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CBS on Lambert Decision: Cluck, Cluck, Cluck

11/25/2009 8:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CBS apparently thinks a fresh gay kiss is way too risky to put on TV ... a widely-exposed 'lesbian' kiss -- no problem.

Bottom line -- CBS chickened out in trying to explain why "The Early Show" blurred Adam Lambert's AMA mano-y-mano kiss, but minutes later ran an uncensored clip of Madonna making out with Britney Spears.

CBS said, "The Madonna image is very familiar and has appeared countless times including many times on morning TV." By contrast, CBS explained, "The Adam Lambert image is a subject of great current controversy, has not been nearly as widely disseminated, and for all we know, may still lead to legal consequences."

Translation -- Foster Farms may soon be recruiting on West 57th St. in NYC.


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The only thing people should be talking about is how freakin crappy his song was.

1760 days ago

the steenslander    

well, cmon.....everyone knows that two girls kissing is hot & two guys kissing is just gross.....sorry but you all know its true....I am just the one saying it! I would rather see Rosie make out with Susan Boyle.... do a poll on that one TMZ!!!!!!!

1760 days ago

Your Face    

more balls..

1760 days ago


The person he kissed looked like a woman. I would not have known better if it weren't so the media. Parents should have told their kids it was an adrogynous woman playing the keyboard...heck, they lie about Santa.

1760 days ago


Gross, sicko. It's a shame his parents were not gay. If they were from the start, they would not have been parents and he would not have been born. Daaaa, you mean two same sex people cannot reproduce, daaaa, I was told they were normal, natural, daaa someone lied

1760 days ago


give me a brack helf of gma are gay omg this is 2009 the times are cheanging pleas

1760 days ago

A Person    


1760 days ago


Of course CBS is going to censer two males kissing. This scene grosses some people out.

I know two women kissing is a man's fantasy. But you NEVER hear a woman
say her fantasy is to see two men kissing. You just don't hear that. Its
because we are disguested by it and it does not turn us on.

1760 days ago


#2 get over it, you hav a twisted mind, 2 girls kissing is just as GAY as 2 guys no difference. To bad homophobic bastards are out there like you. What CBS did is just wrong. 2 guys kissing isnt any different than 2 girls. Both are the same sex.

1760 days ago


If people dont like him or his music for one stop freakin commenting on it... no ones asking for your statements.. and for two.. i think its messed up how they are treating him when madonna and britney did the same thing...

1760 days ago


Total hypocrisy, BS!!!!

1760 days ago


Both kisses should be blocked from television!!! The people that work for TMZ, along with Adam Lambert, and Britney Spears are nothing but attention seeking liberals that will stop at nothing to catch the publics' eyes. Anytime someone or something, such as a television network, tries to show a little dignity or moral repsect, your website goes on the attack taking up for the gays, lesbians, atheists, and anything else that is completely against morals. You guys are probably not even allowed to say "God" in your office, because you don't want to offend all of your atheist co-workers.
I'm not a bible-thumper by any means, but I am definitely a Christian that is tired of seeing people and websites like THIS ONE condone anything that is against Christian values. I have enjoyed viewing your website on a regular basis to read news on my favorite celebs; however, you guys have let a lot of your "normal and morally good" readers down with the mess that you are constantly defending, while bashing anything that is good or morally correct. I am no longer getting on this website; however, I'm sure this is no concern to you considereing you only write to please the gays, lesbians, and atheists.

1760 days ago


Is there a double-standard? Yes.

Madonna is a geriatric skeletal whore. I don't expect a whole lot from her. But it seems that Lambert might be confusing his job with his goals.

His job is to sing; that's what he gets paid for.

If he wants to push a homosexual agenda, he is using the wrong forum. He isn't getting paid to usher in homosexual equality.

I have no problem with homosexuals, and I think they should be allowed total equality. But what I do, personally, have a problem with is stars abusing their jobs by promoting their personal opinions.

I think it was Sally Fields, a couple years ago, was either presenting or receiving an award. Instead of making an appropriate speech, she used that platform to push her own opinion on the war in the ME. She wasn't there in a capacity to state her opinion on wars; she was there as a star to do her job accordingly.

Madonna is gross. Sorry Madonna, but while I find many women attractive, I find you to be icky. I am by no means a prude in any sense, but I found the kiss to be tacky.

There is a double-standard between male homosexuals and female homosexuals. Look to porn -- men find it hot when two women go at it, not so much when two men do. I can't explain the double-standard. But what I do know, what history has taught me, is that sometimes equality takes time.

Adam Lambert I think knew he was pushing the envelope when he did his two overtly sexual moves in his performance. That's why nobody at the network knew he was doing them until they happened. If he wants to push his own agenda, I suggest he maybe create a website or buy some airtime and do it on his dime. He isn't being paid to promote homosexuality; he is a singer, THAT is his job.

Same goes for Madonna. Good job on keeping fit at your age, but you are what you are and nobody wants to see your over-muscled crotch, or you kissing a girl that could be your daughter.

1760 days ago

the steenslander    

OK #10 you must be talking about me(#3), funny how you got the #2 spot on your brain...hmmmm? anyway, I am clearly NOT homophobic I just said two girls kissing was hot?? and as you put it, it is just as Grow a frontal lobe.

1760 days ago

J C    

Homosexuality is a dysfunctional behavior and is not equal to heterosexuality.Never will be.
People are equal.Their behavior is not.

1760 days ago
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