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A Minor Victory for Roman Polanski

11/25/2009 7:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Convicted statutory rapist Roman Polanski can finally put a price on his freedom -- $4.5 million.

A Swiss court has approved Roman's offer to pay bail of $4.5 million -- and in exchange he would be released from prison and kept under house arrest at his Swiss chalet ... but there's a catch.

Roman won't officially be released until the Swiss Justice Ministry decides whether it will go to the Supreme Court to appeal the bail decision because they consider him a flight risk ... probably because he's been on the run since 1978.

Even if Roman is released, he could still face extradition to the United States for having sex with a 13-year-old girl back in 1977.

UPDATE: The Swiss justice minister sees "no reason" to appeal Roman's bail.


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Chris Liberty    

Yes, thanks for showing your real colors, Hollyweird! Stand for the right thing or stand for a child molestor, because he's...gifted? Of course, the child molestor wins your vote. Let's stand and applaud! Give that Roman Polanski dude an oscar for most outstanding pervert! Yes! Let's do that! How many other pervs get off without serving time for their crime, and then get many in La, La Land to support them? Not too many! The funny thing, actually it's sick, is that many of them are supporting him because they like his movies and think he's talented. They have no idea about what he did. Stupid and pathetic, and yes, American Actor, you'd fit in with them perfectly!

1758 days ago

Money Talks    

Christ Liberty, Why do you focus on Natalie Portman, she was not the only one to sign that petition. I don't believe for one minute that you are jewish. Leave her alone, furthermore I agree with her about not eating meat. Animals were NOT put on this earth to be at our disposal. Eating meat makes people aggressive. I know Hitler did not eat meat, he is the exception to the rule. Leave NATALIE ALONE, SHE MEANS WELL !!!!!!

1757 days ago


NP is a twit and a boring actress who seems to enjoy the sound of her own voice.

Do they perform animal testing on those awful fertility drugs used by her doctor father? Does she wear leather shoes or have leather car seats. How about animal testing on make up or hair products she wears, etc.

Vegetarianism is a worthwhile pursuit that should be championed by knowledgeable balanced thinkers, not self-indulgent mediocre actresses who spout irresponsible statements for attention. As for signing the Polanski petition, either she didn't read the facts or she's off her nut.

1757 days ago

Chris Liberty    

To Hey Jude:
First of all, I am Jewish, and I don't give a damn what you believe or choose to disbelieve. I guess you're one of those retards who feel if you're little princess portman is attacked then surely the one doing it can't be Jewish, because all Jews love Natalie, right? Uh...wrong. She's not thought of very highly in Israel, because she calls herself an Israeli, though she lives the life of an American. So, she's an Israeli in name only.

Secondly, I focus on Portman, because she and so many in Hollywood are always saying how smart she is. They don't say that about Harrison Ford, another who signed that petition. I've heard some say that he's just a big, dumb oaf. Well, since he signed that petition, he's proven that. Portman, after damning her name by signing that petition, has shown she's anything but smart. I don't believe she even knows what he did AND admitted he did. I think she's just interested in engratiating herself with famous people, no matter the bad things they've done.

Furthermore, animals actually were put on this earth to be consumed by people. It actually says that in the bible. If you'd actually go back and read it, you'd find that out. God gave humans the animals of the earth to consume, pal! By attacking peoples right to eat meat, that's an outright attack on God! Of course, your little princess Portman contradicts herself. She says eating meat is like rape. Yet, she signed a petition to let a rapist out of prison. So, in her opinion, how bad can eating meat be? Hmm?

BTW, Natalie means well? Really? If she meant well, she'd actually have put the feelings of those who have suffered as victims of rape and child molestation. What she did when she signed that petition was to slap every one of those victims in the face! But she means well. Yeah, for Polanski. What was she told? Sign your name on the petition, and Hollywood will consider you a viable asset for another 5 years?

The truth is, a lot of people considered NP a role model. She was liberal, yeah, but I feel role models transcend political affiliation and ideological belief. I don't believe many consider her that anymore. Now, she rides with the extremists; signing petitions to let rapists out of prison, comparing those who eat meat to rapists. Yup. Those are rather extreme positions to take. But you go and see her movies, and the movies of the other ilk that signed that immoral parchment.

1757 days ago


Yup, there you go folks. Once you have the money you can do it all and get away with it.

1756 days ago
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