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Polanski -- Roman Around Switzerland

12/4/2009 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rich enough to buy his way out of the slammer, Roman Polanski was driven to his 19,000 sq. ft. Swiss Chalet today, where he'll be under house arrest thanks to a $4.5 million bail payment.

Honk if you think he should be extradited.


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Your pedophile momma!!!!!!!!

1751 days ago


show a live snake up his azz!

1751 days ago


He will be back in France by tomorrow.......

1751 days ago


Money does buy anything,even freedom for a rapist.He will be back in France faster than one can say pedophile,and it will be cheaper than $4.5 million.

1751 days ago


Free to molest again at last! Now, where's the closest Swiss schoolyard? No, wait let's stop at that liquor store first, it's easier when the child is drunk, heh-heh.

1751 days ago


As he ADMITTED he had sex with a child, what is the problem??? Get him back to the USA and jail him. NOW...

1751 days ago


What is wrong with these people they should have Left his ass locked let me get this straight you can molest/ Rape a young girl run to a diffrent country pay a little money to get out of prison for the crime you commited and instead of suffering paying your due's in the hell hole you belong in you get to go home to your nice 19,000sqt home and enjoy all the conforts of crazy to me....what kind of world are we living far as im concernd he should have sufferd the same fate that they gave Mj..this world is sick sick sick...and this man is worse than the devil himself...

1751 days ago


This "man" is a dishonorable PIG. I pray the Swiss extradites him, but I know the chances are slim. Sad.

1751 days ago

What a Trash Can    

Yep, he'll scurry back to France with his bimbo (who probably also bends over for him) "actress wife" within the week ... and probably in broad daylight, too.

Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are being TOO QUIET about this ... France is an allied nation to the USA? Oh, ya? Then tell Sarkozy to KEEP HIS BIG FAT NOSE out of the Polanski case and stop meddling; even Polanski's own sister came out and attributed Polanski's release to "gentle persuasion from Sarkozy."

The repeated rape and sodomization of a 13 year-old girl at the hands of this monster were crimes that should have been PAID FOR with lengthy jail terms and life-long sex offender status.

Instead, prosecutors at the time SETTLED for a 90 day jail sentence ... which the MONSTER Polanski reneged on by fleeing the country and running to ... FRANCE ... which flaunts its egalitarian and "elitist cultural superiority" (at least regarding CELEBRITIES popular with the "bourgeois" gargoyles in Paris -- and their TRASH wives!!) nose at the United States, and our laws based upon Common Law and Judeo-Christian standards -- such as "Thou shall not drug and repeatedly rape and penetrate -- along with sodomize - a 13 year-old (or anyone else, for that matter)."

Instead, the French and the likes of Whoopi Goldberg say "What's the big deal? If the young girl wasn't so young, and a girl, maybe she wouldn't have been so alluring to the TRUE victim -- our acclaimed avant-garde filmmaker, Roman Polanski!"

I wonder if he has raped other young girls while in France -- what would the French authorities care? They are barbarians.

IT IS TIME FOR OUR PRESIDENT AND SECRETARY OF STATE TO STAND-UP AND PUT DOWN AN ULTIMATUM, either in private diplomatic channels or in press conferences.

This monster's freedom and unrepentance (his lawyers are STILL trying to get the charges -- for which he has already been CONVICTED -- thrown out, over 30 years later!) and FLOUTING of the laws you and I and everyone else are accountable to follow, IS OUTRAGEOUS.

Murdoch may not much care about this ...but this is an example of a populist, noble issue that transcends politics, left-vs-right (or should), and which he could lever his assets -- FOX News, WSJ, his UK tabloids, SKY, etc. to HUMILIATE Sarkozy, French "nobility", and the WEAK AT THE KNEES SWISS into turning this MONSTER over TODAY.

We should be unifying around causes like this ... it's the principal.


1751 days ago


I think he has paid enough...Bad publicity.

1751 days ago

Jomica Man    

That 4.5 million is the quickest and best get out of dodge money that he will ever spend, and not care about. He will surely be smuggled out of the country and back to Paris real soon. This piece of crap fugitive of our US law will realize the best place to live out his pathetic life is in France. They will always open their arms to his residency with pride as one of their own, primarily to his career in movies. The best chance to get him back in the US was gone forever in my opinion. His money and fame paid off the right connections in Switzerland. What a joke on our US justice system.

1751 days ago


This man has suffered enough. He grew up in Poland as a Jew during WWII. His 8 month pregnant wife was murdered in one of the most horrific murders of the 20th century. Plus the victim herself just wants to let it go and does not want to be dragged through it all again. But, hey, it's not like anyone gives a dam what she wants. It's all about YOUR personal views on it, right? Of course, if you're outraged, then screw what the victim wants or will have to go through again.

1751 days ago


This man has suffered enough you say!?!?!? you wouldn't be saying that if it was you or your daughter who he molested. Did you ever think about that maybe?...

As for the victim are right she doesn't want it all dragged to the surface again...would you?...little too late for that though isn't it?...

This man has not suffered enough!!! He hasn't paid for his crime at all...he has gotten to live his life of fat happy fame/money freedom while that poor girl and who knows how many others.....are scarred for life. Molestation is NOT something you ever get over....ever...its forever

1751 days ago


FREE POLANSKI! The Pianist is a great movie and RP is one of the greatest director ever!

1751 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Hahaha, I didn't notice Woody Allen's name on the petition. It's funny how paedophiles all stick together.
I lived in LA for 3 years and used to love watching actors backpeddle when gushing about Woody Allen.
They would often tell me how they would "do anything to be in a Woody Allen movie". I always put the scenario to them that one day they are babysitting nieces and nephews, but Woody Allen rings up and says "I want you in my movie but I need you here today". The actor then explains they can't get out of babysitting, but Woody replies with "don't worry about that, I can look after your nephews and nieces while you film"
I then ask them if they would still "do anything" to work in a Woody Allen movie, and watch them squirm. To anyone sympathising with these paedophiles, I ask you to think of a 13yo girl you are close to and whether you would trust these men around her. Get real!!

1751 days ago
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