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Tiger Crash Witness -- He Was Snoring

12/3/2009 7:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods was snoring when a neighbor approached him in the wake of the crash Friday morning -- this according to new audio tapes released by the Florida Highway Patrol.

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The neighbor, Jarius Lavar Adams, was interviewed by FHP in the wake of the crash, and described everything he saw when he approached the crash scene -- including Tiger's injuries.

On the tape, Adams describes "the lacerations that were on his lip." When a trooper asks if there was "a lot of blood?" Adams replies, "Not a lot, not a lot."

Adams also claimed he didn't smell booze or any kind of drug on Woods when he approached him.

A trooper asks, "Did you get close enough that you would think you would have smelled it if he had been drinking?" Adams responds, "Definitely. Yes. Yes."

During the interview, Adams also claims both Tiger Woods' mother and the mother of his wife, Elin Nordegren, were both at the crash scene.

We have confirmed from our sources that Tiger's mom was definitely there.

Tiger Woods Car Crash

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No Avatar

Yolanda Nixon    

Just snoring away in the street by a crashed vehicle. Nothing to see here folks, move along. Tiger needs his privacy.

1753 days ago


Guess now it'll come out that he's addicted to pain killers. He must be, to be such an idiot.

1753 days ago


this is going to be the ugliest divorce case, ever!!!!!! Hes going to be broke by the end of the year. That's what his ass get

1753 days ago


Neighbors said they didn't see broken glass near car, but isn't there broken glass near both sides of auto in some of TMZ pictures at crash scene? Is that the same neighbor who was trying to cash in and sell his home to paps saying it was a good location for pics of Tiger? If there was glass at crash scene, can these neighbors be trusted to say the truth?

1753 days ago


You know I thought from the beginning that there seemed to be a lot of damage to the front end of his car to be going so slowly like he would be if he had just pulled out of his driveway. So then we add the golf cart that his wife was supposed to be sitting in when he crashed. That is totally odd. I like No. 11's thoughts but .. what about the golf cart?

1753 days ago


Once a cheater always a cheater. Get out now Elin.

1753 days ago



This whole time I've been wondering where his mother was.


1753 days ago


I listened to the tape by the neighbors to the police.

He first said he was snoring. Then he said he was trying to keep him still. Huh? If he was snoring, denoting he was asleep, why would he have to keep him still? But, the real BIG news from the tape is that this neighbor said he didn't see any golf club near the car AND THERE WAS NO BROKEN GLASS!!! Boy, these neighbors also said they have lived next door to Woods for 17 years?? Has Tiger lived there that long? Don't think so. Cover up. He be drinking.

1753 days ago


Posters here seem more savvy than the FHP. The accident scene schematic shows a crazy meandering all over the place before finally resting at the tree.
No one sober or alert person would drive in such a bizarre fashion. Plus, the " unconsciousness " or perhaps medicated sleep for 10 minutes afterwards.
Logical explanation is that Tiger was asleep or
doped up behind the wheel the entire time.
Maybe the wife was actually trying to prevent him from driving off in such a state.
If the hospital didn't do a tox screen or the FHP didn't ask for one-they're all star struck.
And irresponsible.
John Doe would have had a tox screen and probably had a DUI added to the careless driving citation. Tiger could have killed someone.

1753 days ago


Next up will be an article about Tiger's gardener, who didn't see anything, either. How would he know that Sam is female? The nerve of some of you. I'm not a fan of Tiger, nor do I agree with his entire approach to this matter, enough is enough.

Elin's boob job pictures:

1753 days ago

who dat    

Give me a break. There is no way that this is a real FHP recording. I guess the stupid cops are blind (if this is real). You can SEE the glass on the ground next to the Drivers side rear passenger door. Nice try TMZ

1752 days ago

Eldrick T. Woods    

You people haven't got a clue. I'm not tellin' either.

1752 days ago


How can any of you sit here and berate Tiger for being a horndog? Yes, what he did was very inappropriate. Yes, he will probably end up having to pick up pieces in his marriage, or divorce will soon cut his wealth in half.

But this guy is an athlete, and his perfect image is now gone. So what! So many people cheat in their relationships, but when it is Tiger, you have people on these boards saying "I am not a fan of Tiger anymore". Get out of town!

If you watch golf, you are a fan of Tiger, period. Yes, it is always good to see someone beat him, but do you even watch the sport if Tiger isn't playing? You aren't a fan of Tiger because he cheated on a beautiful woman. Big deal!

Half of married couples have extramarital affairs. That's 50% of you Tiger-bashers. Your hypocrisy is awful. When you cheating sometime in near future, or screwing somebody's spouse, remember whatever you think of Tiger, is also what you think of yourself.

Here are your statistics:

1752 days ago


They may b14. Tiger better watch out, he might end up just like Steve McNair, what star athlete doesn't have things on the side? She will definitely leave him, Scandinavian women are VERY independent and can care less about being single moms, especially with the kind of cash she can get. Come to Scandinavia, most women look like Elin. All that's missing is the other baby momma due to appear in 3, 2, 1....
Posted at 10:38AM on Dec 3rd 2009 by Observer6

They may be independent but they are also indiscrimate about who they marry.

1752 days ago


Get a grip Nora. Are you Tiger's PR person?
Just because you come up with a percentage of people who cheat

1752 days ago
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