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Barbara Walters Refuses to Run Gay Kiss

12/10/2009 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert was featured on Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009" special on ABC last night -- but the most fascinating part, Babs refused to air footage of Lambert's infamous man-on-man kiss.

Adam Lambert & Barbara Walters: Click to watch
Walters didn't shy away from the issue on the ep, making several references to it -- but ultimately explaining how Adam "turned the music industry inside out doing things we won't show you here."

FYI, Babs decided to air a "straight" lip-lock featuring Jon and Kate Gosselin.


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Bobo Frog    

Babs had her vagina turned inside out.

1781 days ago

bernie helinski    

Hey Babs, Go get some diction lessons and go get a real job !

1781 days ago


Yikes!! This boy is NOT going to age well...

1781 days ago


Only "fascinating" to the retarded.

1781 days ago

Robert van den Heuvel    

Hatred and violence between man are aired 24/7, but two man kissing each other is too hot to handle in the US.

1781 days ago


Why can't homosexuals accept that a lot of people JUST DON'T WANT TO SEE IT??????????????????????

1781 days ago


It's not the fact that he kissed aguy that bugged me-- it's the fact he just played it for shock value, grabbed the guy by the hair aggressively & slammed his mouth onto him... hair pulling thing it would have seemed pretty obnoxious if a guy did it to woman. the bondage bits were crazy-- male or female. i'm pretty shocked that no one comments on him sitting under the pole dancer just moments before with his hand up like he's fingering her. it was all gross- it was ALL over the top.

1781 days ago


I guess she has enough brains left to realize that the majority of people are straight and do not care to see gay people kissing and trying to shove their sickness in your face. Go figure! I remember the good ole days when these homos were in the good ole days!!

1781 days ago

Grandpa Giggles    

We really don't need to see any of this kind of nonsense whatever the sex or preference and especially on shows where kids may be watching. Seems to me, the entertainers today need to resort to the shock value because they really don't have the talent nor musical know-how to entertain any other way.

1781 days ago


So we are to believe GaGa is really a man because on the show it was shown GaGa kissing a woman. Double standard. Leave Adam alone he is talented, an artist and not doing any different but artistic expression on stage. What do you call GaGa's outfits and stage performances?

1781 days ago


WHY is it OK for Brittany Spears and Madonna to kiss on stage (we saw it EVERYONE) but it's not OK when it's 2 guys??? There's a double standard here!!!!!!

1781 days ago

Normal Sized    

Get stuffed. Hugely gay or not, nobody needs to see this powdered doughnut repeatedly pull a dude's face into his Bedazzled vampire crotch.

1781 days ago


The network showed kisses on "Will & Grace" and networks regularly host commentaries by such old drag assed flamers like Kujo, yet "Babs" the "white half" of a taboo interracial duo (I recall one of them was cheating on a spouse also) can't give Adam Lambert a simple non-judgmental interview? Barbara did herself, her network and her audience, and really the American People - because she is so influental, an injustice by her homophobic actions! Shame on you Barbara Walters!

1781 days ago


I have no problem if your guy or straight... my problem is you don't have to be porn about it on National TV to prove your point. Ellen D. has class... I love her... she quickly kissed her wife on O the other day, it was fine, nothing trashy... Adam, get some class about yourself and stop with the porn or you will end up on the losing end. I don't even like it when straight people are out in public and act like they need a hotel room... it is called "Class" get some!

1781 days ago


Until we all stop watching and supporting this censorship, ABC will continue it. I am not gay, nor did I necessarily like the kiss, but I do like Adam, and I WILL NOT BE TOLD WHAT I CAN AND CAN'T WATCH BY A BUNCH OF IDIOTS THAT THOUGHT SARAH PALIN WAS FASCINATING. YOU HAD TO LOWER YOUR IQ JUST TO WATCH THIS WOMAN. I am sick to death of this!!! This is 2009, and we have seen it on TV in all sorts of shows, but for some reason, poor Adam is getting this treatment??? ABC has lost and many people I know, that are tired of being treating like idiot, babies. We can decide what we want to see, and don't want to see. ABC has the dumbest shows on TV anyway, so they should be trying anything to get viewers, starting with better, smarter shows.

1781 days ago
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