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What's the Big Friggin' Difference?!

11/29/2009 6:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Get out your glasses and pay extra special attention -- 'cause these tricky pics aren't quite what they seem!

** HINT -- There are THREE differences in the above photo!**


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Obama is a Socialist!    

Collar on shirt

Guys head above her

Green bowling ball missing

1757 days ago

Veda McLean    

The size of her balls. There are three bowling balls in one pic and two in the other. She has a blond monster on her head. In the other pic she does not. Does the size of her balls matter? I have great balls with two degrees, BA, and MA. The size of brain makes me sexy. The comparsion could have been better implemented. I have followed you since your inception. You have a degree Harvey, are you not fondling breasts!

1757 days ago


Wow, didn't notice the collar.
I did notice the one on the right is cropped slightly to left.
So the bottom right light and the portion of dude's face are missing. Intentional or is it for a three-dimension feel?
Perhaps it was shot using a viewmaster lens?
It's like her t*ts are coming right at you!

1757 days ago


4 items actually-

1. balls on rack
2. collar on shirt
3. light over her head
4. guy on right - head cropped out of picture

1757 days ago

Sheik Ya Booti    

There are 4 differences:

1. Green bowling ball is missing
2. Person's head behind her is missing
3. Her T-shirt neckline is different
4. Photo of man standing against the post is different - the photo on the left has a very tiny sliver of his face.

1757 days ago


Smaller breasts

slimmer legs

Pink lace panties.

1756 days ago


Why is she wearing a Dodgers WS Championship t-shirt? The Dodgers haven't won in decades.

1756 days ago


Amy, I wondered the same thing.

1756 days ago


I forgot, Alyssa Milano is a HUGE Dodgers fan and at one point had designed some shirts and stuff for the Dodgers. Maybe the shirt she is wearing is a prototype of what the shirt would look like if they won.

1756 days ago


1. Green bowling ball missing
2. Her shirt neck line in different
3. Guys head missing behind her
4. Guys face missing to the side of her
5. Less of a gap on the guys leg next to her

3??? Come on guys..

1756 days ago


1. an extra green bowling ball
2. part of guy on right (far right) face is now present
3. guy in background (back left) is now smiling
4. guy in background (slightly above her head and behind her) head's visible

1756 days ago

George William Gockel    

I am a true male fan of Alyssa Milano. I also am a huge male fan of Alyssa Milano. I will go bowling with Alyssa Milano someday on purpose. I have 24 Dodgers T-shirts,4 Dodgers baseball jerseys,1 Dodgers jacket,1 Dodgers cap, 1 Dodgers Santa Claus hat,lots of Dodgers cups from Dodger Stadium 2 Derek Lowe Dodgers cups from Del Taco,3 Dodgers coffee mugs,2 Dodgers canvas bags,1 Dodgers calendar from Dodger Stadium during 2008 Major League Baseball season,1 Dodgers keychain,1 book about Vin Scully,1 personalized autographed about Steve Garvey from Steve Garvey himself,4 Dodgers bobbleheads,1 Dodgers plastic bowl,1 Dodgers tissue box and I am a long time Los Angeles Dodgers fan from 1975 to now. I love Alyssa Milano. I really really do care about Alyssa Milano. I really really am concerned about Alyssa Milano. To see Alyssa Milano totally in the nude on purpose is my all-time #1 favorite way to see Alyssa Milano. Someday Alyssa Milano and I will meet each other on purpose. My all-time high score in bowling is a 254,all-time high series is 597 and I have been since 1974.

1756 days ago

George William Gockel    

I meant to post that I have 27 Dodgers T-shirts not 24 Dodgers T-shirt. When Alyssa Milano married that guy who is a sports agent. I got mad that sports agent is Alyssa Milano 2nd husband instead of me.

1756 days ago

George William Gockel    

I will dream about Alyssa Milano and me tonight. And I have 1 pair of Dodgers gym shorts and over 15 years ago I saw Don Drysdale live-in-person.

1756 days ago

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