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O.J. Simpson in Killer Shape

11/22/2009 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonO.J. Simpson has a lot of time on his hands and he's putting it to good use -- he's in the best shape of his post-murder football life.

The Juice is dropping the lbs, lifting weights, and, for good measure, preaching racial harmony and anger management to other inmates at Nevada's Lovelock Correctional Center, a good friend of his tells the NY Post.

Norman Pardo claims, "He says that's one of the benefits of not being able to go out and party all the time like he used to."

Because idle hands are the devil's workshop.


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I think Catholic priests should lecture Michael Jackson fans about the warning signs of pedophilia while David Hasselhoff runs the Betty Ford Clinic and D.B. Cooper revives a new cable version of America's Most Wanted.

But if everything else fails for the Juice, he could probably get night work as food preparation worker.

1793 days ago


One of the most unforgettable moments of that trial was hearing Johnnie Cochran pull his "I'm so racially offended" bull out about the (Heidstra?) witness who testified he heard the Akita barking and the shouting voice of a black man.

Like no one would ever have been able to tell in a million years what race Cochran himself was from his dialect.


1793 days ago

white girl Becky    

If it doesn't oj

1793 days ago

white girl Becky    

I love you OJ. Call me.

1793 days ago


#75..Hmm, lets see; Who do you think you are really? You are posting on a site that no self respecting intellectual would be caught dead at. The hate that you bathe in adds a stink to your aura that even the Devil himself isn't very fond of. Hate is the most disgusting, gross, evilest, humiliating, ignorant, dysfunctional and self loathing trait a person can demonstrate outwardly in the world. Only someone whose mother abandoned him for a crack head two trailers down would come off with such spew. Get a life for real or read a something besides sitting around being filthy on the inside.

1793 days ago

republican mensa    

Your right we can't stop laughing at your dumb hate speech you don't even have anything close to educated speech and your facts ha laughable get a life and yes there is life beyond your ghetto house and being raised by your mamas mama I'm soooo far out of your league that's why you are so blind to see what animal this oj is and his family his own kids can't stand him ha ha I love it when trolls like you get so mad....killem all aka can't stop laugh funny how you change your name so you can respond to you're posts!!!!!!

1793 days ago

republican mensa    

Fact....oj killed his ex wife and her friend
Fact....he is in jail thank god
Fact.....he is going no where
Fact......for the rest of his life whatever money he makes go to the browns and goldmans
Fact....his kids hate him your face c, killem all aka can't stop laughin
Fact....posting to yourself in different names.....LOSER!!!!!

1793 days ago

white girl Becky    

And to think I thought you were an employed, educated, smart, hardworking, intelligent, successful, accomplished, business professional who is far too busy to respond to each and every post written towards him on TMZ. Proves my point exactly...Arschgesicht
And yes there is life beyond me and my "WHITE" ghetto house and being raised by my "WHITE" mamas mama. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!
And yes you are soooo far out of my league until you wake up from dreaming again. But I guess my William and Mary College education speaks for itself. As
for your education, your run on sentences and mispelled words speaks for you.
Proves another white trash are hilarious!!

Mach es dir selber.

P.S Go get a EDDDUMACATIION white trash. Maybe then you could be a script writer for SNL. You're really funny. You have great patentiol. Wait...did I spell that right? I mean potential. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wow!! Being out my ghetto house for five years is working wonders on my ability to spell. But I guess like Barack Obama having a white mother is a privilige especially when it comes to my " NON EDUCATED SPEECH" HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Auf wiedersehen hurensohn hure, mach es dir selber, scheissekopf, du verdammter Arschificker!!!

1793 days ago

white girl Becky    

He's pretending so he could get paroled. Don't let him out or he'll kill again.

1793 days ago

white girl Becky    

To: republican mensa

We are all one human race. We have a black president, I love how that sounds, and we should all learn how to get along. Being white "used" to open doors, now it produces high school drop outs like you who can bareley produce a accurate or grammatically correct sentence. What post are you referring to? What hate speech? The only hate speech I see is yours. I see as many unwed teenage baby mamas in the white community as I do African American. And lets not forget your role model Sarah Palin's daughter. Isn't her newborn son being raised by his mama's mama? If you want to talk about ghettos there are as many whites living in public housing, on public assistance and receiving foodstamps than blacks especially in the midwest where I'm a social worker. Once you take your foot out your mouth, republican mensa, you might have a fighting chance in sounding like a half way descent human being. I see you're already embarrassed which explains your stereotypical comments about black people which also means you're a very bitter, sad and unhappy person. I feel sorry for you because it's not your fault. I'm gonna blame your immaturity, imcompetence, ignorance, stupidity and lack of knowledge on your middle school education level. Do your research before making hideous comments over the net. It'll save you the embarrassment.

1793 days ago

white girl Becky    

I play with little boys booty holes.

1793 days ago

white girl Becky    

Why are white people so angry. Can we all just get along.hehehehehe

1793 days ago

white girl Becky    

Afirmative action is a bitch. OhWell

1793 days ago

white girl Becky    

I smell like a wet dog and musty armpits OhWell OhWell OhWell

1792 days ago
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