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Sophia Loren

Good Genes or Good Docs?

11/22/2009 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sophia Loren is an Italian goddess.

La Loren
Here's the 31-year-old Oscar-winner back in 1965 (left) -- and 44 years later, the 75-year-old version at some event in London this week (right).

Ciao bella.


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She looks damm good surgery or not, but is it just me or do her lips appear THINNER. Weird. The bottom looks about the same but the top lip looks thinner. At least she doesn't look like a blow up doll or like she can't close her eyes. Her eyebrows actually look more natural now, too.

1799 days ago

Lost Lass a person ages, the lips become thinner while the tip of the nose and earlobes continue to grow. Weird, I know.

I think Sophia looks AMAZING at any age! She is a true beauty and is as beautiful on the inside as the outside. She is the real definition of a LADY.

1799 days ago


She looks fantastic, as always.

1799 days ago


Lost lass:
I am in the medical profession and understand the aging process. Sorry, that was my lame attempt at being a little facetious in that she has actually NOT tried reversing the process too much. Most people get injectables and I was amazed that she hadn't, that's all.

1799 days ago


I'm sure she's had a few things done, you have to if you are famous but at 75 NO amount of surgery can make you look that young, she takes very good care of herself. She never over exercised (which wastes your skin and facial muscles away ) ,she always ate three meals a day with no snacks and she always sleeps 8 to ten-even when she was in her teens. Sophia's body is fabulous too. She has better figure than most woman a quarter of her age : 38C-26-37! Who in Hollywood has a waist that tiny?

1799 days ago


Sophia Loren and Raquel Welsh are two timeless beauties that the heavens and good living have been kind to. Good genes offered a good start, but you know that self-respect and an informed lifestyle have much to do with that kind of persistent health. Not sure about Loren but Welsh has for years always talked about a very healthy lifestyle. Hope some others follow that path, those vibrant youngins, like Carmen Electra the health and acting dynamo. Now who else, let me see, well who cares about a list, it's essentially for everyone to get on the health plan and not the neglect plan. "Eat thine fibre, SPF thine face and limbs, you'll look 40 when you're 80 if you stick to good livin'". And that's the last time I'll ever issue the word "thine", which isn't a word anyway, dammit. Tomorrow our guests will be Number 3, the letter L and we'll talk about Nouns. Bye for now.

Well everything that you can see
and everything you can be
well they're called nouns
(Schoolhouse Rock)

1799 days ago

Wanda W.    

Sorry people, but this woman is who you would see if you looked up "class' in a dictionary ! The absolute top example of it ! No one,except maybe Jackie O, even came close ! She reeks of it! A shining example of class to all those up and coming stars. A woman who came from nothing,but became a world wide "star",back when there were stars that is.She attracted stars like Cary Grant,Peter Sellers,even John Wayne,etc,who all became besotted by her.One dam fine actress too!!!!!!!! Look and learn people,look and learn!!!!!!!!!

1799 days ago


Natural beauty needs no touch-ups.....and she IS a natural beauty. Ciao!

1799 days ago


Her jowls drape interestingly around her ears for her years....which suggests a face lift to me.

1799 days ago


She was absolutely beautiful and still looks pretty good.

1799 days ago

tippy katz    

This broad really bugs me because, over the years,
whenever an interviewer asks her how she stays to
youthful/beautiful/not fat
she always says something stupid like
"I make love every day" or "I eat a big plate of pasta every day."

1799 days ago


Of course, in the current crop of "beautiful celebrity women", most of them have had a notable amount of work done by the time they hit their middle thirties. Rhinoplasty, breast implants, collagen filled lips, extensive Botox treatments, cheek bone implants, you name it, they've done it. Natural beauty is virtually is acting talent. When a woman reaches 75, and looks as lovely as Sophia Loren, I do not think that some surgical work is such a detriment. She still is capable of expression (unlike Joan Rivers), has not plumped her lips to a ludicrous degree, and her face is not tied back so tightly that her skin appears to be screaming. Sometimes there is no secret to retaining a good figure and pretty face other than good living and good genes. Maybe she DOES make love every day (75 isn't dead, kiddoes), and eat fresh pasta. Some of you should be so lucky when you reach seventy-plus.

1799 days ago


I think Sophia is beautiful, but of course she has had tons of work done. The doctors had a geat foundation to work with, and she has probably sed the best plastic surgeons in the world. There is 100% no way any woamn her age would look like this without it- this is physically impossible, but which ever doctors she uses; does amazing work.

1799 days ago

tippy katz    

Seriously. Put me out of my misery, please.
I am a freaking IDIOT!

1799 days ago

R.U. Serious    

These aren't either/or questions.
Any world class beauty is due to good genetics and anyone over 60 who doesn't have a wrinkle has had work.
A more appropriate question is... "Do these sophmoric TMZ writers have brain damage or are they mentally challanged."

jyestkidn, I know a pulitzer is coming your way soon.

1798 days ago
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