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More Kids for Octomom? Say It Isn't So!

11/27/2009 11:56 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don't worry, she's not pregnant ... yet ... but Octomom Nadya Suleman told Matt Lauer on "NBC's People of the Year" last night she's open to the idea of having more children.


Give your uterus a rest. Please.


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Folks, this is what happens when society begins to think that they don't have to take responsibility for their behavior. OctoMom apparently has no dads for all her offspring and thanks to the now bankrupt state of California, they are all taken care of by big government. Wake up people! Demand that government stay out of lives and make people be responsible for their own lives! This kind of behavior the perfect symbol of what is bringing our once great country to its knees. So goes California, so goes the country. WAKE UP!

1799 days ago


It's people like her that will finally spur the government to forced sterilization and licensing to have children. Sound far fetched? Read 1984 again. It's happening now, a few years later but still happening.

1799 days ago


She couldn't be a bigger a-hole. I can't believe NBC and the rest of you nitwits continue to make a star out of this psycho. The biggest losers in all of this....her 14 kids.

1799 days ago


18. It's a vagina, lady. It is not a clown car.

Posted at 1:19PM on Nov 27th 2009 by Cpt. Stupid


1799 days ago


if she even talks this way.then she needs to be committed for her own good.she is a mental case.and the existing children need to go to good homes.....

1799 days ago


You can measure a person's stupidity by the number of children they have! Think third world...

1799 days ago


I can't believe this women is/has been pursing a master's degree in social work!? She is CERTIFIABLE! Crazy that is. Her actions are strikingly similar to someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. However, this could be a good thing, as part of the process of obtaining one's master's in Social Work includes going thru counseling & analysis. At least there will be SOMEONE who can get this idiot committed!
Don't just tie her tubes, remove her ovaries & flush the remaining embryos she has in storage down the toilet (or give them to a deserving couple dealing with infertility & endometriosis)! I thought there were now laws on the books limiting how many children a woman already on welfare can have and that she partcipate in a welfare to work program & if she violates that, she can have her food stamps and welfare aide cancelled. Frankly, I feel ALL levels of Octomom's State &/or Federal AIDE SHOULD BE CANCELLED! SHE is a PARIAH on society & should be left in the wilderness to learn how to fend for herself for once!
The American Public would be better served if the mass media would forget this lunatic ever existed and concentrate on something that really matters! Person of the Year?!? What were they thinking?! This is NOT someone we want our daughters to emulate, which is usually what one would expect of a "Person of the Year".

1799 days ago

susan pugh    

she is stupid. i mean where she going to get the money? i am not going to pay for her to have more kids

1799 days ago


Mental illness, folks. This one is crazy as a loon. How Matt Lauer can calmly sit there I'll never know. My eyes pop out of my head whenever I hear her whacko interviews/ comments. I certainly hope that people close to her realize that she is mentally ill so they can watch out for the babies. Or more importantly keep an eye on her.

1799 days ago


to MMMM It's not how many kids you have that determine how fit of parents you are, it's HOW MANY KIDS YOU HAVE THAT YOU CAN PROPERLY eg. financially, emotionally, TAKE CARE OF. For some families it's one or two, or none, for some it's six, seven or ten etc.

I agree, however, that the third world countries, for the most part, are way overpopulated and depend too much on the west for aid. The more we give them the more they swallow up it is a black hole of neediness. We should just stop it altogether and let them stand or fail on their own.

1799 days ago

Disco Duck    

Why doesn't any of these news reporters stand up to Octomom when she flat out lies to them?

Not for a second do I believe she is not getting "assistance" from some state or federal agency although she told Lauer that she pays 100% for everything and gets no assistance. What about all that assistance her other six kids are getting?

She then goes on to repeat how all 8 kids are perfect and healthy. Did anyone not notice the kid with a cleft lip? Who's going to pay for that surgery?

And while not polictically correct just looking at some of those kids you can see the developmental issues that the taxpayers of California will be paying for the next 60 to 80 years.

1799 days ago


Looks like she's had more botox injections too. Guess she had to get ready for her big interview and spend more money on herself.

1799 days ago


B i a t c h

1799 days ago


Brother Harold:

Rather harsh words for a Jesuit. But I agree w/ u.

1799 days ago


Sad thing is there is no laws to keep her from having more. As long as she can take care of them she can have 150 of the little brats.

And to all those people saying they are paying for her kids... How so? All the reports is she is not on welfare. Not one pic or video that I have seen with her shopping shows her using a food stamp card so how are you supporting them?

She does have disability for one of the first kids who is mentally disabled but that's not welfare. Hell I have seen people making 100k a year and good health insurance on that for there child who has disabilities.

1799 days ago
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