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911 Lowdown at Tiger Woods' Home

12/8/2009 1:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We've just obtained the dispatch notes from the 911 call at Tiger Woods' home today.

Story developing ...

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6348 Deacon Circle


1750 days ago

Deep Digger    

i did not see the national enquirer story. even if i did, i would have brushed it off as hogwash. i was fooled by the perfect guy image like everyone else. kudos to his PR team. they deserved their pay.

but, when i saw the bizarre accident, i immediately thought drugs were involved. since this happens quite a lot in sports.

when i heard the cheating accusations, i said wait a minute, this guy has been to vegas a lot. you can put things together.

these tabloids are experienced. so, they probably smelled the blood and went after it. if it was not for the car crash, we may have never known the truth.

1750 days ago

That's A Man Baby    

#33, same with Sammy Sosa and Alex Rodriguez. The two of them constantly distances themselves from the Puerto Rican community and refuses to be identified as Puerto Rican. AROD now calls himself biracial even though both of his parents are Puerto Rican and nothing but Puerto Rican. And of course, Sammy Sosa dyes his skin white, wears green contacts and straightens his hair because he wants to be a European Spaniard, which is ridiculous.

1750 days ago


And there isn't a detailed 911 report like this for Michael Jackson? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

1750 days ago


I NEVER said Tiger was "black"! Thats exactly my point! He's not but the "black community" had taken him in as one of their own! Never so much "black interest" in golf until Tiger. You obviously missed my point!

1750 days ago


STUPID . how about 2nd one still there .. sheesh .. You removed ONE .. left other one .. I kept a .jpg of 1st up there .. TRY reading what you are posting BEFORE you post personal info .. totally STUPID IMHO of course.. some lawyer . NOPE .. don't think so ..

1750 days ago


LOL . interesting how you removed my first post about YOUR POSTING THAT REPORT with Tiger's ADDRESS on it . but have NOT removed the OTHER PLACE where his address is .. want me to send you jpg of it? CANNOT BELIEVE this site is RUn by a lawyer . .. is in down below where it says LOCATION .. TRY READING .. if you can do that . Now you can REMOVE this AFTER you remove HIS HOME ADDRESS from INCIDENT REPORT . you really have become a real RAG MAG . IMHO . of course .

1750 days ago


Who cares!!! Let it go!! Hes still the greatest in world. And no one can take that from him. oNly him.I only like Golf because Woods is fun to watch. I used to hate it.All these WOMEN coming out of the woodwork just want attention. Lets stop the rumors and leave it alone now. Enough is Enough. Why these entertainments paps and sites want to bring people to there there knees and ruin them is beyond my comprehension. Other than money and lots of it. This country is a bunch of hound dogs full of greed at anyone else's expensive.

1750 days ago

Deep Digger    

the guy looks like a typical thai. if i saw him on the street, i would have said he is from south of asia. he is definitely not white or black. also, chinese, japanese, thai etc all different so it is stupid to call him asian.

he is a winner on the golf course. people love winners. he is labeled as the best golfer. so, people are trying to pick his pieces.

if he was a loser, nobody would care his race. his wife and none of these hos would look at him. he knows and that's why he screwed all these women. it is not a sex addiction. he just figured out the power of money and used it.

if we were all that rich, we would have done the same thing. well, we would get better women, not marry and have kids.

1750 days ago


tmz is the worst invention ever, you losers have nothing better to do

1750 days ago

Bruce Perkins    

I wonder if she's pregnant. Has Tiger been getting some froml her to?

1750 days ago

Disgruntled Swede    

Hibby you're a looser

1750 days ago


1750 days ago


Harvey Levin IS a lawyer. He is also an a**h***.

1750 days ago


Way to go TMZ...you blacked out the address where it appeared the first time but not the second time. It's not like everyone doesn't know where Tiger Woods lives.

1750 days ago
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