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Barbara Walters Refuses to Run Gay Kiss

12/10/2009 6:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adam Lambert was featured on Barbara Walters' "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009" special on ABC last night -- but the most fascinating part, Babs refused to air footage of Lambert's infamous man-on-man kiss.

Adam Lambert & Barbara Walters: Click to watch
Walters didn't shy away from the issue on the ep, making several references to it -- but ultimately explaining how Adam "turned the music industry inside out doing things we won't show you here."

FYI, Babs decided to air a "straight" lip-lock featuring Jon and Kate Gosselin.


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This is what the "entertainment" industry has been reduced to. The only way these no talent freaks can get recognized anymore is by trying to shock a little more that the one before them. Thre is no talent is all about shock and awe because there is no real talent coming up right now. Total garbage out there now. He / it will be out of the news this time next year! Same for googoo!

1686 days ago


the media are predictable and gullible.. if lohan or gaga or lambert or meg fox have little or no talent(THEY LACK, and we all know it), ALL THEY HAVE TO DO is announce same-sex feelings, confusion and/or activity and the media does the rest--- free publicity and a ton of "media buzz." ONE PROBLEM-- They SUCK!!! Their stardom is CREATED and not EARNED.

1686 days ago


When Lambert said I am a homosexual, deal with it, my first thought was I am not buying any of your music, deal with that. The man has a good voice, but needs a better PR person.

1686 days ago


Like this is a bad thing? Good job Barbara Walters!
Not everybody finds this gay kissing stuff acceptable,
the ones who do, are a minority.
Hollywood is so fast to queer everything up, it's disgusting!
I'm tired of this gay crap, always being treated,
like it's a norm anymore.
It's not! And it creeps people out!

Hey TMZ how about covering KTLA slamming Perez Hilton?
I thought that was great!

1686 days ago


MJ: You have to lower your iq to watch sarah palin but not some whore who lisps and screwed her way to the BIG BUCKS at ABC? Barbara Wawa can't even get the words out of her mouth properly Sarah Palin is hot and a hellofalot of fun to watch. You are jealous of a strong woman challenging the old liberal media moguls

1686 days ago

Jason W    

Lets get this straight for you guys who like the guys. Straight guys dont mind seeing two hot chicks kissing. We have seen it our whole lives and its lost its shock. Guys dont want to see other guys kissing unless said guy likes other guys. I know gays want it to be the norm and want to slowly show it more and more so it becomes the norm but for now its not.
Any questions?

1686 days ago


I consider myself a republican and a christian and my thoughts on this, whats the problem, its not for me but this is such hypocricy by people who are supposedly pc/openminded.

Its fake liberalism at its best, gays are great, but guys dont kiss in front of us or i love black people (the ones like wil smith).


1686 days ago


If you're going to be a gay male in the rock music biz...fine,whatever...but you better have as much talent as Freddie Mercury or Elton John...or you ain't gonna last. Sadly,Adam isn't in that league. He does have great hair though.That might buy him a year or so. If he looked like daughtry or moby...fuuuggeetabout it!

1686 days ago


big balls

1686 days ago


Truth, Give me a break! If Sarah Palin was the exact same woman, same values, same experience, yet a Democrat, you would tear her to shreds. Scary how blinded people can be.

For those who don't want to see two men kiss, TOO BAD! I don't want to see violence when I turn on the TV! You know what I do, I change the channel. It's about equality, they shouldn't have shown any kissing on the show if the were going to purposefully omit Adam's man/man kiss.

1686 days ago


If Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga are the best we can come up with for the 10 most fascinating people in 2009 we are doomed!!!!!

1686 days ago


Heather: Why would i tear this beautiful, strong woman to shreds? I didn't tear Prez candidate Obama to shreds for his GLARING LACK of experience, wisdom and lack of connections both at home and abroad. I'll leave the "SHREDDING" to liberals like you, Heather. It sure seems to be all you know how to do when afraid... ATTACK HER and enjoy. I need not destroy Sarah Palin to feel good today. She does not threaten me (only liberals like you and the media)

1686 days ago


this is discrimination...theres gays,lesbians,trans-gendereds living in this world and everybody knows it so y hate on them.

Why is it ok to blur out 2 guys kissing but when 2 girls kiss its sexy and everybody loves it and its not blured out.

im str8 my bestfriend is gay and to see something like this hurts alot.

1686 days ago


What is crazy about the whole thing.....girl on girl is ok. but a guy on guy kiss rocks the world. Its a double standard. GET OVER IT PEOPLE. I am straigh..married for many years and my hubby and i disagree on this subject. It the same fricken thing. show all or none. Babs...U screwed up.

1686 days ago


She's talking about the crotch kiss, d'oh heads.

1686 days ago
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