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Michael's Kids Enjoy Thanksgiving with Grandpa

11/27/2009 11:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Prince and Paris Jackson spent their Thanksgiving in Las Vegas with Joe Jackson.


It was the kids' first Thanksgiving since their father Michael passed away.


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Look at the June Chandler court testimony again holmes, she said she couldn't get in the suite that Jordie was staying in with Michael in Monaco because it was "boarded up" and that things were getting "out of hand."

So, no one except MJ and Jordie were in there to know if they were bathing together or not, and they were left alone with each other all that one day, and then at nights too.

Now, show us a source that says Jordan's door to his room was "always open" on the 30+ nights MJ slept with Jordan in Jordan's bedroom at his Santa Monica home. It may be out there, but I've never seen it.

June testified that MJ always slept with Jordan when he stayed at her house and that there was only one bed in that room. She said MJ stayed overnight with Jordan in her home at least 30 times before the Monaco trip and 1 -2 weeks after it. That's at least 50 days that MJ stayed alone with Jordan in Jordan's one-bed bedroom alone.

Also, It was only the first three weekend trips to Neverland that Jordie stayed with his mother and sister in their room at night.

Starting with the 2nd night of the Vegas trip, Jordan always slept alone with MJ at Jordan's home, the rest of the Vegas trip, two visits to Disney World in Florida, NYC for June's brother's wedding (when MJ arrived 2 days later), and MJ also slept with Jordan in the lower bunk at Evan's house too.

It was in the many trips the Neverland (only) after Vegas, when Jordan also slept in MJ's bedroom suite, that other boys like Brett Barnes, Wade Robeson, the Cascio Bros, and Macauley Culkin may have been around at various times.

Point is, with anywhere from 50 - 70 nights alone with Jordan (and maybe more), there is no way to know what really went on behind closed doors, since June was allowing Jordan in there unchaperoned by any other adult or witness except MJ himself. Not "laughable" at all. And insane for any mother to allow, too, even if no inappropriate touching was going on.

1467. bah.. andsupposedly Mj started on Jordan in Monaco taking baths together.. really?

another factor NEVER mentioned was how big was that house June en famille lived in-- what 3 bedsrooms.. & I should the kids bedrooms aren't that big.. & the doors were left open..

and supposedly this is where the major molestation took place?? laughable!

1783 days ago


laughable.. you are laughable!

as you do miss the main point. as usual-- with all your pseudonyms..


that's my answer!

1783 days ago


WHEN IS CONRAD MURRAY GOING TO TRIAL? I certainly hope he has a very lousy Christmas and a very miserable New Year!

1783 days ago


BY: Barry Friedberg M.D.
Dated: November 30,2009

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Millions of people before Michael Jackson have received propofol safely because 1) someone was watching them while they got it & 2) at the very least a pulse oximeter (a blood oxygen meter) was used as a monitor.

Pulse oximeters have been deemed a 'standard of care' since 1990 when patients receive drugs known to cause breathing depression like propofol.

While a brain monitor (like a bispectral index or BIS) would have detected excess propofol response independently of the other drugs in Jackson's body, it's use was clearly beyond the scope of Dr. Murray's knowledge base.

However, even 'Tony Soprano' had a pulse oximeter beeping away in the episode in which he was in the ICU.

How does any practicing physician not know about such a monitor? Much less give propofol, a drug known to cause breathing issues given in excess, without this easily obtained device? $99 for a battery operated one can be ordered from an in-flight magazine.

Murray's own public admission shows he was not watching Jackson after he gave the propofol & pictures of Jackson's bedroom do not show any monitors, much less a pulse oximeter.

The only thing showing a more reckless disregard for Jackson's life than Murray's actions would be having Jackson jumping out of a plane without a parachute.

'Malpractice' is sometimes invoked when a medical procedure does not have a desired outcome; i.e. a dead patient. Giving propofol to Jackson for sleep at home is clearly not in the scope of medical practice. Jackson's death was not malpractice.

While I am certain Murray did not intend to kill Jackson, his actions and lack of the most minimally effective monitor (i.e. a pulse oximeter) speak loudly and most clearly for involuntary manslaughter.

More than these facts should not be necessary to indict and convict this doctor who brings shame to every other conscientious physician.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

1782 days ago


Murray was getting paid a big chunk of money and still did what he did. He's not a safe doctor at all!

1782 days ago



John Lennon was taken away from us 29 years ago today

It was Monday night, December 8, 1980, that John Lennon of The Beatles died. I recall this event because Monday Night Football was on in my household late that night when John Lennon was gunned down in
Remembering John Lennon cold blood by Mark David Chapman. Where were you on December 8, 1980, when one of the The Beatles, John Lennon, died?

1782 days ago


Prince is laughing and seems to be in a good mood to me. The camera caught a bad angle of him. Paris looks intelligent, what bothers me is that they are with Joe Jackson, it's as though the family is going to make us except what Micheal didn't want and that was for his Father to have anything to do with his kids. I blame Katherine, we all know she's weak and Joe has always taken advantage of that. The courts should step in and demand that Joe Jackson has no dealings with these kids. He destroyed his own children, just imagine what he'll do to someone else's. We all know these children have no Jackson blood in them. These children are caucassion, and no matter how Micheal dyed his skin and straightened his hair he was still a black man. Let's not lose sight of reality people. God bless them all and I do mean that from my heart.

1781 days ago


by Keca

They are MJs biological children! also Joe has caucasian in him as well has debbie being white,Katherine has native american blood! Those children are bi-racial,they look like MJ and other members of the Jackson family,one of the kids also has vitiligo same thing MJ had and that is hereditary!

1778 days ago

Who Cares reads a wonder    

Dr Nick will tell

1772 days ago


"Michael's Kids Enjoy Thanksgiving with Grandpa" I guess that includes Omer as one of MJ's kids?!
Things that make you go hmmmmmmm!

1770 days ago


You people SERIOUSLY need a heart. Just by looking at one picture of the 12 year old boy making a dork-face indicates that he's somewhat retarded or wacko or (lol) on drugs? (And I bet just by saying so you guys never had a dork of a picture, if not then you MUST be expressionless robots.) And why? Just cause he's MJ's kid? Look the man DIED. The kids lost the only parent they have(same as losing both mother and a father) yet why the hateful comment and disgustingly thrown to a 12 year old? Come on people.
Well I'm glad they're together with their family celebrating thanksgiving because that's how the celebration goes even if it does include Joseph Jackson(nothing against him though).
I pray the best for those children, and hope that they will not receive the same harsh treatment given by our community (as did to their father)

And WTF with the retarded coffin joke? get a life for God's sake!

1764 days ago


What a cesspool of a website. It's stories like this that demonstrate why TMZ's ad revenues are down four years running. Time Warner will kick them to the curb eventually and Harvey Levin and his gang of punks will be homeless. The sooner the better.

1761 days ago


I believe Michael is innocent. It's difficult for potential pedofiles to believe that someone could really have love for kids, without the intention , the urge and the guts to touch them inappropiately. Michael's innocence will be proven. Let those greed inflicted kids, who are adults now COME FORWARD, or live forever with a VICIOUS LIE.

1748 days ago

sharleen mendes    

This whole Michael Jackson mess regarding his kids is finally getting to me; 1-we know Michael never had sex with any of the kids mothers but I still think Debbie Rowe should take her 2 kids back to live with her on her horse ranch that Michael's money paid for anyway. It is terrible to leave with the grandmother because she is too old to take care of his 3 kids plus all of Jermaine's kids too? They are taking advantage of her poor thing & Joe Jackson should be ashamed of himself asking the court to award him a monthly staple from Michael's estate!!!! Michael left him out of the will for a reason & why didn't Diana Ross come forth to take the kids when they were fighting & zapped with the taser gun by Jermaine's bad ass kid? Michael stated this in his will as well...nothing is paying attention to his wishes yet taking the money out of the estate...Terrible!!!

1654 days ago


sharleen mendes,Ok seriously?! MJ did have sex with women..LOTS of women! He also said all his children were conceived naturally! Debbie does not want those children,she has said so many many times.Katherine is a strong woman and can handle the children,it's not like they are babies. Omer,Prince,Paris,and Blanket are all MJs biological children.

1555 days ago
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