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Twilight Stars

Mama Gonna

Knock You Out

11/17/2009 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hell hath no fury like a "Twi-hard" scorned ... fortunately, Kellan Lutz is one talented unscorner.

Twilight fans: Click to watch
Amidst the chaos at last night's big Westwood premiere of "New Moon," one extremely passionate mama went off on some of the stars when they wouldn't stop to sign autographs.

But while her daughter wretched with embarrassment, mama's tactics eventually worked -- she somehow got Kellan's attention and the dude actually stopped to take some pics with her extremely lucky daughter!

Forget about the Wolf Pack or the Volturi -- the TwilightMOMS are the ones to watch out for.


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I am on LJ side. My co-worker said he picked up a cute guy over the weekend and took him back to his apartment to have sex. The guy didn't poo all day and when he took out his thing from the guys butt it was covered with crap and he said it smelled real bad. He kicked the guy out and had to clean himself and the bed. Gays are dirty people and they make me sick.

1768 days ago


How about Twi-tards?? This is prob one of the worst series ever created, not to mention an insult to Vampire lore. The actors are complete crap and the script is completely ridiculous and obviously written for those who are way too easely amused. It would be nice to see something with perhaps a bit more depth then stupid none blood sucking vampires chasing after some dumb highschool damsel in distress..fracken STUPID. Anyone who likes this POS is in dire need of a lobotomy. *slaps latex gloves on* I am ready!

1768 days ago


I would have done the same thing if I were there. $12 bucks for a movie? Better come with an actor's autograph!

1768 days ago

Rap sucks    

Twilight sucks! In two years from now, this whole madness will hopefully stop. Untalented popular actors, it's simply that. So far it has been the biggest fad amongst teenage girls. God, overrated crap gets so annoying and no one is jealous of that Taylor guy okay ladies.

1768 days ago


how pathetic. Seriously! They're not even A list celebs.

1768 days ago


This "lady's" behavior is absolutely ridiculous and sad.

1768 days ago


They are now! And VERY rich, with more to come.

And everyone else, please don't lump all "Twilightmoms" together. Yes, some are nuttier than a fruitcake. BUT, others like myself do not fit into that category. I find it a good way to bond with my 14 year old daughter. If you can enjoy and be involved with things your kids like, well to me that is important. When I take time to listen and watch the things she is interested in I think it makes her have a little more respect for me as a parent. If you're not always talking down everything they like then you have something you can enjoy together and have that time to bond that wouldn't have been there if I had trashed it from the beginning. I would much rather read the books (which weren't so bad for a first time writer) and watch the movies (so Twilight wasn't "Gone With the Wind"--but, budget does make a HUGE diff in quality) together than have her holed up in her room with music blaring and talking to her friends on her cell phone from the time she arrives home from school until the time she goes to bed.
Try something different sometime that your kid is interested in--you may actually find a new interest of your own! Any of you parents ever been to Warped Tour? (=

1768 days ago


Well all this proves, if someone doesn't drop everything they're doing just to please you, become a stark raving bitch. If I'd been Kellan I'd have slapped her silly for being so rude.

1768 days ago

maria tortilla    

lol, people that are commenting get so angry. just look at what you have written. Get a grip people. Thats why movies are called entertainment, just somethineg silly to get you out of the real world for 2 hours or so. So what if Rob isnt the greatest actor, he is eye candy and as we all know that alone sells tickets. So you live in America and have a choice, dont watch the movies or read the blogs pertaining to it like you are reading this one right now. And for the person commenting about an insult to vampires. Seriously???? Um, you do realize ALL VAMPIRES STORIES ARE FAKE. **sigh** some people are so zany, they dont even realize they are the freaks and they need to chill out

1768 days ago


so you buy a ticket to see a movie which does NOT guarantee a meet-n-greet and you decide to throw a tantrum because no one gives you the time of day?

how immature and full of self-importance. get over it. its a fad. The "fan" following isn't as big as Harry Potter is/was so it will die out sooner than later.

1768 days ago


Seriously lady?! Grow the hell up already. The first sign that you were acting like a dumb ass should have been when your young daughter tries to stop your pointless ranting. I'm 35 years old but you don't see me go to a Jonas brothers concert and scream and yell at them when they don't acknowledge me. What in the holy hell are those guys, or whatever they are, going to want to stop and pose for your old haggard ass? On a side note, doesn't she look like the lady who shot that mex singer Selena? I'm just sayin.

1768 days ago


The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

1768 days ago


Twi-Tards indeed. Potterheads are bad enough but at least that series is, you know, good. With stars that can actually, you know, act.

In any case, supposedly grown women/men wetting themselves over books meant for tweens who usually wouldn't know a good book if you hit them in the head with one really need to examine their life or lack thereof. Good grief.

1768 days ago


Not ALL "Twilight" moms are CRAZY!! I'm seeing the movies with my daughters aged 17 and 21. I HAVE been to MANY Warped Tours, thank you very much, along with alot of other things that I enjoy with my girls. ( My 17 year old would not THINK of going to a Fall Out Boy concert without me!) I think it is cool that moms are getting involved with this, but IT'S ONLY A MOVIE!! Don't freak out about it,people.

1768 days ago


I think all this is adding up to all these Twilight phonies heads getting larger and larger with each passing day. Look at the story about Christen Stewart cussing out a fan who managed to touch her on the shoulder barely!! We turned these kids into stuck up losers in record time!

1768 days ago
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