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Jermaine to Tiger Woods -- I Got Your Back

12/3/2009 7:54 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Finally, someone's coming to Tiger Woods' defense. Only problem: It's Jermaine Jackson.

Jermaine Jackson: Click to watch
While leaving "Today" with brother Tito this morning, Jermaine was asked if Tiger could rebound from his alleged affair. His response: "He didn't do anything."

Umm ... even Woods himself begs to differ.


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post---165-- whos big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$are you refering too? surely the jacksons wouldnt pay hush money to keep things under the rug, so who else had the %%%%%%%%%%%%%% big bucks?? sue from tampa

1783 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

X-17: cast your vote for the most scandalous star of michael jackson your favorite?

1783 days ago


166. post---165-- whos big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$are you refering too? surely the jacksons wouldnt pay hush money to keep things under the rug, so who else had the %%%%%%%%%%%%%% big bucks?? sue from tampa

Posted at 11:13PM on Dec 4th 2009 by sue


If anyone is paying out hush money it is not the Jacksons.

1782 days ago


If it was my child who someone killed and it was this public.. you can bet you sweet azz I would spend all that money I made from the DVD sales, the movie, and whatever else to have that Dr. and anyone else involved paraded through town and have them publicly humiliated
and strung up and executed in the middle of town. NO trial, No jury.

There would be no need for it. Well, wait.. I would be on every morning show, late nite talk show, any show I could be on screaming about the murder of my child especially if my family was in showbiz an I had the kind of pull this family has.

I would be doing just the opposite that they are doing.

1782 days ago


I would be doing just the opposite that they are doing.

Posted at 9:53AM on Dec 5th 2009 by Della

Read more:
There are two possibilities why the Jacksons, namely Katherine are not reacting like any normal person would, like Della:

1. Disinterest due to greed

2. Fear

1782 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Jul 29, 2009 4:00 pm US/Eastern L.A. Coroner Delays Jackson Autopsy Results
Warrant: Jackson Used Several Aliases For Rx Drugs
Dr. Conrad Murray Reportedly Told Cops He Gave Jackson Propofol, The Powerful Drug That May Have Killed Him

The Los Angeles County coroner's office says release of Michael Jackson's autopsy results will be delayed. Coroner's officials had said they were going to release the results this week but Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said Wednesday the announcement will probably not come until next week.

Winter did not discuss reasons for the delay, saying only that his office needed to "finish up a bunch of stuff," reports CBS News.

It was reported earlier Wednesday that prescription drugs prescribed or sold to Jackson were obtained with the use of as many as 19 aliases, the attorney for Jackson's doctor says.

Edward Chernoff, who represents Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor who was with Jackson hours before his death and the subject of a federal probe, issued a statement Tuesday saying the sealed search warrant "authorized investigators to look for medical records relating to Michael Jackson and all of his reported aliases."

According to the Los Angeles Times, the aliases used were: Omar Arnold, Paul Farance, Bryan Singleton, Jack London, Michael Amir Williams Muhammad, Jimmy Nicholas, Blanca Nicholas, Roselyn Muhammad, Faheem Muhammad, Frank Tyson, Fernand Diaz, Peter Madonie, Josephine Baker and Kai Chase. Prince Jackson, Jackson's 12-year-old son, was also listed in the warrant.

Harvey Levin, executive producer of the celebrity Web site, told "Early Show" co-anchor Harry Smith Wednesday that TMZ has records showing Jackson used aliases as far back as 1993. "He used employees of the Neverland Ranch, he used fictitious people," Levin said. "He used the name Josephine Baker, even.

"But this has been going on, not just with Drr. Murray, but literally dozens of other doctors. ... The LAPD and the coroner's office have quietly been going to other doctors. Subpoenas have been served. This is going to open up a massive investigation into what authorities believe could be gross fraudulent prescribing practices. There are a lot of people who are very nervous in Beverly Hills and west L.A. right now."

Murray is "absolutely" just the tip of that iceberg, Levin said.

Federal agents searched Conrad's home and office as the investigation into Jackson's death widens over whether administering a powerful anesthetic as a sleep aid was so reckless that it constitutes manslaughter.

Such charges against a doctor for the death of a patient are extremely rare. Authorities would have to show there was a reckless action that created a risk of death.

1782 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Michael Jackson preview tribute gets rave review

December 5, 2009

GARY -- Hollywood native Edward Moss' uncanny resemblance to music
icon Michael Jackson is so strong that the impersonator almost caused
a riot Friday.

At a matinee preview of "Lyrics: Yesterday, Today & Forever -- A
Tribute to Michael Jackson," Moss' performance of "Billie Jean" and
"Man in the Mirror" drew deafening screams from the West Side
auditorium filled with Gary school students.

"I wanted to go into the audience and talk to the kids but when they
jumped out of their seats reaching for me, I felt it was best to stay
onstage," Moss said.

Moss not only portrays the late King of Pop during the "Thriller" and
"Bad" eras, he provides the narrative voiceover during biographical
segments that lead to mesmerizing performances from the 100-member
cast of singers and dancers and a live band.

Emanual Williams, 11, of Thea Bowman Leadership Academy and a student
at DancExcel in Gary, was selected by the show's director, Mark
Spencer, to play Michael as child.

"It's been an honor to play Michael Jackson and show people his climb
to fame," Williams said.

Carlton Barnes, Jr., 19, plays Michael's teen years when the star
became part of Epic Records and the Jackson 5 became The Jacksons.

The matinee showed plenty of highlights including a re-enactment of
the Jackson 5's debut on The Ed Sullivan Show on Dec. 19, 1969.

It also paid homage to Michael and his brothers' respect for the
weekly show, "Soul Train," complete with dancers and the lights and
special effects. During the journey that takes place onstage, large
screens on both sides of the stage show footage of Michael and his
brothers through the years.

Brunswick student Aminah Allen, 12, said she liked the show,
especially the "Man in the Mirror" segment featuring Moss in a
breathtaking performance.

Moss, who now lives in Palm Springs, said he has performed as the
singer for 16 years.

"I was discovered while working at McDonald's and I was 15 years old.
I was in costume as Michael because the restaurant had a contest and
the best costume got a $200 prize and a week's worth of free food.

"Being Michael is my career and it is an honor.",glyrics1205.article

1782 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

Watchdog unhappy with Michael Jackson billboard
By LOIS CAIRNS - Sunday Star Times Last updated 09:31 06/12/2009

A Tui beer billboard erected next to a Dunedin school playground that
poked fun at Michael Jackson's death and the sexual abuse allegations
he faced has sparked a complaint to the country's advertising

The billboard carried the wording "Don't worry, MJ touched me too.
Yeah right" and was painted on the wall of a building neighbouring
George Street Normal School, in central Dunedin, after the sudden
death of Jackson in July.

The school's board of trustees received complaints from children,
parents and teachers. The board, concerned particularly about the
message the billboard was sending the community about child abuse,
complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

Five years ago Jackson was accused of molesting 13-year-old Gavin
Arvizo, giving him alcohol and conspiring to kidnap him and his
family. The singer was cleared of the allegations.

DB Breweries, which owns and markets the Tui brand, vigorously
defended the billboard to the ASA, saying it never intended to
trivialise the allegations of inappropriate touching by the King of

"DB fully appreciates the issue of child abuse and, most assuredly,
does not condone it," the brewery said. It said the billboard was
designed to be humorous – in the normal Tui "quirky and satirical

In considering whether the billboard breached the advertising
standards, the ASA unanimously expressed concern about the location
of the billboard next to the school. However, it was divided on
whether the billboard crossed the boundaries of good taste.

The ASA said while the majority of its members were of the view that
most children, and many members of the public, would interpret the
message at face value and not be knowledgeable about its double
meaning, a minority thought the advertisement did have "sexual
implications" and had been inappropriately published in a highly
visible manner.

1782 days ago


There are two possibilities why the Jacksons, namely Katherine are not reacting like any normal person would, like Della:

1. Disinterest due to greed

2. Fear

Posted at 4:40PM on Dec 5th 2009 by Chico


Well, Chico I guess we can break that down by how each of them are reacting.. Only of few of them may be truly grief stricken.
There are a few who may who have remained quiet. Others are, well, how shall we put this....

That would Catfish and Slickhead...we've seen their faces on here and every other place over and over numerous times.

LaToya has been awfully quiet lately. Janet seems to have thrown herself back into work. Rebbie isn't saying anything anymore.

Randy spends all his time on Twitter repeating himself. Haven't really heard much from Tito and the rest of them. So I guess either they are preparing for the Reality Show or just decided to move on.

And Tell, as you so eloquently put it about drugs..drug addicts do forget about the people they love. They live to use and use to live. At some point the drugs take over and they need to drugs to survive.
All that matters is the next high. After the first high, it's all about finding that same first euphoric feeling. Which you never really find. You just chase it.
The ONLY options for a drug addict are Jails, Institutions and death.
They can choose recovery. As long as they do have a desire to stop using.
Not all drug addicts remains active users.

1781 days ago


I need to make a correction in my statement...

The ONLY options for an ACTIVE DRUG USER : jails, institutions, and death.

1781 days ago


Uh oh Tiger.....better watch out! Remember it was Jermaine who had Michael's back - yeah right! Watched the knife get put into Michael is what brother Jermaine did.

Yeah Jermaine's real good at watching people's back Tiger.......look at what happened to dear Michael....I'm just sayin.

Hmmm....wonder if Jermaine is gonna lend the Nation of Islam bodyguards to Tiger now...... and Thoeme as an advisor..... and Murray as a Doctor.......

Uh oh Tiger!

1777 days ago


tO # 15 You are absolutely right about Jermaine Jackson. He has always been jealous of Micheal and now he is trying to capitalize on his dead brother's fame. He also has no room to talk. He has seven children and he had an affair with his Randy's wife and then turned around and married her.

I like the other brothers, but I can't stand Jermaine, "Mr. Wanna be Micheal Jackson"

Jermaine you will NEVER, NEVER, EVER be The King of Pop, Micheal Jackson.

And you need to sit yourself down...NOW!!!!

1771 days ago


Jermaine need to shut the help up with his Wanna be Micheal Jackson.
Jermaine has a;ways been jealous of Micheal Jackson, now her's trying to capitalize on Micheal's fame.

He also one not to talk about relationship. He had an affair with his brother's wife and then married her. That's right he bedded Randy's wife.

He's also a dead beat dad according the this webiste. Check it out.

1771 days ago
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