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TMZ Live: Tiger, Dexter & the Price Is Wrong

12/8/2009 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Harvey and Mike answered your questions on everything today -- including the 911 call from Tiger Woods' home last night, the new alleged mistresses who surfaced and why he was admitted to the hospital under "OD."
TMZ Live: Click to watch

Also: Harvey's plea to "Dexter" star Michael C. Hall, "Jersey Shore" controversy and The Hoff's 911 call.

Plus -- Why winning on "The Price is Right" was wrong for Evan.


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Ken Jennings won over 3 million dollars on Jeopardy including Jeopardy's Ultimate Tournament of Champions according to Wikipedia.

1779 days ago

Todd da Man    

This is surprisingly entertaining. I caught some of this last week and got it again today by accident. Is this on the same time every day? I don't want the TV show, but I really like this webcast.

1779 days ago


Your mom says hi

1779 days ago

jennifer cote    

HI Guys!( Love tmz btw) 2 questions: #1. I was wondering about Katt Williams... The 911 call said that Katt had a gun...Shot gun what ever...If this goes to court... and no one testify against Katt cause he's a P.I.M.P Could the 911 call be used against him?

#2. What are the TAX payers thinking about OCTOMOM getting a peddy while they have to suport her 100 kids?(I,m in Quebec I'm not one of the tax payers :P ) I'm a stay at home mom of 3 girls and I can bearly find the time to shower... let alone GET my toes painted...
Love the show... Love the App and LOVE the site...
Jennifer Côté, Montreal (Quebec Canada!)

1779 days ago


Is that how you obtain police reports because your father is a cop? Does he have access to confidential reports?

1779 days ago


What other information do you have on Bryant Gumbel's revelation that he has lung cancer?

1779 days ago

Michelle DA    

Any foreign national marrying a US Citizen will obtain a Lawful Permanent residence status. if they continue to be married after three years, she may apply for her US Citizenship.

1779 days ago



You can watch Dexter season 1 on Netflix instantly streamed to your tv or pc! I watched some on Monday.

1779 days ago


How come you guys can't do an HD TMZ Live feed? Its kinda annoying when the live feed gets noisy and blocky.

1779 days ago

Stephanie B. Lambring    

Hey Harvey is your law license current? Just wondering. I love watching you guys online this way because they run your tv show in the middle of the night in our market but I do record it daily. You guys are so funny. Green markers insulated cup and straws now thats what I call low overhead! Take Care and Howdy to the staff from her in the Heart of TeXas!

1779 days ago

Todd da Man    

@70 - In most communities / states, police reports are matters of public record. In some states the ID #'s / DOB's / home addresses are taken out when they are released to the public for identify theft purposes. But anyone, from private citizens to news organizations, can get them. FYI - traffic accident reports are also public records. Many attorneys pay people to get copies of these reports for them so they can then call you up asking to represent you (i.e. ambulance chasers).

1779 days ago


Concerning Tiger's overdose, it was my understanding that the paramedics treated him as a possible overdose, based on his wife producing the prescription bottles, not that he actually overdosed. Can you clarify this?

1779 days ago

Bobby Krul    

Whattup Dogs,
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Tiger Woods is at the pinnacle of athletes in the
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Adrenaline has to be an aphrodisiac and when the
tournament is over and he wins yet again what is
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I don't think he is going to go back to the room
and get out the soap on a rope.Whether you believe
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Don't B.Krul

1779 days ago

Lee Rivas    


On the deportation of Elin question.

Divorce is not grounds for deportation if the person is otherwise here legally.

You are confusing "citizenship" with "Residency Visa."

If she used her marriage to obtain a visa and she's been here all this time, a divorce would not get her deported. The onus would be on the government to prove she married just to get a "green card."

If she became a citizen, then they would have to prove fraud in obtaining citizenship; and then deport her.

1779 days ago


Mike/Harvey . having worked on several game shows (behind the camera) .. contestants were always prescreened on the ones I worked on .. they wanted UP people . smiling when they lost .. I tried out for one when I was in my 20s .. I did NOT make it cause was NOT happy when I lost or happy for the winner .. Not a poker face . wanted SMILING face . I did NOT know then . but surely learned it when I worked on them .. interviewed MANY contestants for several ON air and try out game shows ..

1779 days ago
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