the mother of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan would live in a place that was absolutely to die for.


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Just sayin'    

Who's that creepy broad in the corner? Halloween is over, isn't it?

1802 days ago


Looks like a YMCA with bad landscaping.......

1802 days ago

amy beth    

what's wrong with that house!??? I think it's silly to expect people to get in step and live the same lifestyle as the hoards of douchebag celebs. Seriously.

1802 days ago


Sorry Harvey, but she's a smart white woman who has decided to live ever so slightly above her necessary means. Looks like we won't ever been hearing about her going broke like we do half of the black celebrities that strike it rich quick.

1802 days ago


This is the desert. I'm in AZ on the other side of phx, this is typical low-water landscaping... in the desert we try not to use a lot of water here, you know.

1802 days ago


She's a smart woman,why should she spend all her money. That's why people are broke today like Nick Cage......

1802 days ago


I think the house is what it needs to be. Why live un-necessarily above and beyond just because you can? I think we all need to learn that being all 'show-ey' doesn't make you a better person. Dats what I tink.

1802 days ago


With All the creeps and stalkers out there that celebrities have to deal with..You POST where the popular Writer is living with her family..That's very IRRESPONSIBLE...All people have a right to privacy..Why don't you post your house on this page see how many crazies come to your door..

1802 days ago


Oh you lot at TMZ - looking down your noses at folks living in homes that only cost a million. Geat real you bunch of wannabes. Good on Stephanie, living far away from exposure to the Hollywood rat race. Keeping her kids grounded and safe from prying eyes. A truly good parent and someone who obviously has her head well screwed on.

1802 days ago


Wow, not sure if the land/house can support her fat a s s, but at least the emptiness of her head makes up for it. A pox on her for releasing this nonsense on the world. Why doesn't she write something worthwhile. And totally shame on her for making those twilight actors famous. They are unattractive, no talent, douchebag hacks. :)

1802 days ago


She's my neighbor. Sure there are bigger, "nicer" houses up here. But she's happy. More power to her. And to the stalkers, we watch out for each other. Move along.

1802 days ago


My goodness Teetee (#4), racist much??? White people can be stupid about money too. Just look at Nic Cage, half the backstreet boys, most of Nsync, Amy Whinehouse the list goes on.

1802 days ago


It's so refreshing to see someone not squandering their money on a lavish lifestyle. After reading the article on Nic Cage, this is so apropos.

1802 days ago


So shes suppose to get a multi-million dollar house, 100 cars and SUVs and end up owing millions in back taxes like every other celebrity in Hollywood?
The woman has a head on her shoulders and knows how to handle her money. Props to her.

1802 days ago


Rattlesnakes will get those paparazzi and stalkers

1802 days ago
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