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Michael Jackson Business Sues Phone Book

12/10/2009 9:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The following companies have just been sued by Bravado International Group -- the company that has the rights to distribute shirts, posters and other things Michael Jackson -- for allegedly selling bootlegged stuff in violation of the copyright:

Jin Cha, OK Sportswear, EZ Sportswear, Chang Oh Kim, Chuck Kim, Eden Sports, Justin Ju, Sy Sports, Susan Lee, Susan Yoon, Lee's Family Inc., Green T Corp, Kyung Sook Ma, Cesar Igiesias, Bling Bling Inc., Kauh Un Lee, Arthur Berman, Wacky Planet,,, David Ahoubian, D&T Distribution, Paris Fashions, Clothing Island,, Print Liberation, Jaime Dillion, Nick Paparone, Dr. Jay's, Inc., Maggi Fashion Wholesale, Mansour Rokhsarzadeh, Azizi Afshin, Afshin Azzi, Bargain Wholesaler,,, Top Brands, Wholesaler, Ahmad Jamhour, Oz Communications,, Otto Suarez, Olga Lyons, Shop Rumor, Anooshk Zakarian, Esther Lee, Keum Sportswear, Chang Song Lee, African American Dollar Store, Edna Clement Swan, Jack Leiberman,, Skreened, Daniel Chrstopher Fox, Shiekh, Shiekh Shoes,, Daniel Lassoff, Shaky City Blues, Mario Ontiveros, Main Collection, Main Sportswear, Su Young Cho, MB Sportswear, Choung Choe, Right Thang, Hyo Jang Yoon, Buy Merchant,, Craig Mentham, Steal Deal, Abraham Davood, Michael Davood, Ebby Davood, The Wild Side, The, Kingsley Syme, Kingley Symes, Setup Site, Harrington Outlets,, Sour Candy, Shoe Blanace International, Yak Shoe, Wholesale Situation, Jason Aref, Julio Aref, Watch Time, Aziz Ali, Unishow, Gary Chen, rena Chen,, Jian Zhu, Gravity Trading.... AND, Tony in Chong.

Consider yourselves served.


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To pee or not to pee, that is the question.
MJ = good, MJ = bad.

1777 days ago

a fan    

Jacksons' reality show feels completely phony

By Scott D. Pierce

Deseret News
Published: Thursday, Dec. 10, 2009 5:24 p.m. MST

The only thing that could possibly be worse than a reality show about the Jacksons is a fake reality show about the Jacksons.

And the new A&E series "The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty" is about as natural as polyester. It's slightly less believable than the South Carolina governor's story about going hiking.

That's on top of the fact that — while they're incapable of admitting it — Tito, Jackie, Jermaine and Marlon Jackson are directly benefitting from the death of their brother, Michael.

That's harsh. But it's also the irrefutable truth.

The brothers open their "reality" show — the first two hours air Sunday at 10 and 11 p.m. on A&E — by telling viewers that they began filming in early 2009.

That's true. It was originally pitched to various networks with a tie to the production of a 40th anniversary Jackson 5 album.

But it's also true that no television outlet had stepped up to buy the rights until after Michael's death.

And "Jacksons" leans heavily on the missing brother. It's a major storyline.

There's nothing wrong with the remaining brothers making some money. But at least respect the audience enough to be upfront about it.

Don't show us a clip of Marlon at the funeral saying, "Maybe now, Michael, they will leave you alone."

His brothers can't leave Michael alone. They're using him to make money and return to the spotlight.

That's what is real about "The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty."

As for the rest of it, it's laughably bad television. It's so obviously scripted you can almost see the "actors" reading cue cards.

In the first hour, there are a pair of back-to-back scenes that are just painfully fake. Jermaine complains to his wife about his brothers; Jackie complains to their mother about Jermaine.

Stilted does not even begin to describe how wooden all four of them are. It's like watching bad community theater.

A trip to the old hometown in Gary, Ind., is as forced as can be. A fight among the brothers rings hollow. An "emotional" scene in which Jermaine unloads his years of hurt is, quite frankly, ludicrous.

You can just imagine the production meeting when someone said, "What can we do to manufacture some drama?" And Jermaine said, "Hey, I can summon up a few tears while I whine about how you guys all signed a contract and left me behind."

Maybe the Jackson brothers are just incapable of spontaneity. Maybe, after all these years in the spotlight — or, at least, near the spotlight — they've become so guarded they can't loosen up enough to show us anything genuine.

The whole thing feels like a fraud. Like they're acting in "The Hills."

For his part, Jermaine would be well advised to admit that the show is faked. Because he comes off as a petulant prima donna who, at 55, is way to old to be so immature.

All of this is pretty pathetic. But what's absolutely insufferable is the hypocrisy.

The guys who haven't exactly been stars for, well, decades whine about how tough it is to live in the spotlight. While, at the same time, they're trying to claw their way back into it.

They complain about the paparazzi snapping pictures of them while they're being filmed for a reality show.


And hanging over all of this is the fact that if Michael were still alive, it's entirely possible the pompously, ridiculously titled "Jacksons: A Family Dynasty" would never have made it on television at all.

"The world will never understand the family part of this. That we lost a brother. A sibling. They look at this on the business side," Jermaine says.

If you watch "The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty," it's impossible to look at it any other way

1777 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Sooooooooooo Phony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bravado is owned in part by you guessed it AEG.

This is all a ploy to launder money!

Same people who owns Palms is guess who COLONY! they also have holdings into Pointe 16 in Macau like they talked about a couple of days after MJ died. Then a person from that hotel buys the glove? Money laundering! Funny as it is, but it is Jermaines 'wife' not leagl mind ya her daddy owns all this crap in Vegas...No surprises here.

1777 days ago

a fan    

#3 Please explain.

1777 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Right now I'd rather watch the hijinks of Richard Heene and Falcon that this lying bunch of stalagmites. They be baaaad using their dead brother for refame and mo money. They need to get them a life. Hey maybe one of them may get life! Y a just neva know about that stuff. One thing I do know. Dr. Murrfy is 100000% innocent of murdering michael.

1777 days ago

Random Angel    

Same people who owns Palms is guess who COLONY! they also have holdings into Pointe 16 in Macau like they talked about a couple of days after MJ died. Then a person from that hotel buys the glove? Money laundering! Funny as it is, but it is Jermaines 'wife' not leagl mind ya her daddy owns all this crap in Vegas...No surprises here.

Posted at 11:10PM on Dec 10th 2009 by Wing Hung Low

Read more:

The Maloof family owns the Palms, but have nothing to do with Colony Capital. Colony owns other hotels in LV

1777 days ago

a fan

An excellent review. Tohmne was working for Colony Capital, Barrack and Auschutz while he was supposedly working for MJ.

1777 days ago

They were in it for the money    

Go and find out who just bought all the Station Casinos in Vegas(Colony) Look at the place the former owner lives( Houston) Look at this Palms hotel and you start seeing a pattern around the same peole. There was a story about some new hotel in Vegas gonna do a circe de solie a la Michael and that hotel is owned by one guy from guess where? And his name is guess what? Same one as the wife's name. King somebody or nother. The big shockeroonie is Thome having ties to the family that owns Palms, along with Conoly. spend some time, check it all out on the web. Its there for the asking! anybody find the answer that Michaels last business manager and a certain wife are in fact niece and uncle. yea...Go do your jobs and find this all out. Truth is out there. The Jakcsons are actually sleeping with the same damned people who were around Michael and I wonder if mr former owner of station hotels is footing the Dr's lawyer bills. Houston. Houston and Vegas.

1777 days ago


Ha, Ha, HA..."African American Dollar Store"...what the heck is THAT all about? Hilarious..what a joke.

1777 days ago

They were in it for the money    

HA! Dont believe it! Who do you think brokered the deal for the Palms? AEG and Colony run Vegas now along with an assortment of middle eastern business men. Need to open your eyes to these things. It is out there on a list that is provided by the State of Nevada.

1777 days ago


Finally, A nice picture of Michael. Thanx TMZ

1777 days ago

Whop der it is    

9. Ha, Ha, HA..."African American Dollar Store"...what the heck is THAT all about? Hilarious..what a joke.

Posted at 11:35PM on Dec 10th 2009 by MoreToLife

LOL I was just going to ask that question. WTF are they selling

1777 days ago

Random Angel    

The Palms is owned by George Maloof with 5% ownership from The Greenspun Corporation.

Colony Capital owns 75% of Station Casinos. But The Palms isnt a Station Casino..

Tohme was Joe Maloof's business manager at one point, I believe..

1777 days ago

Random Angel    

Universal Music Group owns Bravado, the merchandising company. Have not seen a tie to AEG at all.

1777 days ago


Notice all the Asians in there. When will the Asian stand up against these Asians that copy everything they can and give good Asians a bad name. Is it because they employ 90% of you country men in copy shops? Or are you just afraid of the organized crime syndicates that are behind these companies that copy everything - god knows your own government protects these companies and the syndicates.

1777 days ago
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