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Cali in the Red,

And So Is He

11/23/2009 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger can be influenced by the rich and powerful -- as in, his wife, Maria Shriver.


The California Governor took his Porsche out for a spin in Bev Hills Saturday, and left his sweet ride in the red zone. Since the State is broke, there weren't enough cops around to ticket the Guv, so he got away with it.

We're guessing Maria will call for "swift justice" -- on her cell phone.


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Moron,,it's a Boxster not a Boxter. Also, that is NOT a Boxster. That is a 2010 911 Turbo cab,,,which can go about 150k. You can tell by the side vents and the new(for 2010) LED running lights on the front fascia.

1757 days ago


ok you idiots - let me fill you in on something.

1) did you forget he is the governor of the State of California? Who cares if he parks in the red zone. He is the governor for crying out loud. Doesn't that come with special parking powers? He probably has bodyguards and special cars. I'm impressed that he actually knows how to park a car - I bet our governor here in MI doesn't know how to drive a car anymore - she gets driven everywhere by her bodyguard.

2)the sub-prime crisis taking CA down had nothing to do with Arnold. Its much bigger than him.

3) no ticket - think about it you moron. if you were a state cop and ran the plate - would you write him a ticket? he is governor of the state, the boss of your bosses bosses bosses boss if you work in state government, as most cops do. seriously - these photographers need to get a life. who gives a crap.

1757 days ago

Diego Firestone    

Im going to give him a break !

since he drives same car as me, Besides, California is broke,

1757 days ago

Michael McFann    

Not only did he break the law parking in a RED ZONE,you will also note he does not have his front license plate mounted.My wife was ticketed this year for not having a front plate displayed.We put it on and still paid a fine.Shame on all those who ARE above the law.

1757 days ago


TMZ is a great example of the deterioration of our society. Great job finding ever new ways to bring down EVERYTHING!! You guys appeal to the lowest common demoninator of human thought. But hey, gotta admit, it sells! No wonder kids go on rampages killing other students in schools. They listen to people like you put them down until they snap! Ever try building someone up? Or giving them more than a backhanded compliment? Your show is a combination of immaturity and sarcasm... great combo!

1757 days ago


He should get a ticket for that red interior.

1757 days ago

Michael McFann    

UH #56...the law is the law.When not in pursuit even policemen have to obey the same rules.IDIOT!

1757 days ago

Sean Tigert    

You guys have to much time on your hands to be comlaning about what Gov Arnold is doing. Get over it, no one is perfect we are all humans we all make mistakes from time 2 time. O yeah Hey Gov. Arnold if you read this KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

1757 days ago

Krys L.    

Hey TMZ great job. This is the kind of thing you need to show the Californians. Californians need a new Governor. They deserve it. Just ask the health care workers/teachers/and college students. Why put your trust in someone who can't even follow a simple law or someone who does not use common sense.

What a slap in the face for the people of California. I feel for you all.

1757 days ago


Oh c'mon! y'all are just jealous you can't afford a car like that! By the way he's the governor! He can park on your front lawn if he feels like it! I see cops illegally parked all the time, what makes them so special???? The same thing that makes him special! Positions of power!

1757 days ago


hahhahahahhh what an idiot!!!!!!!!

1757 days ago

Paul T.    

I think Arnold sees himself as Royalty and above the laws that the rest of us peasants must abide by.
This is his best acting he's ever done. He's playing a Republican and is no more than a Limo Liberal who's already got his! And for the rest of his life, the Government should flip the bill for his daily needs.
The same goes for his wife, the only difference is that she was born into it!

1757 days ago


Why doesn't he avoid parking problems the Nancy Pelosi way? If he always drove in a Government owned Escalade with a chauffeur, he wouldn't need to worry where he parked!


1757 days ago


He is not the only one that gets away with things! Cops give civilians breaks sometimes too! Arnold is just a regular person just like everyone else! Maybe he gets away with more but its always about who you know! So yes him and his wife have broken laws!! You never have? BS!!!! They arent the only ones who do illegal things! Think about when you talked on your cell phone while driving, the time you were doing even one mile per hour over the speed limit! You were breaking the law!! Did a cop see you? Maybe yes! But he gave you a break he didnt stop you did he?

1757 days ago


The Governator was being ripped for driving a "non-green" car like the Porsche. Fact: The Porsche 911 Turbo is so efficient that in a polluted city like L.A.- the exhaust coming from the car is actually cleaner than the air coming in!

1757 days ago
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