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Big Brother Champ -- Freedom Is a Reality

12/1/2009 7:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

 Big Brother Champ -- Freedom Is a RealityFormer "Big Brother" winner Adam Jasinski is finally getting let out of the slammer -- after a judge decided he doesn't have to remain locked up while awaiting trial on a prescription drug charge.

Once considered a flight risk, the Season 9 champion will now be allowed to live at a substance abuse treatment facility in Massachusetts ... if he abides by the following rules:

-- Undergo the substance abuse treatment program
-- Must abide by all rules at the facility and successfully complete the program
-- Surrender his passport
-- He can only travel within the District of Massachusetts
-- He has to post three properties he owns to secure his appearance in court
-- His parents have to post their home to secure his appearance in court
-- After completion of the substance abuse program, he has to go back to court to discuss any further terms of his release.

Jasinski -- whose release date hasn't been set -- has been locked up since October 18, when cops busted him for allegedly trying to sell a sock full of 2,000 oxycodone pills.

Jasinski has been indicted on one charge possession of oxycodone with intent to sell -- he faces 20 years behind bars.


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20years for some pill's?????

Come on he wont even do 6months just watch

if that's the only time hes been busted

1766 days ago


He did more time in the Big brother house with less people to talk to . Only thing that is different is he won half million with Big Brother and now has to give some of that money up to get out of the big house .. I am a big brother fan from season 1 and this is a big did appointment to me that this is what he did with his winnings. What happened to giving some to charity to Autism.

1766 days ago

Balls has no Balls    


1766 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! Who dat?

1766 days ago


What an idiot! He wins the show and gets the money and he immediatley invests it in a drug ring?! He deserves to be someones girlfriend in jail for being a big dummy! I agree, he could have donated all that money at least to charity. That is what GREED does to people, it bites them in the @$$.

1766 days ago



1766 days ago


@cat... He isn't losing the money unless he runs. Otherwise it will be given back. Its called bond look it up.

From what I have read he gave a ton to them. This BS he spent all this money on 2000 oxys is crap. At most he spent was maybe 40k

1765 days ago


With the way he came across on BB9, I hope he doesn't commit suicide with facing 20 years behind bars. =/ He should be watched. Sucks to be him, but c'mon he's an adult and the decision to be a criminal was his.

1765 days ago


I live in southeastern Ky. and OC's here cost:

40 mg = $60

80 mg = $120

those pills are expensive and basically legal/prescription heroin

1765 days ago


NO WAY would I ever as a parent post my HOME as bond for a drug dealing child. NEVER. That child would rot in jail first.

1765 days ago

Oh Please    

Adam is addicted to opiates. He was selling them to support his own habit. He invested money to buy enough to pay himself back and get high for free. He needs help. I agree it was a a stupid, stupid thing to do...maybe he learned his lesson.

1765 days ago


re :Trey I also live in South Eastern KY and


No where does it state OC's....It's oxycodone, which are percocet's, so OC's should not to be confused with oxycodone.

You are, however right, they all are very addicting and judging by Adam on BB9, he is a no good druggie that thinks he is way better than others.

1751 days ago


He is an adult and should face up to what he did, Matt on the other hand, is a violent SOB, beating a his pregnant girlfried! Although from the way Matt treated women on BB it really shouldn't be a surprise. I hope Matt get what he deserves in the BIG HOUSE and nice big boyfriend!! Matt can you say, Bubba stop!!

1617 days ago

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