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Ben Affleck

You'll Get the Horns!

12/4/2009 9:35 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Affleck tried to avoid a scene by having his friend get his car for him yesterday in Brentwood -- but what ended up happening was more embarrassing than "Gigli" and "Daredevil" combined.

Ben Affleck: Click to watch
After somehow getting Affleck's Lexus into the middle of the road, Ben's bud couldn't get the thing to move again -- seriously blocked traffic in both directions.

Affleck eventually showed up but the damage was already done -- and the frustrated motorists really let him have it with their horns.


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1752 days ago

Ben's so boring. His wife is more boring.

1752 days ago


It looks like the dude left the emergency brake on.

1752 days ago


wouldnt be the first time ben affleck wasted precious minutes of a bunch of peoples lives...

1752 days ago

doc murry    

so he has been having sex with tiger too huh

1752 days ago

ralphie the one-eyed    

I liked daredevil.

D + are = Dare
D + evil = Devil.

D(are + evil);
Algebra. What are ya gonna do?

1752 days ago


#8 made me laugh! :)

1752 days ago

Just sayin'    

Wow. I need to move here. People actually use their horns. In my town, everyone would have just sat there quietly not making a sound and waited for however long it took. I would have been he only one honking my horn. FML.

1752 days ago


L.A. road rage!!

1752 days ago


This guy is the worst actor i've ever seen. Even worst than Andrew Shue. He has made so many bad movies. He was in one hit movie that Matt Damon carried him in and thats it. Why does he keep getting parts, because he's friends with Matt Damon? TMZ forget to mention the movie Hollywoodland, awful awful crap acting.

1752 days ago


Your horny momma!!!!!!!!!

1752 days ago


Hey don't hurry or anything, just take your time getting to the car even though you can see the situation is blocking the entire city of Los Angeles...

1752 days ago

Donna - Phoenix    

Honestly, you so called movie stars think you are a bigger deal than you are. Another for instance, like Megan Fox with her FAKE eyebrows and big sunglasses .... incognito .... I think NOT.

And as I was telling my husband yesterday, if you in the Hollywood elite don't change your "in your face, let them eat cake attitude" soon, you will see the biggest backlash against Hollywood, that you have not seen since the 1930's (yea, towns across depression eaten America booed celebrities when they came through).

By the way, is there any possible way to get these horn blowing obnoxious Californians out of Arizona?

1752 days ago


Hey Donna, #15, the only thing that is obnoxious is you and your lame insults. But we'll join in. The reason we are in Phoenix if we are is because we are just visiting the ghetto!!! Everybody knows that it only takes about $1000.00 bucks to buy a house there. I wouldn't live in that dump of a place if you paid me. I prefer to live around people who don't commit crimes, use crystal meth, etc. You get the picture. Just stay in Phoenix for us if you will!!! From a lucky Californian.

1752 days ago


I think everyone's missing the point here. What's really pathetic is the loser camera man who has nothing better to do than to hold a camera on Ben's friend trying to move the car. Oh, and the "Oh, snap!" comment was truly genius. What are you, 12 years old? Heaven forbid this camera man drop his camera and try to to help, rather than heckling the guy. Get a life, "dude"!

1752 days ago
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