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Gatorade -- The Tiger Woods Well Has Run Dry

12/8/2009 4:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gatorade -- The Tiger Woods Gatorade is shutting down production of their special brand of Tiger Woods' brew this month -- but the drink giant tells TMZ it has "absolutely no connection" to Tiger's current predicament.

Gatorade says Tiger Woods Focus Gatorade will conveniently be discontinued as of December 26, saying "We made the decision several months ago ... our relationship with Tiger continues.''

Chalk it up to coincidence ... or not.

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1782 days ago


I really hope his empire crumbles to the ground,,,I hope he loses every endorsement he has and i hope his wife leaves him..Tiger i hope you lose everything,....hahaha

1782 days ago


Somebody is about to find out what 'The Domino" effect means !

1782 days ago


They are not going to shut down production over night. It obviously was already decide before this happened. This whole thing will be forgotten about when the next big story hits.

He cheated on his wife, big woop. Brandi and other celebs have killed people and everyone has already forgot and moved on.

Just because their are blog junkies that talk about it none stop doesn't mean the majority of people care.

1782 days ago


We'll see how good his golf game is without da "roids" and da love.It's true...reality sucks. So does reality T.V.

1782 days ago


Good. That was a dumb idea anyways.

1782 days ago


The Gatorade story is true. I'm in charge of pricing at a grocery store in the southeast and we discontinued the Tiger line 3 weeks ago. sorry no bulls%$% to this story.

1782 days ago


One word - Good! I hope they all pull the rug out from under him. Everyone makes mistakes but clearly he was way out of line and totally out of control. Double digit mistresses, unprotected sex, not to mention risking his wife and kids health too, Tiger Woods is obviosuly a very sick person and he needs to step back, repent, and most importantly - get help. Like many others he thought he was bigger than life, maybe he needs to hit rock bottom to see what really matters... I hope for his sake his wife hangs in there. What an absolute mess.

1782 days ago


Predictably you'll start seeing a few sponsors begin to drop off. In light of recent events how can they not? They'll claim it has nothing to do with his problems. A beverage like "focus" turns into a farce after all the recent news. I'm not sure how any product or service can use him without convoluting their intended message.

1782 days ago


Yes, he cheated on his wife like too many men do. But, Tiger always acted aloof, perfect and like he was too good to be around normal people, to even SPEAK to the fans - unlike most men. When perfect people fall, they fall hard. Tiger deserves EVERY bit of the stuff that's hitting the fan for him now. And the longer he stays away from the media, the longer the stuff will continue to hit the fan.

1782 days ago

Deep Digger    

what a coincidence. i just wrote a few minutes ago tiger gatorade tasted worse than regular gatorade.

nike also said they are ending in 2015.

next should be gillette.

1782 days ago


11. The Gatorade story is true. I'm in charge of pricing at a grocery store in the southeast and we discontinued the Tiger line 3 weeks ago. sorry no bulls%$% to this story.

Posted at 3:11PM on Dec 8th 2009 by deez


No one here will believe it. They are such conspiracy theory mental midgets. They are rubbing their hands together thinking Tiger's world is crumbling. They are ignorant.

1782 days ago


trojan condoms may be interested in Tiger as a sponsor.. OH WAIT! we still have no clue how many children Tig has out of wedlock.

1782 days ago


Losing sponsors means losing nothing, He's filthy rich and not going to cry over the loss of sponsorship...

1782 days ago

Cool Canuck    

Sure, it has everything to do with Tiger's current problems. Gatorade's CEO would have the last word. If he / she is pissed off, they would'nt want their company's name to go down with him.It's very easy to discontinue a brand. Gatorade will stop using his image and affilliation on it's bottle. Any remaining stock will be sold off.They will take a wait and see policy, before letting Tiger endorse their brand, again. In the meantime, it will be business as usual.

1782 days ago
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