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Gayle King -- Following the Leader...

11/20/2009 4:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gayle King's reaction to Oprah calling it quits in 2011 was simple: "If she's happy, I'm happy for her."

Gayle King: Click to watch
O's BFF was in NYC today, where she made it clear that even after Oprah's off the air she "can't be replaced."

And just like O, Gayle also threw out a shameless plug -- making sure to promo what time Oprah airs in NYC.


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Orca is getting out before she's pushed out, or has to "buy" her way to stay on...her syndication fees are absorbant and every town USA tv station will no longer pay them when the current agreement expires---plus the TV medium doesnt play anymore, with regards to a Talk Show host concept as it did in the 70-90's decades.

Its over---she knows it, and is bugging out before she's pushed out--for cripe sakes Judge Judy beat her in recent ratings.

Big deal she gets her own Cable network and does her show in her jammies from her mansion in California.

She's stayed in Chicago these many years and done the miniumum days required to "live" there simply to beat the high Liberal Taxes of California.

Its over and she knows it...she's just bailing before being pushed out. Her Ego is as big as her be-hind...

1795 days ago


You would think this signifies the end of the world with Oprah quitting the way everyone is talking about it.

1795 days ago


Actually Oprah is killing Judge Judy in the ratings. Oprah gets 7 millions U.S. viewers a day (twice as many as even the super talented Ellen) while Judge Judy gets 6 million:,0,2273001.story

Oprah's still far & away the highest rated talk show in America (Judge Judy's not a talk show), even after a quarter century on the air. No one in the history of show business has been so dominant for so long. I'm extremely impressed with her.

1795 days ago


Oprah can't be replaced?!? THANK YOU, GOD!!!!!!!

1794 days ago

David M.    

t's sad that Oprah has had a slot on the T.V. for 25 years
projecting all kinds of issues and yet, she can't discuss how she and
Gayle King love to exchange body fluids with each other. Oprah, is
Gayles ass-ole as dark and as smelly as yours?

1792 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

You go girl. Lesbian feminists unite.

1796 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Oprah are we still dating? Will the checks stop coming?

1796 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

May be all the man/father hating in America will reverse course.

1796 days ago

Chicken Lover    


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1796 days ago


lol.. I still can't get past the Gail's kid was/is a flight attendant on Orkah's Kirby Bumpus~!hahahahahashahhahahahah!

1796 days ago


You too, bu bye!

1796 days ago


you outta be ho! but then again gayle...we all know when she says kiss my say spread em oprah with a smile on your face..kiss ass!

1796 days ago

100% Me    

Best friends stick together... hey, who is going to see The Blind Side this weekend?

1796 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

She's a nobody famous for....what is it again? Being friends with a fat affirmative action slob who despises men?
Get sickle cell and die already.

1796 days ago


Don't worry Gail, I'm sure you will be provided for!!! You have made enough off O all these years to be set!! I'm sure she still pays 'the help'. Now maybe you two can live happily ever-after!! There are best friends and then there are "BEST FRIENDS". So long--too bad it will be another 12-18 months!!

1796 days ago
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