Nicky Hilton -- Nothin' Trashy on Stolen Comp

12/10/2009 2:25 AM PST

Nicky Hilton -- Nothin' Trashy on Stolen Comp

Nicky Hilton's stolen laptop will not result in another "leaked" Hilton sex tape -- sources close to the heiress tell us the missing computer was 100% scandal free.

As we first reported, burglars hit Nicky's Hollywood Hills home Tuesday and made off with a computer and an expensive Lalique crystal.

But we're told Nicky only used the computer that was taken for business -- not pleasure -- and there's nothing stored on the machine that could get her in trouble... like naked pictures, secret diaries, evil plots to take over the world, etc.

As for the Lalique crystal -- we're told it's worth "a few thousand dollars" and Nicky should be able to replace it.

Sources also tell us Nicky is extremely grateful for her gardeners -- who noticed something was wrong and called police.

We're told the gardeners not only scared the perps off -- but they stayed at the house to finish their job while cops checked out the scene. That's dedication.