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'18 Kids and Counting' Mom Rushed to Hospital

12/8/2009 2:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle DuggarMichelle Duggar -- star of the reality show "18 Kids and Counting" and currently pregnant with numero 19 -- was airlifted to the hospital on Saturday, but all is well.

She was experiencing contractions, but it turned out it was just gallstones. A rep for TLC says, "At this time, Michelle and her unborn baby are both stable and resting. Mrs. Duggar is in good spirits and feeling much better."

Dr. Lowery, chairman of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UAMS Medical Center says, "We have every reason at present to expect that mother and baby will proceed with a healthy pregnancy. Mrs. Duggar is in good spirits and feeling much better."


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She was airlifted to the closest hospital with a good nciu for the baby. She isn't due until March. Stop judging these people. If you really watch the show or look at their website, there is nothing but smiles and love with this family. I'm jealous because it doesn't look like their teenagers "hate" them. Maybe some of you are just jealous because you don't have the same kind of love from your spouse and kids as Michelle does from hers!

1758 days ago


Why all the negative feedback? They're definitely far from Jon & Kate. They only had 8 kids and relied on the show and publicity to pay for everything and still broke up. The Duggars have been together for a long time. You don't see them out in public causing controversy and they make their own way. Their children are well behaved. They choose to live a certain lifestyle. She just happens to be very fertile... she's not getting injected and having 8 kids at a time and not being able to care for them. Give her a break just because she doesn't live like you doesn't make it wrong.

1758 days ago


This family seems like a nice family. I certainly wouldn't want 19 children, but they seem to have a system going that works for them. The father is the provider of his family, it's not like they are relying on welfare and still having children. They have a home, they are clothed well, they are fed well and they are happy. If they feel this is something they can do and do without imposing on others for help (which they haven't needed) then it shouldn't be anybody's business but their own. Frankly, this family has more moral guidelines and and healthy structure than most average sized families. I don't necessarily agree with having that many children but here they are, all healthy and contented and well taken care of. if we have negative opinions of it, perhaps they should be kept to ourselves and let this family thrive.

1758 days ago


This is gross, and their quiverful religion is a cult, no doubt about it. They're very weird and these children are the ones suffering. Wait 10 or 20 years and see if one of them comes out with a tell-all book about their childhood.

1758 days ago


ENOUGH ALL READY! Even the son, who is becoming a father for the first time, said he won't have more than one or two children. There is NO WAY she can provide love and support for each child, it's not possible. They are being raised by siblings and that's wrong. We'll see how well balanced they all are in 10 years. I think they're in it for the attention and the perks they get. Take up a hobby for crying out loud instead of being a brood mare. Makes me ill.

1758 days ago


RE: Post # 18 Cherries,
The Duggars didnt have their house before the show. They had another show called "14 Kids and Pregnant Again". They started building the house then,3 years later after Michelle gave birth to JoHanna # 16 they moved in.

1758 days ago


To the people that are complaining about the Duggar's and how irresponsible they are, consider this. TLC airs (at most) two new 30-minute episodes a week. The hour that you see doesn't NOT represent their entire life and therefore you do NOT know anything and everything about them, including their TRUE parenting skills. There are plenty of families out there that have 3 or 4 kids and the oldest kids are still parenting the youngest children. I don't particularly agree, but there is nothing wrong with teaching your children responsibility. In fact, more people should teach their children how to be responsible and live with the consequences of their actions. Plus, you don't see one of their children becoming a teen parent...again...which is an accomplishment in today's society, so apparently they're doing something right!

Also, I do agree with most others who are in support of the Duggars. They do not take receive (and therefore) take advantage of public AID. They are self-sufficient and supporting their family DEBT-FREE, which is a hell of a lot more than any other American can say.

So, before you judge others, take the time to think about how others are judging you. Nobody that's posting on TMZ is perfect, including myself, but I take the time to consider all facts, not just the biased, self-produced facts issued by the media to increase profits. The major problem in the United States is that people aren't taught to think on their own and seriously consider all facts and different points of view.

1758 days ago


Just * D * I * E * already. Nobody wants your pathetic, harmful grandstanding. The sickie Duggar parents literally GET OFF (ORGASM) over being fawned over in public; getting wetspots in their crotches of their pants when little kids point and stare and say "Ooh, mommy, look at the FREAK big family!".

This stone cold b i t c h is just like a kid w/ a shiny new toy, only in this case, it's a REAL HUMAN BEING. Then, she naturally gets bored and passes it on to the _older_ kids to raise and tries again. She's got Munchhausen By Proxy for sure, because she's HARMING those kids not providing adequate parent-to-child loving attention to them. They're SICK!

The Duggars are a cult who (((NEEEEEEEEEEEEEED))) to be dismantled like a harmful bomb.

But I wish them well. :-)

1758 days ago


For petes sake. It's a vagina, not a clown car!

1758 days ago

the seer    


1758 days ago


It doesn't matter that this family takes care of itself. Think of the offspring generated from this family and they will all be feeding off the world's resources....and many of the Duggar children will have huge families themselves.

1758 days ago

Lelsie B.    

WOW! I'm shocked. TMZ had nothing sarcastic to say about this woman, she's christian, loves her family, all of her kids have the same mother and father, they earn an honest living and do very well for themselves. I don't get the problem some people have with this family. They seem to have it all together. Maybe that's the problem, they have it too good and they're too happy. I'm just saying. :)

1758 days ago


It's a vagina, not a clown car!

1758 days ago


I don't know how you people can bash these parents. If they want to have children let them be at least they take care of them and provide for them on their own. I would only say something if there was visible signs of neglect and abuse, but this family is loving and caring. Stop hating on them.

1758 days ago


Old Jim Bob Duggar needs to KEEP IT IN HIS PANTS, PERMANENTLY! There are other ways to have sex other than intercourse! I wonder if he would still want intercourse if HE was the one delivering all those babies! There's not enough love to go around to all of them! They have kids so the kids can raise the other kids! It's just sick.

1758 days ago
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