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Latest Hasselhoff 911 Tape

12/8/2009 2:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We have obtained the 911 call made when David Hasselhoff was rushed to the hospital on November 27. He reportedly was taken -- again -- for alcohol poisoning.

Latest Hasselhoff 911 Tape

The call was made by one of David's daughters -- she initially tells the dispatcher David "collapsed ... he got back up but he keeps falling down."


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love her!    

What's his color? Flushed or pale? He the Hoff he'll be nothing less than bronze. Hoff give your kids a break and sober up...

1778 days ago


I worry that we will see a different headline about David if he doesn't get this under control.

1778 days ago

kare kave    

Grow the hell up bitch and get help stop acting like you are a dam child you are a grow man no one can help you but you love your self

1778 days ago


If it weren't for this sort of thing... who in the world would be talking about the Hoff? Ha!

1778 days ago


This is so incredibly sad. Regardless of the ridiculous things David Hasselhoff has done over the years, he's a human being and he's in real danger.

I hope that he gets the help he needs and that his family doesn't have to face a tragedy.

1778 days ago

jana gholston    

My nomination for next celebrity to be found dead, as sad as that sounds...

1778 days ago


#4 BBB, you hit it right on target. How much emotional pain do you have to be in to keep doing that to yourself? And those poor kids - both parents abuse alcohol excessively.

Hope he gets help.... God bless

1778 days ago

jim goosh    

David! DUDE!@ What the F id wrong with you? GRPW UP ALREADY> That is just awful that he keeps putting his daughters in this position as caretaker to their parent. He should be a father and take care of them. Listen to the anguish in this poor girls voice. That is no way to live for these kids. His daughters should have him committed as this just keeps happening. With parents like these two poor girls have, they don;t seem to stand much of a chance in life. They need to get far away from this.
Hey Hasselhoff and Bach. Either grow up or kill yourselves now and quit dragging the process on and on and ruining your children's lives. You're trash. SHAPE Up or SHIP OUT and let these girls live happily and safely

1778 days ago


This is just sad. His daughter has to deal with a lot, and did so very well. Mr. Hasselhoff must get help soon. If he doesn't want to do it for himself, he should do it for his kid(s).

1778 days ago


Der Hoff -- pleze get zee help you need so that you make music vee germans luff.

1778 days ago


Having been in the position of having to watch a parent do this I can tell you it's a horrible thing and that there will be lasting scars for years after no matter how it turns out for Hasselholf.

My Mom died very young because of her alcohol addiction. More than once I begged her to get help and I would have done anything to have seen her get some, but she couldn't go there.

She just wasn't strong enough to beat her addiction.

It doesn't matter how much money you have, how famous you are, how big you are, how much you hate yourself for drinking. Even knowing that you are hurting you loved ones, sometimes you just can't quit.

Hasselholf's addiction is clearly bigger than he is, poor guy, and I feel for him and his family every time I see this. Been there, done that.

I only hope in his case the ending isn't the unhappy one my Mom got. He seems to be a nice guy despite all of it. It's terribly sad that a bottle of booze means more to him than anything else.

But his addiction doesn't mean he's a bad person. He's sick. VERY sick, and people who judge him should remember that.

Believe me he knows how hard this is on the ones who love him.

That he can't stop, despite rehab etc, that only shows you how bad his addiction really is.

Have some pity for the guy.

He probably hates himself more than anyone.

1778 days ago


My guess is that Hasselhoff simply denies his drinking problem. It's just fine to me. How can one help someone who denies he has a serious problem?
May I suggest a bottle of vodka mixed with antifreeze? That should make you act funny. Just take a long and hard look at alle those videoclips of drunk Russians crawling on all fours and turning into dinosaurs. Oh, if you're at it, also take a long and hard look at all the ripped apart dead bodies of drunk Russians. Just go on like this and some day you'll join their ranks.

1778 days ago

Nave Hassle-goof.

1778 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

How can you not feel sorry for this little girl. How tragic for her to watch her dad drink himself to death.

1778 days ago

Cool Canuck    

Sometimes good people have addictions that overwhelm their common sense. I hope David goes to detox and gets the help he needs. It sounds like he has love and support from his family. It must be very hard to see him like this, and not knowing how to help, or when the next incident will take place. He has to take the first step and admit he has a problem, then go for treatment. Hopefully this will happen before a fatal mishap occurs.

1778 days ago
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