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Three's a Crowd

11/28/2009 5:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With all the love triangles floating around Hollywood, a simple question begs to be answered ... If the choice was yours, who would be the better couple?


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1793 days ago


Hey! Is that a TREE on Angie's forehead?

Ya'll miss that? (lol)

1793 days ago


Poster #1-you are a stupid person wasting other people's time with your trivial.
Brad has not been looking well lately.I suspect he has a drinking problem.He just has that "look" that alcoholics have.Heis with who he
is with ,so why speculate? He wasn't happy with Aniston.

1793 days ago


Stupid "balls" person-you are really annoying.If you can't think of an intelligent comment,stay off!

1793 days ago


balls sucks balls

1793 days ago


Balls if you can't make an intelligent comment-stay off,nobody wants to hear from you.

1793 days ago


Nothing happens and TMZ fabricates these 100% fictional story threads to try to grab attention where nothing is going on. No, TMZ, we're not following your pathetic lead. Bad day at the office? Can't hire legitimate videographers with any investigative talents for what you're paying the illegal immigrants? Oh I get it, times are tough and you fired them all and now TMZ is nothing but three IT staff playing sudoku and making up all this nonsense. Have at 'er, kids.

1793 days ago


Why cant we pair some of the woman together, they make the better couples.

1793 days ago


Brad should never have left Jen for the octomum lookalike. What's with that HUGE vein popping out of Angie not-so-jolie's forehead?? Wow....freaky, scary. Jen is sooooo much better without Brad, he looks in a very bad way and has done for quite some time. Drink?? Drugs?? Whatever it is, he looks soooo old and soooo unhappy these days. At least Jen likes to laugh, something that BP rarely does and AJ never does..

1793 days ago

Sad sad    

Who'd want Jennifer back with that thing? I never found him attractive and his personality is dull.

1793 days ago


No fan of Angelina and no fan of Pitt either. Jennifer puts them both to shame and brims with class.

1793 days ago


These particular rants and comments tend to lead towards hateful.
I encourage this as I support this open forum to express first amendment rights in all its forms. From "balls" to "first" to "Simone" to the irreverent "Kooky" and all of you who despise them by commenting in all of your sage and wise advisory capacity, that theay have nothing to say, and in addition you despise them. I love you all for you represent the lolipop guild, the lolipop guild, the lolipop guild. We are all voices that speak in unison.

1793 days ago


Tell me why Jen looks much younger than Angelina, when jen is 8-9 years her senior?

1793 days ago


Brad dumped Jen for Angelina. It was a very public and very humiliating thing for him to do to his wife. Real men don't treat women that way. She'd be a fool to take him back - ever. He's a douche.

1793 days ago

Money Talks    

When Brad was married to Jennifer he was always dressed like a bum or a homeless. With Angelina, in the beginning, he improved somewhat. But look at him now, he looks like a 70 year old tramp. I truly believe Jennifer and Angelina should be together to raise those children. Dump the slob.

1793 days ago
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