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Bouncers Fired Over Brawl at Jay-Z's Club

12/10/2009 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Warning: This video contains graphic and violent images. Viewer discretion is advised.

's 40/40 Club in Atlantic City has fired several members of the club's security team -- after videotape surfaced showing several bouncers ferociously beating two men in the club's parking lot last month.

TMZ spoke with Couri Glen, the former supervisor of security at the club, who told us, "We were initially all suspended and then fired for misconduct."

Glen claims he and his team feel they were wrongly terminated because they were "just doing our jobs." Glen claims he initially approached the men because of complaints they were groping women. Glen says he tried to escort the men out of the club ... and that's when they began "swinging" at security members.

The patrons have stated that they did nothing to provoke the attack.

The firing came as a complete shock to another member of the security team, who told us, "I lost 2 jobs because I was wearing another company's shirt because 40/40 said they didn't have my size shirt to wear ... so they told me just to wear that one. The other company saw the video and fired me 3 days later."


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It's clearly an issue of excessive force. At this point, I don't even think it matters what happened inside the club because those guys don't look like a threat before they were beaten down.

1715 days ago


It was a full blown attack. Why was that one "security' guy believing wearing another companies shirt ok? Idiot! These unemployed goons could maybe get a job with Chris Brown, he is into beating weaker people too.

1715 days ago


Didn't any of these guys watch roadhouse? Where is the Cooler? Geeez. I think all bouncers should be tied up and forced to watch roadhouse at least 10 times before they go to work. If they had a COOlER around to just nod his head in approval, none of this would happen. Where's the cooler??? HA

1715 days ago

Barry Fern    

This is the result when you pay minimum wage for security. Thugs take the jobs and supplement their incomes with drug sale kickbacks and front of line bribes.

1715 days ago


All i wanna know is WTF is an old Dodge Neon doing parked at Jay-Z's club?

1715 days ago


They should be charged with felonies because they have no efforcement powers but to escort the patrons from the club. They proceeded to take cheap shot after cheap shot at the two guys. This is what is wrong with young men in our society acting like gutless savages. Jay-Z should be sued by the two gentlemen.

1715 days ago


Jason, I read the comments no one is saying that they did this because they were black. It’s just that people are disgusted with the way they were acting. Really how many people does it take for them to escort 2 people out, and for them to start throwing punches? It’s uncalled for. I'm sure this isn't the first in the nation for bouncers to do this. The difference is that all of that was caught on tape (at a celebrity’s establishment).

Oh and I read those articles, and I think its BS that they were found not guilty.

1715 days ago


Difference between a Ethiopian and a Bouncer/Bodyguard, an Ethiopian we live in his country even though he is starving death because it is his country and believes he should stay due to his National Pride.

One becomes a bouncer/bodyguard because they can truly do nothing else. They are just stupid.

1715 days ago


Those thugs all deserved to be fired and they should be criminally charged.

1715 days ago

den in sac    

I hope the guy who got beat up will press charges against everyone.... The club, Jay Z, The Club, Atlantic City, and The State of New Jersey.

1715 days ago

john holmes    

I am not happy to see my own people stomping on each other like animals. This is a disgusting video. How can ten men stomp on one man while he is down and still thinks there a man? Off to hell you animals are going.

1715 days ago


Once the guy is outside, you go back inside & call 911. File a no trespassing warrant on the guy & it's over. The woman that was groped can file charges. These guys just went nuts.

1715 days ago


These rat bastards should be the victim of the same crime times two. Who gives them the right to treat anyone, regardless of what they have done, with that kind of malice? Go to hell and rot you so called 'security' of whatever and whoever. No one deserves your kind of justice.

1715 days ago

myreah mia moore    

Ok Harvey and the Gang @ TMZ,
Last night I was thinking about the whole Tiger situation when it occured to me.
Remember how our dearly departed President JFK had issues with women during his day, and how everyone knew it especially his father Joe Kennedy. But turned a Blind Eye
Mainly, because that was the manly thing to do and because (Joe the Father) had a vision for John and made him marry Jackie because she fit the image he ( the father Joe) had for the first Catholic President in the White House.
Like JFK, Tiger's dad had a vision for him also. Gosh the man had been training him (Tiger) since he was 3 years old. I am old enough to remember seeing him for the frist time ( Tiger) on Mike Douglas Show.( One of the first afternoon Day-time Talk shows back in the day. Pre Ms. O)
Alittle Triva for: All you 20 somethings on the staff ,(ie. Mike, Max , Nicky ....:)
Maybe this is the same situation, Tiger didn't become a Man with sex issues in the last few years. Come On Now!!!
I a ledge this has been apart of his personalitliy all a long.
I also a ledge that everyone around him also knew this about him. Including his FATHER. And turned a Blind eye to it because this made him appear more Manly and Studly. Because let's face it who was the last Sex Symbol Stud in Golf..... OK
It occured to me when the one mistress said ( I can't remember which one but I think it was #2) he told her his marriage was a scam . Maybe it was? Maybe marrying Ellin was apart of Tiger's Father's vision for Tiger.
Maybe the Father picked her because she fit the perfect image of a wife for him. Just like Jackie fit the perfect image for JFK.
Something to think about:)
Sending You and the Staff ,Love and Light and God's Blessings and Favor. Have A Happy Hoilday!!!!!!!
Myreah Moore
Author of:
"Date Like A Man To Get The Man You Want"
Harper Collins 2001

PS- Harvey we used to cross paths all the time in front of the Hotel across from Penn Station in NYC back in the 90's.
When you used to be out on the street holding court with the crowds for "People's Court" and I was going to go do segments on Sally Jessy when they both taped there:)

1715 days ago
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