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Britney Spears -- The Road to Freedom

12/7/2009 10:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsBritney Spears' team has taken the first step toward ending the conservatorship, TMZ has learned ... but it's by no means a done deal.

Sources tell us lawyers and others connected with the case have been meeting ... evaluating Britney's progress with the goal of ending the conservatorship. As we first reported, Britney's dad, Jamie Spears, wanted to wait until her tour ended before making the big move, but it's something he wants for his daughter only when the time is right.

We know there have been several lengthy meetings recently between the lawyers and the court commissioner in the commissioner's chambers.

Jamie and the lawyers will not make the decision to end the conservatorship. They will weigh in, but the person with all the influence is the "capacity expert" -- a psychiatrist who was appointed by the court. The capacity expert will do a thorough evaluation and submit it to the commissioner.

We're told one of the fears Jamie has ... Sam Lutfi, a guy Jamie thinks is still a threat to Britney if she allows him back in her life. He's got that right.

There are actually two conservatorships -- one over Britney, the person, and the other over Britney's business affairs. We're told the business conservatorship will likely continue. The issue on the table is whether to end the conservatorship over Britney, the person. Again, no decisions have been made, but it's all moving in that direction.


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Poor Britney!!!!!!!!!! I hope she can be free and well balanced as soon as possible!!!!!!!!

1780 days ago


Nothing is getting by Jamie Spears and that's a good thing.

Too bad others don't get family values. Oh Elin, does. She's the tiger in that family.

1780 days ago

Jamie Spears is what's preventing Britney from ending up like Michael Jackson (but who never lip-synchs).

1780 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Cut the leash and the hog will run wild in the streets again. Someone please be sure to keep the kids safe this time.

1780 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

But who will change her diapers when she goes poopy in her pants now?

1780 days ago


Once again my wit has been lost to a bad connection which failed to post my comment. My bad. Finally TMZ will have something to report on the weekends! Pantiless partying pulchritude! PREPARE! Round up the wagons, we're 'bout to explore some new territories! Yee haw! Get ready to feel bad about feelin' good about someone else feeling bad! Now fresh with concert winnings, and her agent/boyfriend, maybe she'll start hanging with Jessica Simpson, purchase boyo a boat, and mysteriously be lost during a deep sea fishing expedition. A three hour tour,... a three hour tour.

1780 days ago


Dad has been a good thing and she needs to continue to allow him to help her in her life. She is back making money. The most sane can spiral out of control surrounded by yes men. She needs to thank God she has dad to say no once in a while. we need to remember, Elvis, Anna nicole, Micheal Jackson and others surrounded themselves with "yes men" Look where they ended up!!!!

1780 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Britney should quit the entertainmant industry and vow to never perform again. Once that's done her "concerned" friends and family will drop off immediately and she can then announce her comeback.
Can't wait to see a genuine smile on that girl's face again! I miss my Britney

1780 days ago


She doesn't wear underwear. Once I saw a pic of her during lufti days where she going gas station to gas station barefoot with wigs ya know... No one does that except her dirty little shovel toes bare feet in gas station bathrooms. I know once for 2 years she wore the same cowboy boots with bare feet in hot California as well as completely shaving her entire head off with a razor at a hairdressers who refused to do it themselves at her request, yet watched her, and lent her the razor to do it.It's all true and you can defend her all you like now.The no underwear and the bea the hell out of a pa bald with an umbrella and the stuff that ent on ebat from that. Her hair, the umbrella, the paps suv she smashed with umbrella. Mama Mia! Britney end her conservator ship for Britney being Britney just gave me all of these flashbacks in addition to her asking that 3rd guy to marry her 2 weeks ago.Her Manager. He isn't even allowed to say yes or no as she is under that?? gawd..Still Not Normal... going around asking all these men to marry you?? what up with that?? K-fed said "No" the first time.. geeez. here we go again. Phew I feel better now!

1780 days ago


It's a good thing (for her) they will still control her money.

If she had free reign, she would go crazy with all that "Circus" money and be right back to attacking SUVs and stealing from convenience stores.

1780 days ago

The Truth    

Something is wrong with Britney TMZ. Really wrong. Not sociopath. But borderline, bipolar, infantalism, rage attacks, suicidal tendencies, exhibitionism. She should not be without her father, ever. She's not mentally FIT to be out there alone. The court psychiatrist needs to understand this and NOT CUT HER OFF her leash.

1780 days ago

republican mensa    

Her dad has done a good job watching her business affairs and keeping her in order.... the business part should remain until she is able to understand her control with money and mentally I believe she should have just alittle more say, gradually allow her allittle at a time,I do believe her medication up keep should be enforced and the watch over her children, because I don't federline is any great dad, and he just doesn't want the meal ticket to end...

1780 days ago

Bobo Frog    

"8. But who will change her diapers when she goes poopy in her pants now?

Posted at 1:01AM on Dec 7th 2009 by ?"

Hahahahahahaha, dude, that's hilarious. That photo is hilarious, too. I didn't know they made coke bottle sunglasses.

1780 days ago


Can we have a little less Tiger news please? He banged a lot of chicks. Yay.
If you need more writers, I need money.
I don't see why I have to go to instead of you guys for my celeb gossip.

1780 days ago


As long as the cash is safe..............she will surely lose her mind again and again and again.............

1780 days ago
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