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TMZ Live: Carrie Vs. Vivid, MJ's $$$, Stalkers

11/18/2009 5:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Mike took your questions on everything today -- including Carrie Prejean's war against that wants to release her solo sex tape ... and Shauna Sand's XXX advice to the "biblically correct" beauty queen.
TMZ Live: Click to watch

Also -- Paris Hilton might be full of it, Chris Brown visits Harvey's high school, Michael Richards' backlash vs. Mel Gibson's and Joe Jackson's allowance.

Plus: Breaking news on Erin Andrews' stalker.


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i have to agree with you #178 Frances. Harvey is so biased when it comes to MJ its not even funny, the fact that today he totaly ignored the most asked question about Evan chandler says A LOT ABOUT HIM. wow thats all i have to say

1764 days ago


Harvey is full of crap he says things without having facts to back up his statements! those are MJs children in everyway,and MJ may have had a prescription drug problem but what about lindsay lohan? harvey never wants to talk about her and her drug addiction! MJ is gone and can't defend himself but lindsay is alive to answer for her actions! why dig into lohans life and bring up every little detail like he does to MJ and his family? Why not have someone on tmz live that was a REAL friend to MJ? I know they would put harvey in his place and he wouldn't like that!

1764 days ago

Carlo De Marco    

To Whom It May Concern: 19 November 2009

Differences I’m Noticing

As I have listened in my life, what I hear on the news happening to these famous star’s life, (Elvis Presley, Syline Dion, Michael Jackson and his father). I seem to notice how this money is bringing them very big troubles and losing a lot of their wishes quicker then a poor or suffering person. I wonder; is this money cursing them? I always hear these famous stars to be kicking their bucket quicker or being refused their wishes then a poor or disable person from GOD. I picture these rich people to totally have no wisdom and eyesight, compared to a poor or blind person who can see clearer then them. These famous people seem to be walking in the dark, and us who are blind seem to be walking in the light, and these people don’t even notice it.

I only seem to hear on the news once in a blue moon a blind person fall in troubles on earth. We are the wise ones who use our hearing sense correctly to think, and make correct decisions. All we keep using is our ears, which is the correct sense (road) to pay attention not to fall in any serious troubles. As I keep listening what is happening to these people who use their eye-sight every day, I notice that they are making a lot of wrong decisions. I have observed how they have no idea how to fall in love correctly.

When I think of love, what I visualize, and I am asked to do is “


This is what I have heard and found; I make sure I pay attention in my heart. The people are using the incorrect word that starts with the letter “L,” which is “LOOKING.” I have observed how the eyesight often make them always fall in troubles. I’ve noticed their eyes always interfere and interrupt their ears, and make these people lose the words once they are conversing when searching for love. As I always listen to these people speaking. I pay attention to their tone, pitch, vocabulary, I notice how strong or weak is the pressure of the love they are carrying in their heart to be. I notice many to be carrying a very weak heart, compared to us who are blind.

In Fact; these eye-sighted people are truly blind, because as I keep thinking of the heart and earth, I already know which sense to keep on using on this planet. These people don’t know the sense they should use the most is the ear not the eye. I have found the word, “EAR” between the words heart and earth, which is explaining me how to find this love. All I do is keep using my senses correctly in the order, which is to first (listen), second (smell), third (touch), forth (taste), and fifth (look), which for me looking is not necessary to want to know and use at all.

I love the pictures I see as I keep listening to the sounds around me. The pictures are not the same at all. I make these pictures in my mind on my own, and they make me laugh as I keep listening to the sounds around me. No stress or depressed do I feel to be carrying as I keep listening and making them. I enjoy myself listening to the sound I hear around me, which these eyesight people don't pay attention to. I often hear them falling in their traps, and crying for help.

As I keep listening to the eyesight people walk around me, I always have in mind the ferry tail story of the rabbit and the turtle competing on the race. I visualize the eye sighted people to be playing the role of the rabbit, and the blind people to be the turtle. We seem to always be winning the races with a wonderful prize of safety with no troubles. Us who are blind, are the once who seem to be happier then our neighbors who keep using their eye-sight. This eyesight sense seems to make these people turn their heads, and fall in serious dangerous traps, which they have a hard time to get out of. Don’t they notice how incorrectly they are using their senses? Well, I surely do. They better start working in using them correctly to stop falling in troubles and teaching the next generation how to use these senses. It will be their fault, not us who are blind people on earth.

Yours truly,

Mr. Carlo De Marco

1764 days ago


Harvey, do not understand why you think MJ's nomination of Diana Ross to serve as guardian of the person and estate for MJ's children is so strange! Inasmuch as you are not a part of this family, your comments were patronizing and insulting. MJ has his reasons, and who are you to second guess his wishes. It is likely that the years he spent with Diana Ross were some of the best periods in his life. We should be all so glad that Joe was not our father!

Question: Notwithstanding that CA is a community property state, is not the bequest to Katherine in MJ's will her sole and separate property? Accordingly, and if she and Joe divorce, will the income from the life estate established under MJ's Will and Trust be included in her assets if Joe demands spousal support?

Question: Since Joe was excluded from MJ's Will, what rationale would the court have for awarding Joe a family allowance? Are not family allowances normally awarded to the surviving spouse, and/or minor children? Joe is not even a beneficiary. What a waste of the tax payers' time and money. Joe should get a real job, and be ordered to pay the court for its time.

Harvey, lighten up a bit, not everyone knows what a flotilla is . . . especially if one operated a crane and never read about the folks leaving Cuba after the missile crisis!

1764 days ago


Hey Harvey and Mike,
If you could ask michael jackson one question what would it be, and why?

p.s. what do you think about California outlawing large TVs? how would they regulate something like that?

1764 days ago

THISISIT again MJ breaks records    

Oh so Harvey you think this is hilarious. know what is
hilarious witnessing the death of this ugly guys career. He can thank you for helping turn alot of people off to him. Disgusting pieces of cow dung, all of you.

1764 days ago


why is my comments being blocked? Truth hurts?

I wonder why you guys malice Chris Brown so much. Its gotten to be very obvious this is beyond the incident with his ex girlfriend. You act like he is a serial rapist or murderer.

I notice your post with Paris and her guy fighting and it so funny to you but CB made one error and you guys keep dogging him. also you act like the doors or any of those rock bands you mentioned that use to play at your school was some angels. All you white people have a latent hate of successful black men. your false outrage disgust me.

1763 days ago


Is Harvey a tweeker ? He's always fidling about, scratching his face, neck, head, running his hands threw his hair.

Classic signs of a tweeker.

1763 days ago


To: TMZ come on guys I really like watching the show and coming to the site. The show format reminds me of the discussions we had in my Journalism classes in college. I know TMZ is Entertainment and Pop Culture news so I know there will be stories and opinions I will not agree with. I know it isn't TMZ's job to be a fan. I did start coming to TMZ for Michael Jackson stories because I am a fan, but I read and enjoy other posts too. I don't expect Harvey or anyone else to filter stories because they are "fans" of a celeb or not. I don't care if Harvey is a Michael Jackson fan or not. I have to admit I do like that Mike has came out and said that he can appreciate MJ music, but that is the fan in me coming out. I don't care if Harvey thinks Michael was guilty or innocent. I even defended TMZ on the comments when Dr. Klein was on TMZ Live. I'm think it is great TMZ gave him the chance to make his voice heard even though I think Dr. Klein is full of crap. I hope he comes back soon. I really enjoyed that interview. I have been impressed with how TMZ has covered Michael's death and the aftermath, until the Gerard Butler story.I think this is story disgusting, because it is disrespectful and hurtful to people who cared for Michael. Whether you like Michael or not, Michael is gone! So, the only people that get hurt by this stuff are the innocent people around him. Could you imagine how it would feel if this was someone you cared for? Gerard Butler is a D-Bag for doing this. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm disappointed this story was ever posted, I guess I put TMZ above the other Entertainment News.I was hoping that TMZ would filter based on what is right. I mean you didn't post other stories because they were disgusting. I don't know if you look at these comments or if it will do any good, but I felt I had to vent my opinion as a new TMZ fan. Now I want to say something about all the comments stating that the suicide of Evan Chandler is "good news". These comments online and on TMZ are equally as disgusting. I don't like what Evan did and I would love to see Michael vindicated, but to celebrate in a person's tragic death is beyond belief! To see anyone leave this world in such a sad and horrible way is just heartbreaking. My prayers go out to those who cared for Evan (estranged or not). I know family members I can't stand and don't go around, but it would hurt if they were gone like that and it would hurt very much to hear people calling their death as "good news" Could you imagine how it would feel if this was someone you cared for? Whether you like Evan or not again, Evan is gone and the only ones hurt by theses comments are people who cared for him. If we fans want non-fans to show compassion for Michael and his family, friends, fans, and children then maybe we need to show compassion to people like Evan's family and friends. I know there is a lot of anger for what happened, but you aren't hurting Evan, you are hurting the innocent. I'm disheartened by people celebrating the death of another human being. I don't know if this comment will do any good, but I had to vent my opinion as a MJ fan.

1763 days ago
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